Shocklines Meets VampireFreaks

Peaches started a self-congratulatory thread on the VF forum, which derailed hilariously into a discussion about hats.  Predictably, our favorite 5’3″ Eyetalian wannabe goth writer lost his shit.  I managed to take a screengrab of the thread mere moments before it was first snipped, then bahleeted.

Nicky must really be making a pain in the ass of himself with the moderators.  This sort of thread snipping has started to occur with alarming frequency.  It’s as if the mods are taking lessons from Matty at Shocklines.


Here’s the last screengrab I got before I finally had to crash to avoid doing a face plant into my keyboard.  Apparently, I missed a lot of good stuff, which is chronicled in the comments.

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    • Rusty says:

      Done. This is getting good.

    • M says:

      I was going to post something to the effect that Nicky should give out tin foil hats to promote the collaboration between him, autoaim and the new LFP editor, but I changed my mind. I don’t want to get the thread deleted. 😉

    • M says:

      omega, the one who started the hat post, left this on Nicky’s profile. I think it’s safe to say that Nicky left his regular long winded whinefest complete with a threat or two on omega’s profile.

      Jun 19, 2010, 11:09pm
      I like that you are such a man-child. Its impressive. Anyways, yes, they acknowledge published authors, but that is not the same thing as having a thread on the writers corner that’s only purpose is to ramble on about things you are trying to publish, or to promote your own publishing company. The point is to post your work to be shared and critiqued. Your thread was silly, so I gave it a silly hat, but I had no idea so many people would be adding to the hat collection.

      I noticed your thread had been removed by the way; wether by your request or the admins good judgment, so that’s nice. Also, concidering that only you have had anything negative to say to me about my comments, and the admins have been silent, I’m going to assume they agree with me about your thread being out of place untill I hear otherwise, but it doesn’t really matter to me either way.

    • M says:

      Oh he did leave a comment, I didn’t see it earlier when I checked omega’s profile.

      Jun 19, 2010, 10:34pm

      Go spread your verbal ANALLY INFLICTED DEATH SENTENCE somewhere else. The moderators of the forum now acknowledges published authors which I am, and I don’t write for the male population that go swallowing another man’s load. Hijacking my thread when I am actually gaining some momentum with getting published, you go do that hat thread on a writers forum — what’s mothefucking wrong with you, did you take too many loads up your ass or something?

    • Al Kilyu says:

      >swallowing another man’s load.

      >what’s mothefucking wrong with you, did you take too many loads up your ass or something?

      After years of us bombarding Nicky with everything gay, I think he’s so used to it that if he doesn’t get a certain daily amount of it, he has to create it himself.

      Seriously, for a while now the gayest things I have ever heard have been from his sausage hole.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      M you have the best Favorite Music selection I have ever seen anywhere.

    • M says:

      LOL thanks, Al!

      As you can see, I listen to just about anything with the exception of a few genres. 🙂

  1. baupdeth says:

    Well let’s see if my current post gets baleeted or not, and autoaim, kick ass hat!

  2. So, how long until this magazine goes out of business after it’s been pointed out exactly who Nicky is, and what he truly represents?

    I’m giving it three weeks.

  3. Rusty says:

    See the comments in my previous entry, Ben, for a sample of this, er, magazine’s owner. Dude’s well aware of Nicky’s reputation, but intends to publish him anyway, in Issue 1. Last two times that happened, both publishers went out of business (Daggy’s The Literary Bone, and Donna Burgess’ Naked Snake Press). If the guy makes it to Issue 2, he will have done Daggy one better.

  4. Jenny says:

    I find it really amusing that so many of the regular/long-term members at VF – who have no prior knowledge of or association with Nicky – find him a self-centered self-shilling pain in the rear.

  5. cussedness says:

    I’m suspicious of that email that Nicky received. It reads like it is full of snake oil. Something is not right there.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Which one is that?

    • Rusty says:

      I think Cuss means the one Nicky copied into his original post, about being on the short list. It sounds bizarrely unprofessional to me, as if the tyro who sent it knows jack about publishing, but I don’t think it’s someone who’s dicking with him.

