InternetsCourt Trial Number Two of Pacione

I’ve been following this “trial” over at LJ.  It’s comedy gold.  With the exception of dwerenat and Pacione, the players involved came to my attention when Nicky had his Xanga feed up at LJ, last spring.  Xanga shut down his account for threatening horrorgal with death and arson.  That’s about the time he decided to revive his Blogspot.

A month or two later, he started a WordPress to try to get The Rusty Nail taken down, but the powers that be refused.  Rusty was originally started to experiment with the then-new version of WordPress and the new widgets and templates available, but was re-purposed after Pacione lost his Xanga.

Pacione also appeared in April in InternetsCourt as a plaintiff, but the trial didn’t really go anywhere.  Oh, the lulz.

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2 Responses to InternetsCourt Trial Number Two of Pacione

  1. Chaos-Wraith says:

    Looks like the Captain Pacione Public Relations Brigade’s started to perform its damage cleanup around the Gothicfest Signing…

  2. Sphinx says:

    InternetsCourt is always hilarious. Much more so when one is familiar with the backstory behind the case.

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