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Safka, that is.  We snagged tickets to see her live in concert at the winery.  I’m so excited.  Sure, we’ll pay twice as much for a bottle of wine as it’s worth.  Ditto for the cheese and crackers, but it’s … Continue reading

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Pink Floyd Is Not my Favorite, But . . .

Here goes: It’s good for day tripping.  So is Bob Seger.  😉 I keep going back to Seger no matter how many decades pass.  

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We got all four plants in the ground today:  two salmon-coppery colored clumps of coneflowers, one variegated andromeda, and a peach colored butterfly bush.  I bought the andromeda for sentimental reasons; I grew up with those in our yard, although … Continue reading

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Lola Richard Adler, who wrote many memorable show tunes died today.  Does anybody not remember “Lola”?

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Day Tripping at Fordhook

Fordhook is just up the road a few miles, so when I received an email stating that it was hosting an “open house” today and tomorrow, I had to visit.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Fordhook Farm, … Continue reading

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Nicky Two Kitchens Strikes Again

Nicky’s been tweeting up a storm, heaping abuse upon, and spreading lies about “rival” authors.  Mind you, he still has no connectivity from home, so he has to spread his special brand of love from a public library.  His mental … Continue reading

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OT: Andrew De Leon

Hat tip:  Melany Alright, I can understand a guy who dresses like a Goth feeling like some sort of outcast; it’s not uncommon to look like that in big cities, but it’s not the norm for general society.  Still, it … Continue reading

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Tate Publishing

This is the sort of story that I find both disturbing and unsurprising.  Tate is a family owned publisher of Christian books in Oklahoma.  Evidently, the founder’s son and CEO got caught outsourcing editorial work to the Philippines, after declaring … Continue reading

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For some odd reason, this cow was fascinated by me.  She even nuzzled my hand when I stuck my arm through the electric fence. Mostly, cows ignore strangers, but not this girl.  Don’t you love the heart on her forehead?

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R.I.P Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury died last night, aged 91.  I must admit that I didn’t read any of his work until I was in my teens, mostly because I was into murder mystery novels when I was younger (I still love P.D. … Continue reading

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