    • cussedness says:

      Does any one remember the site that accepted Nicky’s vamp story? It turned out to be a scam to get money from authors. I’m waiting to see if this one is also.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Publish America?

    • cussedness says:

      no, it was a vampire site and it was about 06. The site was poorly done and they were having a contest of sorts and had given Nicky loads of support and attention. He brought it up at WritingForums or a board like that and it turned out to be a scam. I wish I could remember the name.

  6. baupdeth says:

    Grab another screen grab if you can, were talking about military service.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      “I already informed the admin that you’re doing this to create drama on a promotion thread.”

      As expected.

      “That “domain” popped up around the same time as another bullshit “domain” popped up when one person was deeply insulted by a few e-mails saying I will not publish erotica in any form.”

      See what I mean? He’s rewriting history so that “Nicky Shot First” and any wrong done unto him was because he struck first.

    • Rusty says:

      I am taking screengrabs as new replies appear, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be up. Someone else might want to take over, say, in about half an hour.

  7. baupdeth says:

    Nikki’s latest facebook! and spelling errors are his.

    It’s OFFICIAL — “Witch’s Party” will be part of a new magazine! Look for it next month — it’s my frist non-fiction acceptence in three years. It’s not since appearing in Dark Gothic Resurrected (stop calling me a FUCKING EROTICA author because I am not. I was the only traditional horror writer in there and was th…e only NON-FICTION entry in that one.)

  8. Rusty says:

    How tough is the basic training there compared to oh, say America? Sadly I never got to serve, but I hear the Navy has a tough basic and some don’t make it past 88 days without trying to hang themselves.


  9. Al Kilyu says:

    Can you imagine Nicky complaining to someone about tonight? Like to one of his new friends that he sold his story to?

    “Those shitmonkeys!”
    “What did they do?”
    “They talked about hats.”
    “What kind of hats?”
    “Cool hats.”
    “And that pisses you off?”
    “Yeah those infant rapers.”
    “WTF? You call them that, over hats?”
    “Yeah. You have to watch out for those trolls they will stalk and harass you.”
    “By talking about hats?”

    • baupdeth says:

      I hope he v-blogs this. Holy hell that would make my year.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Sadly, Nicky doesn’t vlog anymore. He stopped long before he got dial-up because he was sick of trolls reediting his videos, but now he claims he doesn’t have a soundcard (???) so he flat out won’t do them.

  10. Lewis says:

    They do have a rule in that forum section against spam, something which is always at the discretion of the moderators to decide.

    I put a link to the Preditors and Editors website in the writers resources thread, I wonder if dumpling will be able to resist bitching about them. The definition of resources seemed a bit vague so I’ve held off on links to Mike’s Egoless Writer and one or two of Keene’s essays on the subject of writing and publishing until I see what else turns up.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      Dude… link to “The Egoless Writer”. I’ll take the flak so the real pros don’t have to.

    • Lewis says:

      I provided the link, Mike. I also put down a link to Keene’s essay on what it generally means to make a living writing full-time, it’s good food for thought after all.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      OH Mike you’re a champ. When Nicky sees Mike, he sees red and hones in on him no matter what’s going on at the time.

      Whenever Angry would do reviews of Nicky’s unreleased stories, Nicky would always threaten to fight Mike and beat into him who owns his company, then he’d challenge Mike to a fight over who gets his copyrights.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      Where did you put that link? It’s not on the forum thread, unless it got baleeted too…

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Most forums eventually say “Alright that’s enough” even if it’s the most popular one they’ve ever had and everyone, not just trolls, lol at it.

      Again I say, TwlightSucks has some rad administration and awesome posters in general.

    • Lewis says:

      Sorry, Mike, I’m not long up and still fuzzy around the edges.

      It’s a thread about writer’s resources and Nicky had to mention he was published in Withersin. Writer’s Beware and Preditors and editors definitely qualify, but they may edit out my link to The Egoless Writer and the link to Keene’s essay.

