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Food PrOn Ahead

Strawberry Pie, and raw apple bread.  I’m afraid the strawberries from my local farm market don’t last very long, so I had to do something to get rid of a quart of them. I’ve never made a fruit pie with … Continue reading

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Pack It in, Mikkake

From his latest blog entry, we have yet another rehashing of 9/11.  What I find interesting is that he’s adopted Dungstain’s misuse of capitalization. Here’s Richard Gage (of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth) FINALLY on morning shows across America, … Continue reading

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Nicky’s Hooch

ETT has a new entry up about the Nickster’s drinking problem.  Apparently, it’s for real, despite all the meds he takes. To: ********************** Subject: Re: new subject line lol Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 21:52:35 -0400 From: I was … Continue reading

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Now I know why this place is so popular.  The garden center part of it is alright, for selection, and has competitive prices, but other places are probably better — Buckmann’s for instance.  The indoors, grocery part, is great for … Continue reading

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This is not why anybody ever comes here to read, but dammit, I recovered a pair of my favorite jeans from my old house.  They’re 30+ years old.  I’ve had them since I was in high school.  They still fit, … Continue reading

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Woo-hoo — Two New Galleries

. . . are available on The Orchid Place.  I have a new “Garden 2009” gallery uploaded, as well as a “Roses 2009” gallery. I’m really beginning to love the Jalbum software I use to compile these galleries.  At least … Continue reading

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Get Your Rose PrOn

While we blew our entire holiday weekend working on the old house, three of my roses at the new place decided to bloom.  Rose prOn ahead:  proceed with caution.

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Whatever Happened to Angry Guinea Press?

I’ve been watching the comments on this entry at ETT to see what appears.  The entry itself involved Nicky’s old challenge to Jerrod that centered upon the publication of TPV by a certain date.  Nicky promised to give Jerrod one … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day

To those of you who are are having the traditional holiday barbeque, I wish I could be there.  Saturday, we drove out to the old house, and made a Home Depot run.  We prepped the place that evening — spackle, … Continue reading

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Half a Million

Hits, that is . . . Sometime within the past couple of days, TRN passed the 500,000 hit mark.  That’s pretty amazing for a blog that has extremely limited appeal among the general populace.  Wow!

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