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More Nicky Funsies on Tumblr

Hat tip:  Lewis Nicky tweeted a link to his new Tumblr entry.  It’s chock full of lulz. I got the first namesake in the hands of Morris Public Library — it is now what they do with it is up … Continue reading

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Fordhook in August

Our main reason for going to Fordhook’s open house today was to secure a couple of blueberry bushes of different varieties than those we have growing on the hillside.  We did that.  We also visited the veggie garden, and got … Continue reading

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Jolly Ranchers

Of course Jolly Rancher candy has been around for decades.  I love the lollipop version of them, because it takes me at least a half hour to consume one.  I miss the cinnamon stix and butter stix from my childhood, … Continue reading

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Way Funny

This kept me laughing for a good half hour.

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Friggin’ Deer

Our kitchen garden is only 24′ x 24′.  I don’t even bother wasting the space in that fenced area for perennial herbs, such as sage, rosemary, catnip, or oregano.  The deer avoid all of those.  Most likely, we’ll expand the … Continue reading

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Before this evening, I’d never visited one.  The chicken strips aren’t bad, but the lemonade is phenomenal.  Forget the chicken.  Go for the lemonade.

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We’re overrun with chilies and cherry tomatoes from our garden, so I’ve got a batch of chili in progress.  Aside from half a pound of 93/7 ground beef, I dumped in three huge habañeros, three Caribbean Reds, five hot banana … Continue reading

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