  11. baupdeth says:

    And it got beleted 🙁

  12. Mike Brendan says:

    Major snippage. However, my most recent query is still there.

  13. autoaim.cfg says:

    I refuse to let this go without you seeing my HAT




  14. Mike Brendan says:

    Aw… widdle Nicky is upset at what I said…

    “Keep your beef with me off the fucking forum asshole. You call yourself a Christian, well you’re proving yourself to be a hypocrite. Going around pushing the fake “domain” with my name. If you’re going to fuck with my name you jagoff use your fucking LAMEJOURNAL.”

    My response, if he weren’t a coward and blocked me for responding to his PMs:

    “I was demonstrating what might happen if you don’t step up and secure a domain name upon becoming a public figure — which if I recall is exactly what Live Journal declared you when you whined to them about people criticizing your behavior and your work.

    My LJ is just a general purpose blog where I’ll talk about whatever I please. If I feel something is important to comment on in a forum, I’ll speak my mind. Unlike you, I can take responsibility for what I say.

    Oh, and hypocrite? You still haven’t gotten that plank out of your eye, Nick. Christi Iesu would not approve.”

  15. MenWithHats says:

    Nicky has no sense of humor. If you email him and make sure to CC all of his accounts, and ask him about hats, it displeases him greatly. He becomes quite angry if one emails his,, and because he claims that ties up his work accounts and personal accounts. Adding his to the CC when asking about hats is also discouraged, again these questions cause him much distress.

  16. Al Kilyu says:

    Since Rusty is asleep, his response to mod

    “I fucking agree, Brendan, don’t come here to start crap. If you’re going to complain about me use your damn presence. I am a one man publisher using a place like like a few other places who are doing so, so I’ve been publishing as Lake Fossil Press for more than six years — therefore, it’s mine. The name came from one of my short stories, my creative properties.
    I’ve seen this happen on a few forums including and Shocklines Forum especially when those bullshit “domains” pop up on my threads where I am promoting the real magazine or trying to extend a deadline for a publication. I made public annoucements on two anthology books that are twins on a forum and some jackhole is trying to do a book called “The Gemini Books” — stealing characters and crap. I’ve seen this happen on the cult and another cult I was removed from.
    I plan to shell out the $99.00 to have anthologies on that have the published by Lake Fossil Press listed as the publisher or the other imprints I have (I have three other imprints. Angry Guinea Books is my storefront for An Eye In Shadows, and I publish Broken Mindframe Books on that storefront. Stormrider Press is the first charity anthology home and this anthology is hosted by two places so contributors can get the book at cost. The other anthology will be published with because they came to me six years ago about helming an anthology — DYERS EVE is going to be that anthology and not the one that one joker passes it off as using a fake name and such.)
    I am applying for grants so I can get other distribution for future titles too so I can publish as the 5.5 x 8.5 sized trade paperback (this way I can get them in bookstores. They tend to give published by a hard time, but I prefer to have full creative control than have a traditional publisher trying to control everything in the creative process.)
    I am getting e-mails from people telling me that I no longer run Lake Fossil Press, funny, I never sold the company. I saw the bullshit covers that a faceless loser created (those aren’t the official covers for the magazine and anthologies planned. I don’t even know what Issue 11’s cover is going to be like yet because I haven’t got a hold of the model I am going to work with yet for that or with the novella that I am writing exclusively for it. I am trying to do about eight photographs for the novella, and it’s not even done yet.)
    I’ve put a lot of my heart and soul in Lake Fossil Press and it’s brothers over the years. I am not about to let some faceless troll who burns books try to steal it from my hands. I got this one joker trying to say that this faceless goon runs everything complete with the bs covers (trying to make the thing cutesy and crap when I would go for dark and menacing.)

    Edited by: LAKEFOSSIL at June 20, 2010, 02:35am”

  17. Mike Brendan says:

    He’s never going to get the grants…

    Also, I like to think that my more recent post on that thread raised some valid questions…

    Oh well. Not like the little twerp is going to send me any more nasty-grams, limp as they may be. I put him on my block list.

