La Femme Nikita posted a new Blogspot entry to go with his one on WordPress.  Woo-hoo!

I am guessing she got the pirated copy from an asshole known as R. because the faggot rushed me in getting the memoir done — I later found out the faggot passed around the e-book like a sexually transmitted disease.

“R,” as in Lawrence R. Dagstine?  Nobody plays more games with you than he, and he’s the one who kept telling us what was in your “memoir,” that would crush careers, etc. — before you ever published the whiny piece of drivel.  Other than that, Peachypoo, remember when you made some of your stuff available on Lulu, and accidentally charged $0.00 for it?  Of course people downloaded those for free.  Everything else, you give away at nightclubs.

For those liars saying AVARICE is a short story, it’s not even online. It’s a novel not a short story, and I am still working on this title. Seems like they go around every social networking website and chase me around everywhere.

Not so.  You magically show up in our inboxes, Nicky.

I have no respect for anyone who steals from the mentally ill . . .

But it’s fine to steal from those who haven’t been declared mentally incompetent?

I have no respect for anyone who seeks a pirated copy of a book because it’s stealing from the table of the writer who wrote it. That could be someone’s electric bill or internet bill for that matter.

Who on earth would want to steal granny’s utility bills off your table?  And why would she leave them on your table?  It’s not as if you’d ever pay them for her.

I am willing to take a guess that you walk into movie theaters with a video camera or offered pirated copies of movies that aren’t even theaters yet.

Pro tip:  you could make more money selling bootleg DVDs in Chinatown than you ever could from the sale of your books.  However, making absurd accusations about someone else doesn’t make them true.

I am willing to take all of this to the press explaining how this cunt brags about pirating books from a mentally ill man along with the fucks behind

And . . . the poor reporter or receptionist would most likely call the cops on you.

I support the writer by buying the paperback book or the hardcover.

You’re your own best customer, buying all those copies to give away.

The fucking cunt is trying to tell me to get another career — go fuck yourself lady.

Is that the way you speak to your own grandmother?  No wonder she’s on the verge of kicking you out of the house for good.

When some cunt named HorrorGal bought the e-book of the anthology I appear in . . .

Sweet.  That’s the way you treat people who actually bought your book?  You demand that people pay for your stuff, but when they do, you call them cunts?  Get a grip on something bigger than your tinky-winky for a change.

Everyone knows I like thrash and doom metal, the only thing I got from a Hot Topic was an Iced Earth shirt for the album Horror Show.

It’s okay, Peaches.  Really.  Most people know you prefer to shop at Sears for your clothing.

The bitch is saying that I need to get a different career as in working in fast food.

Well, it would be a great way to get back at society.  Think of all those burgers on which you could sneeze and blow snot balls.

Trying to sic johnny law on me and saying her cousin is a law enforcement officer.

Aww . . . that’s just goombah talk.  Any full-blooded Eye-talian would know that.  What’s that?  You aren’t one, Peaches?  A little Swedish in your heritage?  No problem.  Start Loony Lars Press, or something like that.  Get Larry ValentineVegen to help you.

One of the people who worked at Sears in Chicago knew me from Writings From The Grave and she helped me keep a hard edged look and I refuse to wear fucking make up of any kind.

I suppose one could call the stuff used for your Cleopatra/Amy Winehouse look “kohl,” instead of makeup.

I guess when they realize they make their way to the hall of shame, they get even more pissed off by the day . . .

Au contraire.  Getting onto your Wall of Flame is a badge of honor.  Trolls want to be featured there, and you’re gullible enough to comply.

This cunt is claiming I listen to glam metal and emo when most of my collection is thrash/speed metal Air Supply, doom metal Wayne Newton, death doom metal Bee-Gees, death metal Aqua, Industrial Metal Engelbert Humperdinck and hardcore metal Village People.


People like this cunt make me sick . . .

Breathing makes you sick.

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19 Responses to Doubleheader

  1. Melany says:

    Put your money where your mouth is nicky. Stop threatening that you’ll take it to the press and actually do it. Put up or shut up as they say. Granted that would mean leaving the basement.

  2. Jenny says:

    For all we know, he has already tried the press and got no response….

  3. autoaim.cfg says:

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall when they received his rant. It really makes you wonder – just how hard can you slam dunk a couple of pages written in red crayon into a waste paper basket?

  4. Al Kilyu says:

    I think Jenny nailed it perfectly. He’s already gone to the press and what he sent them is probably what was the Helium article or something. Best part is that if they ever did check out his claims, they’d see his blog calling people f****ts, using the dead as a shield, all of his threats, etc.

