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OT: Garden News

I know nobody comes here to read about my garden.  So be it.  For those who are curious,

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New Boyer Pseudonym

Hat tip:  Sam News flash! We found a new David Boyer alias! It is Leland Gaines and you can find “Leland” here: and here: on Twitter here:!/Kentuckywriter5 and here: See his screenplay where he writes about … Continue reading

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Nicky in Crisis Mode

Hat tip:  Pete We have quite a lovely present from the Easter Bunny himself.  It seems that when Nikita goes into “crisis mode,” the world gets treated to another one of his insane blog entries.

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Happy Easter

  We catered dinner again for my parents:  ham, asparagus, scalloped potatoes, and apple crisp.  Nothing fancy, but they were all items that travel well in a car, packed in a cooler with dish towels and pot holders.  Mom kept … Continue reading

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New Home

If you’re here, you’ve found the new home of TRN.  I’m getting really sick of Nickypoo and his mommy filing these false DMCA and “spam” claims.  I’ve been assured this host is not inclined to fall for those sort of … Continue reading

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