  18. Mike Brendan says:

    Looks like things got baleeted back to the original post. That’s fine with me — probably the only time I’ll derail a thread there anyway.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      He’s doing a typical yet fatal no-no from school — Chastising the kids the teacher just reprimanded — because even though the kid that always did that did so in the safety of the teacher’s company, they’d eventually be alone…

      (To baupdeth)
      “Enjoy your vacation you fucking sad peice of shit. And think about who is the real owner of Lake Fossil Press, and it’s sure the hell isn’t AngryInIllinois.”

      Seriously? The mods got on him once before for gloating, I hope that happens again.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Stuff to grab just in case cause Rusty asked in her absense…

      His response to the mods cracking down in that thread

      “Seems like every time when I try to promote something from my publication or when I announce that I got published somewhere, there will always be some jackhole trying to bash/or start an arguement with me. It always seems to be from the ones who just have sites on are the worst. It’s anoying when they come and hijack the damn thing making it into something else.”

      His status

      “Status: SF Giants? Bullshit — I am a Chicago White Sox fan. MistressInBlack — eat shit you fucking cunt.”

      The cap remark I believe stems from his latest wall of shame

    • Mike Brendan says:

      “I am a few inches short of 6’0 and 210-216 lbs.”

      No you’re not, Nikki. You’re shorter and fatter.

      And yes, while I did screw around with him at first, I did end up asking him some serious questions — like why not get the domain name now? His answer was because he wanted to do a website with “complete HTML.” Silly man-child! All web sites use HTML!

      I guess he doesn’t want me asking him questions like that. Afterwards he told me that if I had a problem with him, I was to put it on my LJ — which is one of those parts of the internet that banned his sorry ass. Not like he’s ever commented on there, save for the first posting of “The Egoless Writer.”

      Oh well, not like I ever listened to him anyway…

    • khkoehler says:

      Not to mention about half the publishers out there are going WordPress for their main site anyway. Y’know, it allows us to concentrate on content rather than writing endless HTML code–which I can do, but who the hell wants to? 😉

  19. Al Kilyu says:

    Look at what ED says about “Elite” members of VF and tell me who it sounds like…

    ” Elite
    An elite member of VampireFreaks who supposedly say they’ve been around since 2000-2003 (profiles didn’t come until 2004) and consider themselves internet badasses. Elite VampireFreaks are known mainly for their lengthy vocabulary that they find on Google to make themselves better than other members and are known to be models, geniuses and/or jacks of all trades. Elite members will be in secluded cults where they talk about 4chan, their life and how they have their life fucked and want attention, and how they think they’re cool.”


  20. Neve says:

    Morning folks: This isn’t directly on topic but is nitwit related.
    I sat down and started reading PZB’s ‘Exquisite Corpse’ for the first time last night and I’m finding some surprising correlations between the novel and Nick. It’s almost as if he has assimilated it perfectly. I was just curious if anyone else had noted such similarities?

    • Al Kilyu says:

      It’s been so long since I read it, but I seem to remember it was based on a real life serial killer from the UK who was gay.

      Except for the UK part I could see that lololol

    • Neve says:

      @ Al: I’m about halfway through the novel at this point BUT I do have to wonder if there isn’t a well thumbed, rather sticky copy of it kicking around grandma’s basement. For instance, Andrew -the primary progatonist serial killer – can slow his metabolism down enough to appear clinically dead. Hasn’t Nick taken pictures of himself in an attempt to potray some ‘shockingly grim’ end?
      Andrew escapes from prison by faking his own death, even getting zipped up in a body bag at one point. BDSM sleep-sacks (those that don’t inflate anyways) resemble body bags very closely.
      Andrew is also flamingly yet represively gay AND HIV positive. All of his victims seem to be under 30 (possibly under 25 but as I said I’m only half through it) males in vulnrable circumstances. Nick targets emergent and or young authors and references HIV/AIDS in just about every single thing he has ever posted on-line (that I’ve seen so far).
      Just some food for thought.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Nicky’s reveal that he was specifically into bondage sleepsacks came out long after that book did. Granted the whole 10+ years he’s been online he seems to have taken dozens of pics of himself in them, but I don’t think she had that in mind.

