194 thoughts on “Nicky Suspended Again from VF

  1. He *so* deserved at after the comments he’s left on my profile as well as those of baupdeth and DownWithPVC (and possibly others).

    We three have all publicly posted back on our profiles telling him to leave us alone, in some cases multiple times. I’m just glad somebody (kudos to Al) got the mods to look at all those postings.

  2. Bwahahaah


    This is for LakeFossil and his followers/trolls/etc.

    We really DO NOT care what your beef with each other is, what goes on at other forums you are all on, or what the drama is about, as long as it stays OFF of VF and the forums here. Keep your drama and your highschool name calling bullshit OFF of here or it will buy everyone involved a nice little time out or full account removal.


    READ THE RULES!! *esp. those posting links to their works instead of their actual works*

    None of you are endearing yourself to the Admins and Mods of this forum or the site.

    • Yeah, well this time it was Nicky who kept bringing drama from the outside in there.

      Heck someone kept begging him to stop leaving such harassing emails yesterday, but the more they begged him, the more he left!!


    • You know how reverse psychology stops working after someone reaches the age of 11 or 12? Nicky hasn’t reached that stage yet.

    • And . . . if any of those mods bring their drama over to my blog, it’ll be a toss-up whether I bust a gut laughing at them, or figuratively boot their fool asses clear into the East River for annoying the chupacabra. Hell, they love drama — as long as they create it. I prefer to rubberneck at the scene, but, hey.

    • Nicky’s “weakness” is when someone else shows it ie if someone shows fear or asks of his mercy. Ever notice most of the Wall of Shames have emails from people apologizing to him, begging him to not put them up?

    • Well they haven’t exactly endeared themselves to me either. There are some good people there, but way too much drama for my taste.

  3. Um, Nicky should be more than suspended from a website after what he left Mike.

    I could believe that Nicky wasn’t inferring rape, but still totally unacceptable.

    “You violated my copyrights you piece of shit! You are not authorized to post this. I should be tracking you down and kicking your ass for that one then after I kicked your ass I will fuck your wife in front of you. You’re raping my copyrights you fucking prick. And two — I will not publish that abomination you call a novella. That’s my fucking title I wrote you plagiarizing PRICK.”

    Especially since he mentions the wording “raping” right after he said that about Mike’s wife (Mike haz a wife?)

    • What I want to know is where Nicky got this latest obsession of his. He’s now threatening the wives (imaginary or otherwise) of every straight (maybe) male he confronts and bragging about fucking their wives or having naked lady pics of said wives.

      What with this?

      It’s brand new. Either someone suggested it to him or he recently saw something similar in a movie.

    • You mean a certain cancer-faking mentor?

      I wouldn’t be surprised. Nicky has always attempted to bully women and degrade men, but this is the first I’ve seen him use sex as an aggressive thing. After all, this is the guy who has avoided it for almost a decade and is obsessed about not reading or writing about it.

    • It’s classic Nicky, if you think about it. Remember when he accused anyone who had a deceased relative of fucking that person’s corpse or ashes? When he finds out that someone has a wife, he imagines himself getting busy with that person. Dead relative = corspe fucking. Wife = rape. Same theme, really. It’s all just penis envy.

    • Nicky boy is just jealous that everyone but him is getting some because he knows a woman would have to be blind drunk or paid more than he makes in a year to sleep with him. :p

  4. If Nick actually followed through on that plan and was consistent with his assertion that his male detractors were gay, that’d mean he’d have to suck a whole mess o’ cock in between fights.

  5. Apparently investigating someone who makes a shambles of the comments section on my blog and insults me on Jenny’s blog constitutes stalking.

    Stephen sent you a message.
    Stephen W. Roberts
    Stephen W. RobertsJune 29, 2010 at 6:38pm
    Re: You’re a fraud
    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    I’m 22-years-old, first off. I never said I was in college and I don’t want or have anything to do with your blogs or Pacione.

