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Cali plays fetch with me.  All I need is a wad of newspaper.  Fuck the rest of the cat toys; all she wants is newspaper. She’ll chase it around, then bring it back to me, even plopping it right into … Continue reading

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It Stinks In Here

The entire upstairs of my house smells like vanilla coca-cola.  It’s not a bad scent, but if I didn’t have the windows open, it could be overwhelming. It’s the Stanhopea oculata that’s responsible for the smell. The good news is … Continue reading

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I simply can’t resist posting this photo.  She’s already taken over the house, and is bossing her big sister around.  Cali is three, but she’s just a half-pint, underneath all that fur.  If she weighs more than 7 lbs., I’d … Continue reading

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Updated Orchids 2009 Gallery

I’ve added eight new orchid pictures to my Orchids 2009 gallery.  They’re the ones toward the end of the page, starting with Neofinetia-falcata-1. Neofinetia falcata is a miniature vandaceous orchid, sweetly scented, although the scent is more obvious at night … Continue reading

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Mikkake Is Overjoyed

Phailbin starts another thread full of fail at SL. I had no idea who Mercedes Lackey is – I don’t read that much Fantasy – but she doesn’t like the first ten pages of my Silverthought Press (New York) novel … Continue reading

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Matt Cardin’s Interview with Kim

A link to this interview with Kim Paffenroth came over my feed from SL.  I found it interesting.  Much of the discussion involves Kim’s novel, Valley of the Dead, and Dante’s Inferno. After reading the interview, I dug out my … Continue reading

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This came across the transom this afternoon.  Is she kidding?  I’ve never heard of House of Horror, other than the old movie, before today. . . . simultaneous submissions are OK but If you have sent your submission to other … Continue reading

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Phailbin Disses Leisure Books

Hat tip:  Lewis Our favorite malcontent ostensibly reviews Sarah Pinborough’s Tower Hill from Leisure Books.  That’d be nifty, if he, you know, reviewed the book in question.  Except, he didn’t. Well, not to put a dampener on this noble quest, … Continue reading

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Garden Harvest

This time of year, harvesting the fruits and veggies is a daily task.  I went out at 8 am, to do harvest duty.  I got a few peppers (yellow banana, and cayenne), two eggplants, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and … Continue reading

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Yeah, baby! S can officially kill me; I bought seven plants instead of my original self-imposed limit of five. Here’s my take: Two Stanhopeas — oculata and panamense, from Oak Hill Gardens.  I got to chat with Greg for a … Continue reading

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