      I do know a confirmed case of an author inserting Nicky into a story of his. After I read it I said “Hey is that HWSNBN?” and turns out I was right!

    • cussedness says:

      He does periodic cameos in my novels. Usually just long enough to get messily murdered.

  21. Vern says:

    Oh… This made me laugh. Nicky is legitimate! 😀

  22. CritGit says:

    It’s cleat why Nicky flies off the handle every time he encounters Mike.
    Nicky likes to portray himself as a target because he is a Christian and a Republican.
    Mike is both as well, yet doesn’t act like a nasty piece of shit, which shows Nicky up. He hates it. Every time he rants at Mike it is over being false or a hypocrite.

    But yes, he obviously has taken this acceptance as a sign of his legitamcy and has to proclaim it in his enemies’ faces. He is a writer you fuckers!!!!
    As has been said before, anyone who thinks Nicky is a good writer can’t be much of an editr. Or reader.
    I think the editor knows this, judging by how defensive he got.

  23. cussedness says:

    I may be wrong, but it looks like Nicky removed the reference to Flashing Swords from that post of his a few days ago after I complained to wordpress.

  24. Jenny says:

    Nicky’s latest blog entry at VF:

    The author photo is selected, contract signed and third person bio sent to The Dark Fiction Spotlight. Now I have to remember this is a contest magazine so that means I am up against a lot of other writers for the $50.00 prize, but there will be momentum from me coming via Withersin Magazine: Birth Issue. Stephen W. Roberts broke out the domain for the magazine so that’s a huge sign here.
    I am just curious if I could hold my own with the other contributors on the magazine. Stephen was impressed with my Writings From The Grave promo photo — he couldn’t believe I did that myself. That picture was done in October 2008 where I was breaking in my Starbury’s and wearing a green hoodie. I lost that hoodie in Sears but the lady recognized me from my website and knew the Gothic undertone I was going for so she picked out an oversized black pullover hoodie.
    I’ve worn pullover hoodies throughout my career with a flannel over them buttoned up to the neck (borrowing from the hip hop subculture a little bit there. The pictures that were my favorites came out of 2002 when I was doing my AuthorsDen profile sessions and the Diary-X journal. That journal was great for writers because they did the single entry, so it became an extention of Writings From The Grave.)
    My dark creative non-fiction been a staple of my career since the beginning, but I didn’t get noticed for it until the second volume first issue of Tales of the Talisman. I wanted to be different than other Goth writers as in I don’t do the frilly bullshit or wear the damn makeup; I am way too hairy to do the fishnet thing or the sleeves with the finger going through them. If anything I would wear leather fingerless gloves and a black watch cap (I always did the watch cap photo, those are my most famous in some ways. One artist captured a photo of mine in a paint as a gift; originally supposed to be accepted in a Goth mag for Among Shadows but they told me the story ran too long for the magazine.)

    Does he really think anyone cares about the details of what he was wearing, and why, and where he got it? Jeez.

  25. baupdeth says:

    What Pickles doesn’t know about is the numerous other SL/VF accounts I have that don’t post with.

    Also from facebook:

    New blog on talking about the story being accepted, which is below

    I am a writer whose been published with horror, Science Fiction, and with non-fiction. (My horror works can be somewhat controversial, and the anthology series I helm is TABLOID PURPOSES. I could see PETA on my ass for Ken Goldman’s story, but then again — the joke I have on PETA is one that will piss off animal rights. I am a carnivore and like my burgers, steak, and other meat.) I do have a progressive approach to writing horror fiction, but the Science Fiction will have a lot of my political views infused with it. It was easier to keep the political views out of horror, but Science Fiction gives more leeway to be political.