    It’s all behind me and I’ll ask you to stop stalking me, for I have not been to your blogs since the day I tried to explain the situation with the magazine.

    Never before or since.

  6. “I apposed to Gay Marriage even back during those years because my ex-aunt left my uncle for another woman and a woman left me for another woman.”

    >”I apposed”

    So, if Nicky and his uncle (who looks like the “Have you seen my thtapler?” guy from Office Space) were to have lost their women to heterosexual men, they’d hate all straight people?

    Also, Nicky is obsessed with losing one woman. Were he able to attract them he would have moved on and forgotten about her ages ago. Were he someone that could attract women he wouldn’t obsess about two of them like he’s doing over there. He basically is saying he bases his political party choice on two women, and that’s just sad.

    • And no group on earth would have you, Hi, that’s why you have to pretend to be your own friends.

      Rusty can see your IP address, idiot.

    • Wait, wasn’t that girl who “left” Nicky a long time ago always a lesbian, and she never bothered to tell him anything about that until she met her girlfriend?

      On that note, I firmly believe that Nicky is convinced that these two women just “chose” to “turn gay” out of the blue one day, which may be why he once told Raingod to “get himself a woman and stop acting like a woman”. In Pacione’s world, sexual orientation is a back and forth choice, kind of like what color shirt you choose to wear that day.

    • My understanding about that was that, yes, she was always a lesbian, and never mentioned it to Nicky. She never was his girlfriend, but he thought she was, probably because she didn’t immediately tell him to piss off. Didn’t he send her money at one time?

      Remember how excited Nicky was that he was going to have a “hot date” for the weekend of GothicFest 2007? The “date” never thought it was a date, but didn’t know about Nickypoo yet. She briefly met him, got all creeped out, and then the kind folks at Indiana Horror Writers filled her in about him at their next meeting.

    • Has the same whiney tone.

      Also, how is Jenny’s blog being talked all over the internet a bad thing, but any press for the mag is good?

      This really is the same old bullshit – start shit, lose, bitch and cry and say this is just helping the real bad guy.

    • Every one of these fools folks who starts shit like this thinks he or she is the only one to ever come up with such a brilliant plan. It’s getting really stale, but that’s what you get from a bunch of kids.

    • We’ve found at least one lolcow and their milk (tears) are what sustain trolls like myself. However I find them boring already.

      Janrae’s guess of 14 years old has to be right, because no adult whines like that. Nicky whines but he at least attacks while he does. Sad when someone makes Nicky look masculine.

    • I highly doubt my little blog is being talked about much of anywhere besides here and where Nicky whines about it. I just don’t (usually) get that much traffic, which is fine by me.

      And Jeez, that girl is illiterate, isn’t she?

    • we haven’t seen the last of her, Jenny. She over at my blog now.

      She has a fading forum and loser novel and a blog talk radio show.

      And she figures that her creds are therefore much greater than mine are.

    • On her website, she claims she gets 4000 hits a week, and is offering advertising space on it.

      House of Horror gets on average 4000 hits a week.

      Want to advertise your book, website, artwork with us?

      Click here to find out how.

      This blog gets that much in a slow week, but lately, it’s been racking up those sort of page load numbers every couple of days. And, that’s excluding my own page loads.

      Her site isn’t exactly impressive, and those magazine covers look like they were done by a fifth grader. Who on earth would want to advertise there?

    • I don’t give a roach’s rear who Cox is, but her site is the most horrific thing I’ve seen – and that’s not a compliment!

  7. Meanwhile, Nicky is trying to parrot Angry’s professional demenor on Angry’s profile

    ” I know you came here to attack me so I am not going to take the bait. Try that somewhere else.”

    ” That company is not yours — do you have a site to publish those leftist abominations of yours? No. So kindly keep your attacks off this website. I am not going to let you turn this perfectly good site into your personal cesspool like writerface.com.

