It took a while, but the owner of the cult finally locked this thread.  Nicky’s butthurt is showing like a bright red flag.

Screengrabs for all four pages after the cut . . .

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33 Responses to Heterophobia

  1. Is Nicky threatening to “go to the press” on those bingo cards we made up? If not, it REALLY needs to be.

    I’d also add the question “How do you expect me to respond?”, as I can remember him asking people that more than a few times after he blew up at them.

    I’m also impressed that the heterophobia thread actually remained surprisingly civilized for the first couple of pages. Hell, even Nickolaus himself seemed surprised…before he inevitably lost it.

  2. Al Kilyu says:

    Well we know for a fact he contacted Jet and risked looking gay to try to gain favor with him to punish the other cult. I don’t blame mods or communities that eventually get tired of hearing him (even odark had the latter).

    There should be a Rusty Nail or ETT or Broken Prostrate Books cult there or something. Everyone can join including Nicky!

  3. Rusty says:

    Dunno about Broken Prostrate, but Broken Prostate has possibilities. Hmm . . .

  4. Al Kilyu says:

    I have an extra r in my prostrate. It’s that awesome.

    “Hell, even Nickolaus himself seemed surprised…before he inevitably lost it.”

    Yeah that was the problem: He was so proud of himself that for like five posts all he could do was pat himself on the back about how HE created it. The part that made my eyes roll the hardest was when he actually said “I guess he’s not used to threads that have actual content written in them”

    If AutoAim and Lewis hadn’t dropped in like they did, they’d have started goofing on him like Slade did in the beginning.

    • Lewis says:

      To be honest I was actually hoping to get both Nicky and the guy who was talking about homosexuality being a sin in the bible riled up, but he never returned, which was why I worded my initial posts the way I did. Pretty interesting reading though since the whole issue seems to stem from a prejudice against pagan orgies and temple prostitutes and a word whose actual meaning is now unknown so translators are forced to guess based on the fact that it’s a compound word.

    • SirOtter says:

      True, Lewis. Most Biblical prohibitions against homosexuality apply to specific contexts peculiar to the times in which they were written that the homophobes are, willfully or not, ignorant of. Even when Paul mentioned it as a sin in Corinthians, he was specifically admonishing the church in Corinth (which is in Greece) to avoid the man-on-boy pederasty that was a staple of Greek culture. They knew what he was saying, even if Oral (snerk!) Roberts and his crowd don’t.

      And by the way, abomination meant ritually unclean, AKA not kosher, rather than ‘so incredibly awful God shall smite thee with lightning and fire and brimstone and endless reruns of American Idol for even considering it’. That meaning was applied to the word, IIRC, during the Reformation to make whichever side it was used against seem even worse than your standard brand of papist or heretic.

      I like what Jimmy Carter said about right-wing homophobia, that that end of the political spectrum is only concerned with demonizing those sins of which they themselves cannot be proven to be guilty.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Lewis I think once Nicky made reference to the “Rape Door” they realized what they were dealing with and gtfo.

      “you need to go out the door you came in and don’t let it rape you on the way out.”

    • Lewis says:

      On the plus side the rape door is pretty easy to escape from, though now you’ve got me wondering how it actually rapes people. A suggestively shaped doorknob? The mind boggles at the thought.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Oh to be a fly on the wall with those dorks when Nicky showed how balanced he is…

      “This guy is hated for being straight? Let’s fight the good fight and correct this injustice!”

      “…rape door…”

      “Plan B let’s go to that other cult and talk about Nick Cave!”

  5. Melany says:

    Is it bad of me that until Nicky poo started throwing that word around that I’d never even heard of it?

  6. Crawford Tillinghast says:

    Nicky’s butthurt is showing like a bright red flag.

    So, it’s basically the same status quo as the past 6+ years, then. (One can read into that whatever one cares to, of course.)

  7. Jenny says:

    I love that the mod left the thread up, though (unlike the mods in the vampirefreaks cult).

  8. cussedness says:

    It’s business as usual with Nicky. Nothing ever changes.

    • Rusty says:

      The behavior doesn’t change, but the venue does. He pulls the same nastiness, leaving bitchy comments on people’s profile/home pages, and/or sending nasty IMs everywhere he goes, often to random people who make pretty innocent remarks. That’s true. I’ll bet the only reason he’s still on DA after all these years is that it doesn’t really have the wealth of forums or communities for him to pollute that other places do.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      As in go look at the “vampirefreaks before it was vampirefreaks” thread after Slade starts dickslapping him…Dominae makes a “virgin blood” joke in general (not aimed at him) and within minutes she pirates books, mp3s, holds down careers, hates Conservatives, is a bitch, poseur, “fake” aannnd gets on his Wall Of Shame.

