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I Got a Shout-Out

Hat tip:  Jenny Nicky’s latest WordPress entry specifically addressed me!  Woo-hoo. I am easing back into writing again and the entry isn’t what the Crusty Rail railed off on and my ex-fiancee telling me to get a real job. Evidently, … Continue reading

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Spare Guts and Other Delectable Delights

Our first asparagus spear is emerging.  We only put in the asparagus plot a couple of years ago, but we’ll be able to harvest with impunity this year, right up until it’s time to let them “fern out,” which is … Continue reading

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Blood Oranges

There are approximately two weeks of the year when you can get them.  I snagged a half dozen.  They taste mostly like regular oranges, but sweeter.  I love them.  Peel them and eat them, or juice them for frogurt.  I … Continue reading

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