  8. Alf Alf, he’s covered in hair.
    Alf Alf, he really does care.
    Alf Alf, he’s a cool guy.
    Alf Alf, he’s better than Fry.
    Alf Alf, watch him kick ass.
    Alf Alf, just watch for that grass.

  9. I have a theory that Nitwits are like Guilala, the X from Outer Space. You shoot them and they break apart, then little Nitwits grow from them. In this way, they can never be truly defeated.



    I’m willing to bet all the complaints really did it, along with his calling everyone Al-Queda operatives.

    I guess now he’s stuck with that conservative spot. HAHAHAHA!

    • Aw man! Some of his funniest shit was on there! Like every one of his reactions to Angry’s covers start with “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!” and all the other lulzy things.

    • OoOoOoh he blesses us with a free read of Witches Party with this at the bottom of it

      ” This story is one that I wrote between writing GAME OVER and some of the columns I was offered for another magazine. I wanted to give a little more backstory for what would become some of the stories on Writings From The Grave, but this would end up being a story to tell within itself. I told it briefly in 1999 as a journal entry on the website, but when I sat down to write this on Atlantis Ocean Mind it came about fairly quick — about an hour and a half. I sent it to Withersin — they opted not to use it. It got accepted to an e-zine, which the editors used my name as a pawn to get back at a magazine they will forever be in the shadow of. Some troll did a google cache of the e-zine and found the story with the shitty formatting and leaked it to a snarky blog that reviewed an unfinished and pirated version of GAME OVER. The blogger plagiarized a lot of my characters to mock me on the blog. So I am offering reprint rights to the highest bidder or the right magazine wanting to run it. I thought I would present this in a way as it would appear on my manuscripts using a new tag I picked up from Steven Rage, so you can read it on black and white text on AuthorsDen.”

      Highest bidder? On a story that’s online for free? Where nothing happens? And is that short?

    • After all that, he puts the story out for free on the web. Okay, dumbass, if it gets slammed and critiqued, you can no longer accuse anyone of piracy. You gave your shitty little story away.

    • Ben, maybe it’s his new signature.

      Instead of “Yours truly” he’s trying to write “Yours fucking stupid,” which is accurate at least.

  11. Someone claiming to be Lloyd Phillip Campbell just sent me an angry email.

    Even though it’s an email, “Lloyd” indents his paragraphs with about five spaces, just like Nicky. He also claims my covers are “utter crap” just like he said they were on my writerface page, which I would show you had someone not gotten him banned from there. He also asks questions without question marks and a lot of other Nicky type things. Enjoy.

    your claims of me
    Wednesday, June 30, 2010 12:52 AM
    “Lloyd Phillip Campbell”
    Add sender to Contacts
    Who said I’ve written a story called Unicorn Chimera or gave the quote on the back of your abominations that you call titles. Those pictures aren’t me, I don’t even do pictures online even for Nick’s mag. Nick is the publisher of Lake Fossil Press as far as I am concerned and you’re making a mockery of the company that launched me as a writer. How dare you burn the magazine that had published my story “The Thing In The Truck Stop” and those are the kind of stories I write.
    I read somewhere that Nick never made a loan out on Lake Fossil Press, and I believe that because what I read of Pacione is that he never makes loans on anything. If I submit something it won’t be to you. It will be to Nick, and I will lobby to support Nick’s leadership on Lake Fossil Press because I understand it’s his brainchild. I caught wind of the things you said about me on WriterFace.com, I am clearly not gay. I am not moving to Florida anytime soon, and I am happy at home in Bollingbrook with my lady.
    I read what you did along with another with one of Nick’s unflnished novellas, and that’s rather crummy and unprofessional. Why would you go offering a pirated copy of a novella that Pacione is working on, and I will not approve of the rewrites that your abomination are trying to do. I’ve seen the covers and they are utter crap. Apparently you got someone from Twilight Sucks helping you with the graphic design work, and you clearly didn’t get permission to get all the homo pictures for the covers so how the hell are you going to clear that for press, if they find out that you’re putting those out they will be lynching you and I will be in line for that o happen.
    I prefer to keep my submission arrangement with Pacione than see you turn his company into an abomation that neither Pacione or I approve of. I’ve also seen that you were trying to do this on a message board where Nick frequents trying to get the submissions for his magazine, why would you go and sabotage that on him? I read that the submissions are still open until August and I will believe that. I noticed how your contributor is harassing would be contributors to the real magazine and contributing the actual artwork for the magazine on lulu.com. Are you really going to stifle that because of what Nick or I believe? If you really call yourself a Conservative, you wouldn’t be turning Nick’s operation into a sodomite pub.