    I’ve been drawn to ghost stories for more than one reason, and the kind of thing I write in horror has a background in tradition. I read a lot of books by Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and Richard Matheson then a few books by authors who are buddies of mine from I sold work to Tales of the Talisman, Witherssin Magazine, and NSP Books. Want an idea what I write about send me an email, and I will send you the links to some work available online but a lot of the work I’ve been getting published is print exclusive material. I am one half of the writing team behind House of Spiders 3 but also the driving force behind it because Bite of the Spider and House of Spiders were the prequels I wrote.

    I couldn’t have done the novella without Marjanovic’s help and input. My work as a horror writer and as a non-fiction writer explores a real dark side to human nature as well as the paranormal, the horror work explores supernatural as far as ghosts and other nasty creatures. I get paid for creating some rather vicious monsters or exploring the private hell of people’s minds. What scares them in other words. The non-fiction stories range from health scares to full on ghost stories. Memoir of Cuba Road is just that, originally having a Pentacostal background added a deminsion when I went to write Gothic Horror – the fact I don’t include erotic content for a reason, takes away from the scares.

    I will publish a Christian writer who has a dark tendicites before publishing someone with an alternative sexual fringe. So if you write on the alternative sexual fringe — I am not your publisher. Everything I write seems to have an UN-PC slant on it — and sometimes will bring an in your face aspect to it. I am working on a non-fiction book about being a writer who was harassed most of my teen years and how it developed into the horror style that is my signature throw down style.

    Tabloid Purposes IV is currently available for purchase for those who want old school horror fiction without the guilt. I’ve been running the series now for almost four years but managed to get four books out in that short time — then I got another anthology which will be a promotional. You must be a legit promoter if you want information on when that will be finished. I also got Tabloid Purposes: Book Five available now and will publish a fiction mag that specializes in horror without the erotic content. If you want the guidelines how to sumbit to the magazine, check the blog on here. I will also write for ever now and then. The fifth TABLOID PURPOSES is now available on for purchase as a trade paperback format. I also helm a magazine which publishes horror, Science fiction and true stories. The guidelines for the magazine will be tossed up on the blog.

  26. Mike Brendan says:

    Looks like somebody pulled a prank on me in Vampire Freaks on the forum pages… I have an Icon and slogan I do not what…

    Time to talk to a mod…

    • Lewis says:

      They pulled the same one on me, I’d laugh if I hadn’t been leaving him be on there for a while.

      I think I might actually delete my VF account, there are some good people there but I just can’t be bothered with all the drama right now.

    • Rusty says:

      It was probably a mod who did it. One of them looks like she’s about 12.

    • Lewis says:

      And I deleted my VF account, if I do actually miss the place I might make a new one at some point but I kind of doubt I will.

  27. M says:


    small press clinic (R-rated version
    June 20, 2010, 02:30pm

    Some of you know me as one of the most notorious small presses in the business because I refuse to kiss any ass to the others. Some are going around claiming that they “own” the imprint that I still have sole ownership to. Well I am not the only small press operator but my profile grew because I submitted out to other publications while operating my imprint. My career as an editor started in 1997 when I was running a venue on and people used to send me their stories for the venue. I almost started a magazine back then with the GLS that I became rather infamous for, the e-zine days were in 2000-2002 when I co-ran with David St. John (aka DJ Pulse) then in 2004 I became the co-editor of The House of Pain E-Zine.

    I toyed with the idea of being a publisher in 2003 but I didn’t have the website that would publish a book at yet. One thing with doing a small press is that you want to decide on the kind of books you want to run (novels, anthologies, short story collections, or a magazine) then decide who you want to market it to. I specialize in publishing traditional horror and modern science fiction out of the box then eventually spanned out to Gothic Literary Fiction and Urban Fantasy, but I’ve been publishing non-fiction since year one. I’ve seen the essays and crap from those who are saying about writing full-time, but they don’t tell you crap about being a small press operator.

    If you’re working full time and doing this part time, then you have something to work with in terms of your budget. This should allow you to get copies of your titles if you run them with or (I opt working with because they allow multiple .pdf uploads for one title.) I found Lake Fossil Press for the anthology that would become the flagship of the imprint, called Tabloid Purposes, I published five of these so far and planning the sixth and seventh at the same time. I was feeling my way around the place when I first published the first book and was using a program called Altantis Ocean Mind to edit the book, and it didn’t turn out to well – not to my liking.