    I counted the word “guess” 8 times in that entry. He’s not even sure about what he thinks lol.

  5. Rusty says:

    I’m sure he’s approached the press by email or phone, but any reporter who spent more than half a minute on his gibberish knew s/he was dealing with a psychotic.

  6. Melany says:

    Any reporter with access to the internet would take 2 seconds to google Nicky and have their good laugh for the day.

  7. cussedness says:

    These days all reporters have good google-fu. Even editors and agents will check up on authors they are considering.

  8. Anonymouse says:

    If Pacione abso-fuckin’-lutely refuses to publish sexual content, then what is the following passage doing in a story in current issue of the Ethereal Gazette:

    “…she felt Cain’s hand on her thigh; it crept up her soft leg until it was under her skirt and between her legs. Blakely scootched forward on the seat and casually spread her legs. She moaned as Cain pushed two fingers into her and twirled them around inside her body which caused her to openly moan. Blakely could feel her wetness seeping over her thighs, his fingers,and forming a small puddle beneath her ass on the leather seat. Within minutes she grasped the seat with her fingernails and an exhausted moan of an orgasm slipped between her lips.”

  9. I never knew there were such sub-genres in heavy metal called “death doom metal” or “hardcore metal”. The latter, I’ve seen referred to as “metalcore”, but as far as I know, no bands out there are considered “death doom metal”.

    Sounds like Nicky was using Wikipedia to spout off a few genres of metal so he could sound less like a poseur than he truly is.

  10. Al Kilyu says:

    He’s full of himself when it comes to the media. He was interviewed in that small town rag on a slow news month and now thinks he can summon the media at will. He probably didn’t even put out a “press release”. Heh I can seriously imagine him telling some reporter if they want to know what’s going on they have to buy his memoir.

  11. autoaim.cfg says:

    And since we’re all into updating our shit these days, we will not come in second over at The Ethereal Gazette. So please enjoy Nighttime Is Coming, Kids by our latest author October Lawrence. The first chapter of the N.I.C.K storyline about the Lesser Demon manchild, Pistonyerown available now.


  12. Rusty says:

    Heh I can seriously imagine him telling some reporter if they want to know what’s going on they have to buy his memoir.

    The reporter would then say something about checking it out of the library, and Peaches would have to admit that none of them have it.

  13. autoaim.cfg says:

    The “About the Author” page on his WordPress blog has got a strange mesmerizing quality to it:

    “I am a writer who has some mental instabilities but doing this blog to speak out against a blog that created a blog to harass the shit out of me without end. So with that being said welcome to the blog. This is a blog that I will use to blog bloggity-blog-blog, blog blog!”


  14. CJB says:

    I tried to read the “About The Author,” but I was interrupted by a nosebleed as my brain cells tried to escape the horror of it all.

  15. Rusty says:

    Ha! He’s recently updated his “About” page. Damn thing reads like any of his blog rants, and tells us nothing other than he’s “a bit touched in the head,” as my grandparents used to say.

  16. Al Kilyu says:

    Remember when Stupid_Free found out he was checked into a psyche ward for all of 3 days and most of them felt bad for him and decreed it wrong to laugh at him because they finally realized he was sick in the head?

    Re-read his rant against that chick…he keeps mentioning over and over he has mental issues then a couple of times he says that Stupid_Free is going to go after her.

    He’s playing the victim in the hopes they’ll go after her just like he did with his grandma. Someone said he almost got booted from that house recently because of the books with her name on it…I bet he tried using that to get his grandma to go after the bad people again.


  17. -M says:

    His writings are like an STD? Ok, true, he’s infected as many nooks and crannies on the web as possible so far and no matter how much you wish for it, he just won’t go away…

    Nicky, you are the herpes of darkity, dark, dark horror!

    P.S. Stop picking at the scabs, Nicky.

  18. Al Kilyu says:

    I am actually shocked that he allowed sex into one of his books. When he recently rejoined Shocklines, when he made brand new websites, everywhere he goes he goes on and on about absolutely no sex.

    If I’m not mistaken, didn’t he say he wanted the magazine to be sex-free because his little sibling reads it now? Well that’s where the sex scenes popped up, the latest magazine.

    So is this proof he doesn’t read all the stories he features? Or does he go by the Clinton-era definition of sex?

  19. Mike Brendan says:

    I’d say it’s the former… but that implies Nicky’s literate.

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