Nicky Has a New WordPress Entry

It’s a typical wall-o’-text blog post.

I can’t do a blog in peace without some Allentown based cunt trying to fuck things up for me as a publisher, well looks like The Rusty Nail posted the information for me about issue eight being out for purchase and now I am moving on to work on issue nine. Take that Koehler if you are attempting the fuck things up for me.

Karen never did a damn thing to him, other than watch him self-destruct.

. . . will be establishing my post office box in Joliet, Illinois so I can handle the CD-ROM submissions.   I will take submissions via CD-R or 32MB Memory Card.

Yes, people, he wants you to send him your flash drives!

The fact someone took a shit on my introduction of the magazine, that is the editor’s corner, I can say what ever I damn well please.

And we reserve the right to laugh at you, Nicky, for spewing venom at a whole bunch of people in that introduction.  Did it ever occur to you that an introduction like that is a source of embarrassment for your contributors?

Especially my elder statemen. I kept it polite to that mother fucker, I will call him a fucker to his face too because the way he handled that reading was like an asshole. IF he was any type of man, he would have stepped up to them and said, “what you did was wrong.   He’s not here to speak up for himself.” He handled it quite poorly.

I’m not sure who, or what, he’s talking about, but it looks like he wants someone to to step in and fight his battles for him.  Pull up your big boy shorts, Nick.  Fight your own battles.

The Crusty Rail is a sad excuse of a human being because she eggs people on like this.  The fact she hides behind a fake name and a fake identity on Associated Content.

One, I don’t need to egg people on, and it sure as hell isn’t my job to prevent them from speaking their minds.  Two, a lot of people on AC use pen names, or various screen names.  So what?

I am not threatening anyone here, but I just got done taking a shit in someone’s urn, the fucking fag kept going on and on about this dead lover.   Get yourself a woman and stop acting like a woman.  I am going to comment on the blogs but I will say this of the spineless cocksuckers.  They need to really get a life and stop pissing on mine!

We’re pointing and laughing, Peaches.  There’s a difference.  And, that sounded like a jab at Raingods.

For the record with the hospital stay,  I signed myself in — I was never committed.  I was admitted.

You signed yourself in to avoid being committed, in which case you wouldn’t have been able to sign yourself out when you did.

Lsy off of Dagstine for making an update on me. 50 Foot Ant was a man for being civil, but I will say this much. The linkage to my magazine, thank you for that one.

You’re welcome, Nicky.  Sell all the copies you can.  Knock yourself silly.  You know, Nicky, Kim thought you’d be unhappy with Daggy for doing that.  I guess not.  Get this through your thick skull, Nicky — Dagstine is using you.  He’s not your friend.

I am going to be running on donations to for the magazine — the donations will help me with the royalities and the contributor copies.

That makes absolutely no sense.  Is he asking us to give him money?  I thought the goverment already did that.

The whole thing at the HWA convention was bullshit what they caused — I saw that and basically lost my temper.  I was ready to punch someone,  it was going to be Everson too because he of all people should have spoken up saying, “That is not right.”

He must be talking about that session in which several people took turns reading from his story in Reality Check.  But, I don’t understand why he expected John Everson to ride to his rescue.  The whole thing was hilarious.

2009 I will make it to a convention as a vendor,  LAKE FOSSIL PRESS will have a booth at some convention. I can’t tour because of all my bills but to do a book signing with a few anthologies out there — I got some momentum.

Promises, promises.  Twenty-to-one it’ll be Gothicfest again.

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35 Responses to Nicky Has a New WordPress Entry

  1. Well, we’re living here in Allentown,
    And they’re closing all the small presses down…

  2. CritGit says:

    ‘I kept it polite to that mother fucker’

    Says it all really.

    Well, that and yet another stream of baseless whines and lies.

  3. Rusty says:

    Karen doesn’t even live in the Allentown area, which is part of the Philly Designated Market Area. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton is a completely different DMA.

  4. raingods says:

    Ahh, Nikita, I’m more man than you’ll ever be and more woman than you’ll ever get.

