Nicky Suspended from VF

He must have gone whining to one too many admins.

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55 Responses to Nicky Suspended from VF

  1. Mike Brendan says:

    About damn time. Maybe my ban will get lifted…

  2. M says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  3. autoaim.cfg says:

    I guess this means more Shocklines insanity for the next couple of days then, eh? ;D

  4. Mike Brendan says:

    I wonder after the ban expires he’ll a) forget his password or b) complain at the admins for the temp ban…

  5. Mike Brendan says:

    On VF? Last I checked I’m still banned from the message boards there… which is fine.

  6. PG says:

    ‘With Teeth’ asked me to pass along the following: “Thought I’d come out of retirement for a few hours and show you kids how it’s done. You’re welcome.” And then he asked me to post a smiley face so everyone knows he’s kidding, so… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. baupdeth says:

    Muwahahah…. what had happened to cause this catastrophe?

  8. PG says:

    Wonder if Nicky knows about the title for Keene’s next novel yet? (not that it’s related to any of this, of course).

  9. 50 Foot Ant says:

    I don’t understand why he thinks he should be exempt from the rules, and yet scream that the rules should be enforced against anyone he wants.

    I’d love to just see him on a forum where people can beat him to death, with no rules, nobody to protect him, and where he doesn’t have any special targeting.

  10. Al Kilyu says:

    From the mod on his profile
    “Do you still have the old blog with the poems on just to confirm you wrote them first?”

    I can’t see her profile…is he whining about copyrights, or is she wondering if he’s that psychotic against gays?

    Above hers
    “Dude, I don’t even know you, WTF is your problem?”

    Oh you. Nicky.

    • Rusty says:

      He did whine about copyright violations on the deleted thread he started in which someone posted two of his poems, with due credit, of course. Whether he also complained about it directly to the admin/mod, I don’t know.

    • cussedness says:

      I keep thinking about Stephen Roberts and his statements about not being a homophobe, yet he can publish someone (Nicky) who writes poems about killing gays.

      That, to me, is an act of hypocrisy on the part of Stephen Roberts.

      I took his little email apart on my rant blog.

    • baupdeth says:

      โ€œDude, I donโ€™t even know you, WTF is your problem?โ€
      “Oh you. Nicky”

      Giggle. (Meekly raises hand from the back of the class)

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Poor Nicky, not being able to access his profile for a few days.

      What if some nefarious trolls logged out of their current account, used anonymous proxies then set up new fake accounts, then left unwanted messages on his page? If people left pictures of him with other men and YouTube videos of his books burning, he wouldn’t able to remove them until he was allowed to return!!

      His comments section could fall into chaos!!

    • No one special says:

      Just went and had a look at his profile. Looks like he got an extra day on his suspension. Wonder if it’s because he threw a tantrum about the three days.

    • baupdeth says:

      Ha, that’s a really, really, really wonderful idea.

    • Jenny says:

      I just looked at his profile, too, and it still says banned until June 23 in my browser.

      Anyway, so why do others get a week long ban for supposedly harassing Nicky, and Nicky only gets a 2 day ban for harassing multiple users?

      Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…

    • baupdeth says:

      When I checked on the lake fossil one as of a minute ago it shows this:

      This User Has Been Suspended
      by VF Admin for: seriously? you bitch about ppl giving you a hard time but yet you leave nasty comments?
      Until Jun 24, 2010

      And Peaches replied to the WriterFace one about 10 minutes ago.

  11. Rusty says:

    If Nicky keeps up like this, he may find himself banned from another forum. Note the whiny, ludicrous claim of his that “This thread incites harassment.” I think he meant “induces” rather than “incites.” It induced him to harass Jenny, for everyone to see first hand.

    This page is a shortcut to his replies on all threads, not just Jenny’s warning.

    • Jenny says:

      I’m staying polite over there – in part because I think it’s the right way to convince people and in part because it drives Nicky crazy.

    • Rusty says:

      Right you are. Besides, true to form, he wasted no time giving a demonstration.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      I’m just waiting for the long absence follow by a blog post saying his computer crashed — because he kicked it repeatedly during a temper tantrum.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      Is dat sum burning books in Robert’s picture? ๐Ÿ˜€

      And right you are, Jenny. Best way to show people he’s a monster.

    • baupdeth says:


      Yes it is, with a bonus quote from Ray Bradbury.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      ” I just write the damn story and let the characters develop themselves, and sometimes the story will write itself (this is what’s happening with the novella I am working on. This was driven by a few beefs I had with other magazines and editors over the years.) I like writing the anti-hero type character when I go for the character development.”

      I’m utterly shocked to learn Nicky does zero character or plot development before writing! And that he inserts people he has a beef with into his stories that he punishes in a Mary Sue-esc way!

      Next he’s going to say that the anti-hero character is written after himself!

    • baupdeth says:

      Well I’ve added to this.

      autoaim, I had to include a University in Finland for my reply, and Ivan Doroschuk, he’s the lead singer from Men Without Hats, aka the Safety Dance song from the mid 80’s.

      Also if you can get a screen grab, I gots a funny feeling it might get baleeted…

    • Jenny says:

      I just read your post. ROFL!!! And… that post pushed the thread onto the front page of WriterFace. It’s much more prominent now. You win the Internet for today!

    • SirOtter says:

      I would be interested in buying this work on hats. I own several fedoras, an Australian Akubra, a deerstalker, and numerous other hats and caps of all types. I am very fond of hats, and date the beginning of the fall of Western Civilization to when men stopped wearing hats as part of their daily wardrobe.

    • Rusty says:

      Generally, I look ridiculous in hats, but I have an Akubra that I love. My straw Stetson’s a close second. Baseball hats look really goofy on me.

    • Jenny says:

      I’ve got a floppy straw hat that I wear when I’m outside doing yard work, and I always wear a baseball cap when I run (can’t stand sweat or hair in my eyes), but otherwise I’m not really a hat person.

    • cussedness says:

      I have always been big for leather biker caps. My daughter always appropriated them when we lived together. She also looked better in them than I did. lol.

      But then with that wealth of curly blond hair, I think any hat she wore would look terrific on her.

  12. khkoehler says:

    Just be sure to get your JPG folders marked ‘men_kissing’ and ‘unicorns’ nice and full and ready for when the Shocklines posts start. Always be prepared.

  13. baupdeth says:

    I guess Peaches went to where I have a profile and left me little presents, kind of like kisses of chocolate on hotel pillows.

    “~nickolaus 2 days ago
    Enjoy your vacation from asshole — and the asshole on isn’t the editor in chief of Lake Fossil Press. I didn’t distribute that story to anyone at all. So the fucker is lying about them being “review” copies.”

    My reply


    Thank you. I actually am enjoying my vacation from VF, although your permanent one is a hell of a lot better, and fitting. I’ve been in contact with AngryInIllinois regarding a couple of stories that I have been working on, and I have a feeling they are going to be smashing. With regards to the VF board, the quality of the posts have improved significantly since you, and your greasy fingered stench of unwashed ass and failure have left.

    I’ve been able to try on numerous hats, which admittedly I have been neglecting to do. See I have a job, and I am a father, and a husband. So unlike you, I actually have priorities and responsibilities.

    I’ll be back on Friday, can’t wait to post where you aren’t at.


    BTW I love the picture of you with the leather gimp outfit. Classy.

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