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Happy New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve.  That means two things in Rustyland:  the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy, and roast duck for dinner.

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“Wendy” Rides in on Her White Steed

Or, flies in like Mighty Mouse to save the day.  Or … something.  Cuss has a nice little entry about her latest abusive email.  Here’s my favorite part: Never think I am not Wendy that could get u in a … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Yes, we have snow!  Driving in it won’t be my favorite thing to do, but we have to.

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I heard one a few minutes ago.  It sure got the dog going.  It had just the right “crack” to it, to not be a truck backfiring. We don’t live in a bad neighborhood.  Drive-bys don’t happen here.  Besides, none … Continue reading

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Betcha Wanna Phoenix

Don’t. Just don’t. The woman scamster who runs it is worse than a used car salesman. tabetha jones December 22, 2012 at 6:24 pm They either you are blind or no nothing of art or book covers. I believe she … Continue reading

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Phoenix Fire Publishing

Janrae has the scoop on them, along with a lovely (and long-winded) comment from the owner.  Tabetha Jones starts off: As the owner of Phoenix Fire I believe a blogger should getball the facts before assuming. Yes, she really clicked … Continue reading

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Holiday Food

Just in case anyone is interested in food ideas for the holidays, I have a few new posts that might pique your interest for goodies over the next couple of weeks.  Or not. That’s the way we do the holidays … Continue reading

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More Orchid Pictures

Finally got around to uploading more orchid pictures here.  Willie might like the Tuberolabium.  It’s another one of those crystalline white miniature vandaceous species that smells like iris, only more intense.  While I do have a few hybrids, my collection … Continue reading

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Want a Luger?

Honest to god, when I bought a pair of brand new Timberlands, eBay suggested that I buy a half dozen handguns.  They were all Lugers.  Dafuq?  I’m alright shooting a .22 rifle, but I’m a friggin’ idiot with a handgun. … Continue reading

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Nicky’s Lost Internet, Again

We, in the collective sense, can’t figure out what happened, exactly.  Nicky went dark on November 25th, after a four day spree of spreading his special brand of love, via Comcast.  Then he managed to briefly get online after nearly … Continue reading

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