  5. Rusty says:

    I am doing well and did a new blog reflecting on it — the fact I am doing some new stories right now, I don’t have writers block either. R.N. we had our bad blood, you just never gave me the chance to really push my publications on here. I am celebrating on here by offering TABLOID PURPOSES IV signed for $20.00. The reason is that I got some new photo work on the covers. I am celebrating the fact that kept me on board. I am trying to keep the controversial postings to a minimum. Dagstine is featured on one of the magazines I helm. I was active with facebook the whole fucking time that I had Bell’s Palsy. That hung around for a month and looks like Dagstine was doing some promotion for me when I was away. I am going to throw up one of my new reworking covers. I had the entire book previewed for free at one point to prove I pulled one said author’s story out. My covers are getting better and better with each effort. This new pic is my editor photo on the TABLOID PURPOSES IV rework.

    My parents are impressed with the covers on a TABLOD PURPOSES. I am doing all the photo work these days and not many people do photocovers because my step-father is a photographer and he taught me a lot what I knew about photography the other training was in high school. I am going to be reworking TABLOID PURPOSES II when I get the master copies — I lost this one because of one unruly writer with contracts. She signed a contract but voided it out when she started bashing on me and shit. I’ve been a writer of 19 years coming October. Halloween 1990 was when my first horror story was written.

    That’s from the Update on Nikita’s health thread that Daggy started at SL. He’s taking a dump on Jane Baxter again here, despite the fact that he didn’t pay her for her story, and ran it without her permission. Lulu agreed it was copyright infringement to use that story. It’s Nicky’s fault, not Jane’s.

  6. Melany says:

    And does a story REALLY take up a 32MB flash drive? Probably not. No way would I give him stuff he can reuse for free.

  7. cussedness says:

    I just got chided for dishonesty on the blog entry “The woman who would be Daggy”

  8. Louise says:

    “Well, we’re living here in Allentown,
    And they’re closing all the small presses down…”


  9. Drew says:

    Holy shit, I go AWOL for a little while and Nikki comes back? Daggy and Phailbin continue to bring the lulz? Oy. I need to check back here more often.

  10. Karen says:

    Sorry, as anyone who reads my blog knows, I’ve been a little too busy of late to spend any amount of time destroying Nicky Pacione. But carry on with your fantasies anyway, Nick boi.

  11. Alice says:

    If he’s going to whore out for flash drives again, he should hold out for at least 1 GB. Same price, three times the storage.

    My parents are impressed with the covers on a TABLOD PURPOSES.

    First, what’s a TABLOD? Second, that’s kind of sad. I’ll bet the cover has pride of place on his parents’ fridge door.

  12. C says:

    I am going to be reworking TABLOID PURPOSES II when I get the master copies — I lost this one because of one unruly writer with contracts. She signed a contract but voided it out when she started bashing on me and shit.

    Perhaps I am simply too tired to see clearly, but doesn’t this new claim by Nick basically imply that there *was* a contract and that *he* “voided it” because of… of… wait… because I told him he was a shit??


    I am going back to bed. I’ll probably end up dreaming of him, tearing his hair out as he awaits the arrival of Teh Master Copies…

  13. Sabledrake says:

    ::racetrack voice::

    AAAAAAAAND they’re off!!!!


  14. Melany says:

    If Nicky was taught so much about photography then why are his photos such pieces of crap? I’ve never taken a photography class in my life, but I can take better pictures than the stuff he puts out there.

  15. JupiterPluvius says:

    Can somebody PLEASE post on Shocklines saying what Bell’s Palsy really is before Nikki turns it into a Movie of the Week?

    I swear to god, some of those dumb fucks’ Googles must be broken.

  16. Rusty says:

    I suspect they’re merely inclined to take what Nikita says at face value, and don’t think it’s worth their effort to employ Google-fu — especially if they haven’t personally been on the receiving end of his tirades.

  17. 50footant says:

    I’ve got a feeling that the shaky truce he has with me is about to go the way of the dodo. He listed off every single thing he thinks cuss did to him, and kept ALL CAPS the titles of the books he worked on, as if to impress me.

    He was nearly incoherent in his last email to me, which is a real shame, since his previous emails were pretty focused and pretty coherent.

    That’s too bad.

  18. Karen says:

    The only reason he’s doing any of this is to promote his “book”.

  19. CritGit says:

    Which is a laughable way to do it.

  20. Karen says:

    Yep. If something doesn’t work after five or six times, you should probably change tactics.

  21. autoaim.cfg says:


    I’m just asking… since I’m fairly sure none of you would enjoy me sticking my nose back into this, given the fact that I’m nowhere as nice and polite as the above people. Fix it, and fix it soon. I’ve had enough of this shit now.