      It’s either he gets embarrassed when people snicker while he’s being punked, or he really believes in a pecking order even if he gets that wrong and is still weaker than the women he targets to bully.

    • Rusty says:

      I vote for the pecking order. His reasoning is that folks who are older or who have been around longer shouldn’t pick on him because he’s younger. If he’s older than those he tries to bully, it’s because they’re not respecting their elders, i.e. him. Fool doesn’t realize it cuts both ways, and respect has to be earned, regardless of age — once one’s out of diapers, anyway.

  9. Al Kilyu says:

    It’s so the pecking order.

    I remember a time where if Karen lol’d, it meant she wanted him to give up his company, which he’d only do if he died, so he’d then ask her if she could live with murder on her hands just to get his company, life sentence, the chair…all in one paragraph and more than once from a simple “lol”.

    Or that (lulu?) thread with Mary, where she was ignoring him but he had a long debate from each of her posts anyway 😀

  10. NickPacionesSpunkyBackpack says:

    Not many VampireFreaks have joined this cult 🙁 :

    • Rusty says:

      Last time I looked, Nicky was the owner, and sole member. Did someone else join?

    • Jenny says:

      Awhile back, AngryinIllinois joined, posted six or seven of the book burning videos, and got banned by Nicky all in the space of a few hours. Otherwise, though, no, it’s just been Nicky all by himself.

  11. Lewis says:

    I’d join but he’d just ban me.

    Anyway, he’s also a member of this social networking site too.


    Hasn’t been active in almost a month though.

    • Lewis says:


      I was a little surprised to see he didn’t explode when replying to the woman who asked if he looked pretty.

    • NickPacionesSpunkyBackpack says:

      “Dark Starlings” (sounds even gayer than Vampire Freaks) profile:
      “I get paid for writing horror fiction and been published with a few respective [sic] magazines over the years.”

      Oh OK.

      “Dark Starlings / Bastard Nation blog”:
      “I am … trying to raise money on my website for my phone and internet bills so I can keep Lake Fossil Press running”

      Oh dear. 🙁

    • Rusty says:

      I saw that bit about raising money to pay other bills, so he can keep LFP running. What’s to keep running? He has no staff to pay, no cover art to pay for, and it costs nothing to upload his shit to Lulu. He no longer even pretends to pay his contributors . . .

      Although I could argue that it costs me $9 a month to have nickolausapacione.com hosted, which is $9 a month more than it costs him to run LFP, I’d be paying that regardless of whether I used it upload the Annoyed Chupacabra Press titles.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      I love how the first response is
      “^ That…made no sense.”

      Also, he has no concept of humor (he can be hilarious when you are laughing at him) and no concept of how to tell a joke. Like in one of his mags or something he says “Good Day to You sir!” then spends a paragraph explaining the joke.

      Or (best one) when that guy told the joke about the three guys sleeping in the same bed and the one in the middle dreams about skiing with poles, Nicky had to add that they were “fags” and he was “Jerking off their dicks” or something along those lines that was really specific and gay.

      Speaking of that, notice his contribution to that humor section was about cross dressers? He’s not hiding it at all anymore…

  12. Al Kilyu says:


    Looks to me like she’s being sarcastic…

    • Melany says:

      My favorite part of Nicky’s wall o’ text

      “I look and act like a guy, and I love chasing the opposite sex.”

      Probably because they all run screaming from him :p

    • Rusty says:

      “I look and act like a guy greasy meatball, and I love chasing the opposite sex fireflies.”

      FIFY, Nickypoo.

  13. Al Kilyu says:

    Remember how we were discussing how Nicky would probably use Peter Steele’s death in some way to benifit himself? Look at what he did here in March


    He not only makes every deceased rocker about him, he utters this one line about “Piggy’s” death then goes straight into his own bio, even hitting the blogger up to submit to his company. Here’s just a small snippet (his one sentence of grief followed by shill) because it’s way too long to post here

    “When Piggy passed away in 2005 — I actually wept a little because of that chance meeting I am writing science fiction. I write Gothic Horror and been doing that for nearly 20 years, I run a magazine called The Ethereal Gazette — a dark magazine that is a cross between The Mick, Gothic Beauty, Metal Maniacs, Weird Tales and Twilight Zone Magazine……..”

  14. Mike Brendan says:

    Nicky seems to have a warped sense of object permanence. He seems to think that people are watching two year old blog entries for comments and that if he gets in the last word, it always sticks and has significance.

    Unfortunately, he’s so egotistical and god-awful stupid that he reveals himself every time he does one of his screeds.

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