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Local Author Feature: Jonathan Maberry

We receive a number of glossy controlled-circulation local magazines — five or six of them, I think.  Mostly, they serve as advertising vehicles for local home remodeling, swimming pool, or landscaping businesses.  Sure, they have calendars listing what’s happening in … Continue reading

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Another Stalking Threat

Hat tip:  PG Just when I thought Daggy had abandoned the threats of stalking in favor of merely making a fool of himself in public, he comes up with this: Always wanted to visit London, so why not Brighton… And … Continue reading

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Go Jack!

This is fun! Jack is fantastic.  Bile/Dracon gets nailed. Jack Haringa #8 [-] Posts: 68 (09/23/09 13:27:58) Reply Quote More My Recent Posts Message Me Connection Blocking Invite Ignore User’s Posts Report Post Heavy sexism–if not misogyny–is at the heart … Continue reading

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Who’s A Petulant Whiny Boy Now?

A few days ago, Phailbin (who else?) posted on SL about Chimeraworld 6.  As of yesterday, if there was any drama, I missed it.  At the time, the thread contained nothing but Mikkake’s original post, two days old, with no … Continue reading

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Rose Pr0n: Charlotte Brownell

There are some Phailbin shenanigans that I’ll get to in my next post, but first, I wanted to post a couple of pictures of one of my roses.  It’s a hybrid tea that came with the house.  Why the previous … Continue reading

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Food Pr0n

I decided on spice cake for the birthday cake, with caramel frosting.  I pretty much suck at cake decorating, but sprinkling chopped walnuts on top, and piping out little blobs of cream cheese icing for decoration covers a multitude of … Continue reading

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What Dessert Should I Bake?

I like sweets well enough, but am not really that much into eating desserts per se.  Even when I make cookies, candy, brownies/blondies, pies, or cake, all I need to consume is a few bites before I’ve had my fill. … Continue reading

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Happy Rosh Hashanah!

The title says it all, doesn’t it?

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Tree Pollen

God, do I hate this stuff. Until about four or five years ago, I was never allergic to anything of which I was aware.  Nowadays, even in Fall, I can go outside and get a serious case of itchy eyes … Continue reading

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Chimney Update

Yes, guys and gals, this job was completed today within 45 minutes, for far less money than I expected.  The contractor showed up on time, and got right down to business.  So did I. I showed him the fireplace, explained … Continue reading

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