  22. Rusty says:

    Welcome back, Autoaim! Long time, no see.

    Under the circumstances, I think Kim’s doing the best she can. I feel sorry for her. She’s got enough to deal with on her own, and let’s face it, Nick’s a real handful, who only adds to her stress. Until she got involved, I never got the feeling that anyone in his family cared enough to even try.

    It seems to be a “two steps forward, one step back” thing, with Nick, that will require more time. Even I will eventually run out of patience, but I have seen some signs of progress. I’m willing to continue taking a wait and see approach for a while longer, but obviously, not forever.

  23. Crawford Tillinghast says:

    Can somebody PLEASE post on Shocklines saying what Bell’s Palsy really is before Nikki turns it into a Movie of the Week?

    Reluctant as I’ve been to start taking shots at him again…right now I just can’t help but picture Nick going around in a big plastic bubble a la John Travolta.

  24. Rusty says:

    That reminds me of the Bubble Boy episode of Seinfeld. Damn, I’m showing my age.

    Hey, it’s better than the Shrinkage episode, right? OK, maybe not . . .

  25. CritGit says:

    I loved the one with the rye bread, and of course the soup nazi. Also the backward one. Also the postal fraud one, and….. ok, better stop.

  26. Mike Brendan says:

    I loathe Seinfeld… The two episodes that don’t leave me wanting to chainsaw the entire cast (except Julia Louis-Dreyfus) are the Soup Nazi and the one where Kramer claims a baseball player spit on him (“Ladies and Gentlemen of this commission, that was one magic loogie.”)

  27. Rusty says:

    But . . . but . . . Mike, there was also the episode in which Kramer feeds the Central Park carriage horse cans of beans.

    (Yes, I’m juvenile) *slinks away*

  28. CritGit says:

    I’m with you, Rusty. The horse farting in Kramer’s direction had me in fits. (that was the rye bread one, they were stealing it from George’s in-laws while Kramer took them about on the ride)

    The magic loogie was another I was about to cite.

    Always loved Jerry Stiller as George’s dad, especially with the temper he had. I loved the outtakes for him and Elaine facing off in the police station.

    Serenity now! Serenity now!

  29. Get yourself a woman and stop acting like a woman.

    Sound advice from one person who is guaranteed never again to know the love or touch of a woman.

    Of course, that’s Nicky speak for “I’M NOT GAY! REALLY!”

  30. Phil Smith says:

    And here I was thinking Nicky’s favourite way of expressing denial was to say “I am about to have a hot girlfriend” or similar. He’s used that a couple of times.

  31. Yeah. A hot girlfriend with money.

    That’s a hot girlfriend with money that has no problem moving into Nicky’s basement and doesn’t mind that he sits in front of the computer the whole time (when he’s not going to the hospital).

  32. AlKilyu says:


    The other night I came across something by accident, and that is William Malmborg’s facebook page.

    Not only do I think that he (who was featured in a Tabloid Purposes) is the reason Nicky starts almost every sentence with “The fact that” (seriously, it doesn’t seem like a coincidence since William can throw about three or four of those in a paragraph) but in reading William’s comments on his deceased ex-wife, I was both disturbed and angered. I dunno maybe it’s just me, but in looking at one of Malmborg’s blogs, he complains that his wife divorced him after she got a successful lung transplant and I actually found a page where he suggests that maybe she died as a result of divorcing him.

    William Malmborg at 7:03am March 2
    I think it is hard to know what to say in a situation like this. Hell, I don’t know how to feel. The fact that she died exactly 8 months after divorcing me so that she could see what it was like to be a healthy 25 year old single girl after being sick for so long is interesting. The fact that rejection hit so quickly after she divorced me and that she never got a chance to see what it was like to be a healthy 25 year old is interesting.

    Him and Nicky seem to have a lot in common…

  33. Lewis says:

    And in other Nitwit news Philbin’s back on the NWO and FEMA death camps.

    And he’s become a staff reviewer for horrornews,net and

  34. CritGit says:

    Well that shows up horrornewsnet. A bullshit review which was soundly smacked and he gets a job.
    Although I doubt a paid one.

    They must be desperate for the attention.

  35. willie says:

    I called him out on the review over at SL. Bet that doesn’t survive Matt’s snippage for long.

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