One Last Look

We hand delivered the revised paperwork today to the realtor, and got one last tour of the house before our closing date.  I signed the papers, right in front of the realtor, and made sure she had a written list of things she still had to do (only one of which involved an e-mail to me) before closing.

If the present owners had not already relocated, I’d have felt like a creep walking through their foundation plantings to see what’s there.  I was reading the tags on the roses, to see what they are, and assessing where I might need to fill in with annuals.  Some of the roses might not come back, but most will.  There is one orange one.  I hope it dies, because I really hate orange, but if it does come back, I probably won’t have the heart to rip it out.

I’ve already scoped out where to put the vegetable garden, and the rose garden.  We’ll most likely plant lavender around the edge of the patio, interspersed with some other stuff that stays rather compact, leaving space to walk out into the yard at 180 and 90 degree angles, so we don’t have to step over it, or walk the long way around.

We will want to plant a hedgerow between our house and one neighbor’s back yard, but forsythia will do, to fill in quickly, until we can figure out what kind of trees to plant.  Even after we figure out the trees (I’m thinking Japanese Maples), they can go in front of the row of forsythia, so we wouldn’t have to rip out anything — just get busy pruning when it all matures enough to require it each spring.

This house, and the entire property ROCKS!  We love it.  It’s wonderful as is, but there are so many things I can do with it to make it even more friendly for outdoors living, during Spring and Summer.  It’s a gardener’s dream.  Plus, my orchid collection will love it there.  There’s not a room in the house that doesn’t get decent sunlight, other than the mudroom/laundry room.

Although we had to do the negotiation dance, I still think we got a good deal on the property.

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