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Boyer Adopts New Alias, Plagiarizes Ellen Maze

Hat Tips:  Jeani and B. Thoughtful Remember how shut down so many of Boyer’s alias accounts that he moved to Weebly instead?  Here’s his new Weebly:  George LaCroix. What has he done as “George LaCroix”?  Mostly, he changed the … Continue reading

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Level 3, Baby!

I’m afraid I have no new Nitwit news that’s really reportable.  Davey Boy has been having an email war with Jeani, insulting her, and bragging about his sexual conquests with multiple women willing to put out after, presumably, driving him … Continue reading

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No new Peaches news, sorry.  Perhaps only those of you who are growing their own fruit and veg this summer will appreciate anything that follows after the cut.

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Dog Days

The Pacione Family Reunion took place as planned.  Sheryl posted pics here.  There’s only one with Nikita, which his mommy titled “kid sister . . . (help me!).”  It looks like he actually showered and washed his hair for the … Continue reading

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Graduation Day

Ben has graduated to Level 2 dog training.  I’m so proud of him.  We got a list of things he needs to be able to do for Level 2.  Most of it’s the same stuff he learned for Level 1, … Continue reading

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Road Trip

This was really a day trip, not a long haul.  We went to New Hope.  Parked in the high school lot to avoid the outrageous parking fees, and walked the extra few blocks into town.  The $10 we saved on … Continue reading

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