OT: The Bid’s In

The realtor came by this evening to go through the paperwork with us one last time, and get my John Hancock/initials wherever necessary.  Nothing was out of order, although I did ask to have one thing explained to me.  Sure, I can read and interpret contract legalese, since I’ve been doing so in one form or another for 20+ years, but I still needed one section of the Sewer Disclosure form explained in plain English.

Our bid was dropped off late this evening at the listing agent, who should find it in the morning and pass it along to the seller.  We should know on Tuesday if our bid was accepted, whether they want to dicker about it, or flat out reject it.

The buyer agent, who is working for us, electronically faxed back the paperwork when she got home, or back to the office.  It came through just fine.

Wish us luck!

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8 Responses to OT: The Bid’s In

  1. SirOtter says:

    Good luck! Whan can we come visit your new digs? I’ve got six weeks of leave time built up.

  2. Zoe Whitten says:

    Fingers and toes are crossed!

  3. Karen says:

    Good luck. If you’re moving to the NE part of PA, be prepared for a LOT of snow in the coming years!

  4. JupiterPluvius says:

    What is it with those Sewer Disclosure things? It’s like they were written by out-of-work Vogon poets.

    Here in Mass., we have another equally incoherent form that has to do with whether or not there are any oil storage tanks on the property. Even though I used to teach first-year English to ESL students, I was boggled by the lack of intelligibility.

    Best of luck to you and your sweetie on the bid!

  5. Rusty says:

    LOL! It’s in Bucks County, but has a rather long driveway with a turn-around area off to one side, so a heavy-duty snowblower is on our list of things to purchase.

    The current owners have included the riding lawnmower with the property, though, which is a bonus. The 1.3 acres is surrounded by rows of trees along the property lines, but is mostly open lawn. That’s too much to mow with a push mower.

    One of my orchid dealers, who I’ve met a few times, lives in the same town. I probably would not have contacted him out of the blue, but I recently received an e-mail newsletter from him, and replied, asking what he thought of the neighborhood, saying that we were considering putting in a bid on a property there. He asked the address. Turns out that not only is that section of town very nice, but also his wife had actually been in the house, and raved about how well maintained it was.

  6. Louise says:

    Good luck, R!

  7. V says:

    I am crossing everything I can for you! Sorry I haven’t been around much, that pneumonia really got me down. I am finally getting to the end of it, and finally back DJing. Phew, it was tough! I hope YOU are doing well! Hope to talk to you soon!


  8. Rusty says:

    Aww, V, take care of yourself! You have a fan club whether or not you’re on the air.

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