It’s Mine!

We spent last night packing things, drove out at the crack of dawn while it was still snowing to close on the house, and moved in a truckload of stuff.  I’ve never been through a more difficult closing than this one, but then again, this is the first time I had to deal with a relocation company, rather than the previous owner.

Hopefully, we’ll get two more truckloads moved in tomorrow.  This transition period will probably last for a month or two, but we’ll be glad when it’s all over.  Moving house is such a pain in the tuchas.

I have all kinds of cuts, scratches, scrapes, and bruises to show for my effort.  All that, and a whole lot of muscle aches.  Ibuprofin is my friend.  I pack, we both load and unload the truck, I unpack, then rinse and repeat.  At least we have it down to a science, and are very efficient.

Note that when moving breakables, cardboard boxes, newspaper, towels, paper towels, blankets, comforters, quilts, and pretty much anything from the linen closet makes really good packing material.  Just wrap, and stuff in your china and glass tightly enough to make sure nothing clanks around and chips while in transit.

Transitioning isn’t always fun, but in the end, it’s worth it.

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8 Responses to It’s Mine!

  1. CritGit says:

    Hold on. Isn’t the entire point of moving house to use loads of bubble wrap, and then to sit about popping it all?

    Oh am I really immature in that way? 🙁

  2. Louise says:

    ‘Moving house is such a pain in the tuchas.’

    Indeed! Congrats on a successful acquistion of a lovely new home. 🙂

  3. JupiterPluvius says:

    Congratulations! I wish you and S. all the best in your new house.

  4. Melany says:


    And man we love boxes full of packing material at work. Bubble wrap for the obvious addiction of sitting and popping it with wild glee and styrofoam peanuts for ‘snowball’ fights often started by my boss! 😀

  5. SirOtter says:

    Good on you, Rusty! Hope you enjoy the new digs.

  6. Rusty says:

    No bubble wrap or peanuts. 🙁

    Our packing material consists of old newspapers, supermarket circulars, potholders, quilted placemats, blankets, comforters, and quilts, with pillows wedged in where necessary.

  7. Victor says:

    Congrats! I know its a pain in the arse.

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