    Despite some faker saying he’s the “editor-in-chief” and operating via as his source of operations releasing bogus covers of the titles of the planned anthology and the future issue of the magazine. But I will give you some tools that will help you make your imprint a success or at least a contender against the mass market counterparts. I use the program Open Office for editing and typesetting the anthologies, solo projects, or the magazine. This bogus “editor-in-chief” is saying he is distributing stories that I wrote and not available anywhere for “e-ARCs” or I distributed the story to anyone for that matter, and this is a bad practice of sending unfinished projects for review. I’ve seen people create malicious websites with “domains” of my imprints and magazine (I have three imprints, but one of them has a website that I created..)

    One thing that I barred was sexual content of any kind – actually developed the famous house rules on the magazine meaning I didn’t want any smut going into the publication. I have library support from two libraries with one title. I been the bane of hatred among certain circles because I am driven by my principles and with those I wanted to do publications that I would even read as a fan. That is the big thing with running a small press, you have to be a fan of what your publish and think like a fan while you’re thinking like an editor. I treat my contributors like friends and will promote them post the publication they appear in mine. Some people say that I would be unprofessional, but they don’t understand that I have a particular charm that pisses people off – I am not trying to kiss up to anyone in the industry, I didn’t get here by playing by the rules.

    Some will like what you do, while others will step on your back every step of the way. When the doors try to slam on you, kick them open and hold them open. I published mainly writers who were web-published, self-published or underpublished in some form. They’ve seen some moderate success behind them in some form. Some on the latter line ups actually been published famously with Stephen King on an anthology and eventually would go on to Arkham House Publishers then even after they get published with them, they come back. That means you’re doing something right if they come back for another publication of yours. It shows you have loyalty among the contributors.

    One thing I learned in this business as a publisher is this, people will talk and try to do things that screw with your business such as write stories as your relatives or create a domain of the one publication on your imprint then chase your posts with their bogus domain. Or they use some bullshit website like Encyclopedia Dramatica or to smear your name and company – one thing about them is to ask, “What have you really accomplished in your life? You’re what in your thirties getting praised for writing Fan Fiction with characters you don’t own.”

    That is up there with someone creating bogus stories with your titles and releases to mislead someone of the real thing – and that is something I traded a dialog with to the admin of a forum seeing what they were doing was tasteless, and the sad thing is there are other publishers who do this. They hate what your doing so they would post libelous tags of your books where you publish with (I.E. “Gay Troll In The Basement” or “true Story Of a Gay Midget”) then they would pass the “Parody” off as the real title or the planned anthology project.

    I’ve seen this in some form happen to one of my mentors in the business when one of his contributors got greedy. They would bully the publisher into wanting more money when they don’t know the publishers budget in terms of publishing a book (especially when working with places that are free to publish the book but they have to pay for their own copies. This is the case with many of the people who’ve published me in magazines because they would work with Booksurge to publish the magazine or the anthology. Many of us know each other because we worked with each other’s writers and we’re comparing notes about the writer we’ve ran. A few of my writers from the magazine out of the box are doing novels now and looking for publishers of their own.)

    The small press is like a small town because you eventually know each other in some way, especially since you get to know the writers via the TOC, and small press titles can work as currency in some cases. As in using a book to pay for another book, as one of my friends did when we traded for each other’s titles. Some small press operators appeal to a target audience (a fringe culture of some kind. As in they would publish Alt. Romance or Erotica while others, like mine, won’t even look at such stories. It really varies from publisher to publisher in terms of whatever they’re looking for. If they respond to you like they just got fist-fucked because they find your submission Guidelines too offensive, then you’re doing something right.)

    The stories published in a small press will vary from publisher to publisher – some publishing imprints are as unique as the owner running it, each one has their own house rules in terms what they seek.. Not every small press is alike. So you want to jump in the fire, be sure to give your imprint a cool name (Sorry, Lake Fossil Press and Broken Mindframe Books are taken by me.)

