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Sunday Deliveries

I do feel for post office staff who have to work extra hard this time of year.  It’s only the few weeks leading up to Christmas, and after it that they deliver packages on Sunday (no regular mail, though).  Today, … Continue reading

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Plant Porno

I went out to our mailbox to send a thank you card to our neighbors who dropped off some phenomenally delicious Christmas cookies.  Missed the mailman, but there was a mailbox full of 1/3 real mail, and 2/3 catalog junk … Continue reading

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Great Christmas

Dinner went over well.  Mom likes my cooking, and if she didn’t, she would not hesitate to say so.  We had the curried eggs and smoked salmon while we waited for the main course and fixings to reheat.  It’s hard … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Okay, so it’s still Christmas Eve in the U.S., but it’s Christmas in most of the world. I feel good about tomorrow’s big schlep over to mom’s place with the feast packed in coolers, and a triple crockpot contraption that … Continue reading

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Nephew and His GF

Yesterday, we left ourselves an hour and a half to get to Washington Rock to meet up with my nephew and his new girlfriend.  We got there before they did, but only by about 15 minutes, because the traffic was … Continue reading

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Half a Cord Delivered

Alright.  The half a cord of wood was delivered earlier this afternoon to our neighbors across the street.  We gave them a heads-up call, so they knew to expect it.  It was a little challenging driving the L210 with a … Continue reading

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OMG, Nikita

Hat tip:  Just A Guest This is comedy gold: Skip ahead to ~19:30 Holy hell!  He mentions Brian, Kealan, Mary, and Angeline.

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Real Life, Plus Some Nicky Antics

As I previously mentioned, our neighbors across the street, who we had never previously met, invited us to their Christmas party.  They had so much leftover food that Charlie popped by last Tuesday afternoon to invite us over for dinner, … Continue reading

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What a Spread!

Wow.  Kathy and Charlie put out one heck of a spread.  We got there around 4:30, which was fine.  A lot of people were already there, but just as many people arrived after we did.  It was appropriate to bring … Continue reading

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Christmas Party

Our neighbor from across the street stopped by yesterday morning to invite us to the Christmas party he and his wife are having this Sunday.  We’ve never even met them before.  It’ll be a bit tight on timing.  We have … Continue reading

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