    Create an e-,mail address for your submissions and then build your presence so people can see your first submission call. – then you must decide what you want in terms of short stories (word counts and all of that fun shit.) The fun begins when you actually get the submissions then start accepting the stories and finally go to press – when you see that first galley proof of your anthology.

    Seeing it as a galley proof, it should mean you accomplished something. When you build the archetype for what you want, that will give your respective project a backbone. Don’t be scared to challenge the writer with the GLS, but don’t go over the line when putting the submission call out there, but there are Gothic anthologies out there and no anthology is alike.

    The end result is something you’d be picking up the finished book and reading the thing on the commute. IF you have the artist to work with or the photographer, then you’ll be ahead of the game if you got the right tools and the fonts to play with. If you’re working with TriScape (FxFoto) the program responds to HTML commands like a website – but be prepared to do a lot of print screen with parts of the cover if you want to give it a cool filter effect.

    Edited by: LAKEFOSSIL at June 20, 2010, 03:41pm

  28. Al Kilyu says:

    My favorite part is how he makes it sound like people writing stories while pretending to be your relatives comes with the territory LOL

    “One thing I learned in this business as a publisher is this, people will talk and try to do things that screw with your business such as write stories as your relatives”

    Yeah Rad Bradbury used to write stories pretending to be Stephen King’s mom all the time, while Peter Straub wrote a Carrie parody while pretending to be King’s grandma.

    Happens allll the time 😀

  29. baupdeth says:

    facebook whining about mom throwing up a bunch of stupid pictures of his…. biggest complaint is of the Medieval Times one. He is worried that his publishers were going to see it.

    CRAP — mom’s pulled out blackmail pictures. What if the publishers were to see those? [[[[CENSORED]]]]]

  30. Rusty says:

    This is hilarious. Click on the link at the bottom to see the Nickster’s metal collection. It’s not exactly extensive, and most of the bands he babbles about aren’t listed.

    • He only had TEN CDs. Oh, I laughed hard.

      But since I have well over a thousand albums, I think I have the right to laugh at the little poseur!

    • Rusty says:

      I’m pretty sure I’ve got more than 10 CDs from metal bands, plus more than that on vinyl, and I don’t even listen to metal very often.

    • 50 Foot Ant says:

      10 albums? I had 10 goddamn albums back when I had to mow lawns to get the money for them.

      Shit, I had 10 8-track tapes!

      The more I find out about him, the more pathetic he is.

    • Jenny says:

      @Ant: LOL. I remember 8-tracks. Does that date me? BTW, I have a really funny story about an 8-track tape, a dishwasher, and too many drinks one Fourth of July in a cabin near Lake Tahoe….

    • baupdeth says:

      I had albums, cassette tapes, and cd’s. Never personally had an 8 track, although I have seen them and or physically touched them.

      Worst album(s) in my collection: Urban Chipmunk when I was 7 or 8 (I wanted to be a cowboy shut up) and Purple Rain. Twice.

      (Do they make suicide smilies?)

    • Rusty says:

      I skipped the whole 8-track thing, and went from reel-to-reel to cassette. Reel-to-reel worked fine for recording off the radio, but most of the pre-taped music for that format was classical. Still have my turntable and cassette deck, along with the receiver and CD deck.

  31. baupdeth says:

    In a previous life, i.e., high school student / bum, which was 20 + years ago, I used to use (?) Teac reel to reels for news editing at our radio station. We had three cart machines, one which was labeled ‘Cart Destroyer’ for the fact it ate carts; which are about the same size as a 8 track, two cassette decks, two Technics turntables and a Sony cd player.

    • Rusty says:

      My dad had one of those huge Teac decks. The reel-to-reel player I had was about the size of your average portable cassette player, circa 1965 or so, and was a Sony. That thing, and a transistor AM/FM radio made it through summer camp for several years.

    • baupdeth says:

      Back when electronics were made out of tubes and transistors, could take a fall and keep working.

      Two of my cousin’s who are/were amateur musicians had reel to reels as well.

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