    • I guess you are the one who is taking a video camera into movie theaters to e-pirate the imprints which I can not begin to describe.



    • Oh, Lloyd, honey. Don’t believe everything you read. After all, I read your wife was fine with you having a girlfriend, Kelly Thompson, on the side. I also thought Bolingbrook was spelled with only one ell. Goes to show that just because it’s in print . . .

    • Why would you go offering a pirated copy of a novella that Pacione is working on, and I will not approve of the rewrites that your abomination are trying to do.

      Nicky Lloyd, why would you be in charge of approving edits to Nicky’s work? As he’s stated many times, he runs a one-man show.

    • I just loaded some Skittles in my mouth when I saw how Rusty started that sentence after that quote, I started lol’ing so hard I choked on them! :O

      Nicky has a very unhealthy obsession with Lloyd, similar to an abusive partner being overly controlling of their partner and the jealousy is so out of control they won’t let them talk to anyone.

    • “Who said I’ve written a story called Unicorn Chimera or gave the quote on the back of your abominations that you call titles.”
      Anyone got a spare question mark handy?

      “I read somewhere that Nick never made a loan out on Lake Fossil Press, and I believe that because what I read of Pacione is that he never makes loans on anything.”

      Why would there be anything on Nicky not taking out loans on the net? That line makes it sound like this contributor has done some research, and hence found factual evidence to disprove this theory.

      As ever, Nicky loves his own bullshit.

  12. I have reason to believe that a) Stephen Roberts met Nicky in 07 b) Stephen Roberts developed wanna bee pro status and got ugly with Steven Marshall.

    Back stop me here. But it looks like Roberts was banned from SNM. His old stuff like his bio is still up there, but he’s not otherwise there.

    On the basis of what I could discover about Marshall, I must say that it is a very small world. He’s had run-ins with a lot of the same people we have, including Iron Dave.

    Horror whore is just an opportunist, not having a stronger connection than listening to Roberts bleat about how terrible we are.

    Staci has yet to put in an appearance.

    Nicky is still friends with Roberts. He’s angry at Marshall for rejecting him. It’s the same old tune he sang with Kaolin at GUD.

    He seems to be forming the same kind of attachment to Roberts that he formed with Dagstine.

    • Horror whore is just an opportunist, not having a stronger connection than listening to Roberts bleat about how terrible we are.

      That’s what I thought. It certainly explains her plastering herself all over Jenny’s comments, then claiming her name/company was being mentioned there, as an excuse for her appearance.

  13. Nicky paid a little visit to Ant’s blog in order to comment on the Game Over review.

    ” Hey pigfucker. GAME OVER isn’t even done, and the finished version will be published by LAKE FOSSIL PRESS and one thing about Lake Fossil Press is this, I AM LAKE FOSSIL PRESS. Who gave you access to the stolen novella you al queda piece of shit. You don’t know the ending and there is no way in hell you’re going to know until the real Ethereal Gazette gets published and no it won’t be that shitty abomination of a cover that coward in Morris uses.”

  14. Reading his latest WP entry, I started to read the paragraph that started out:

    “”The Don’t Publish Pacione” conspiracy started with a media black out post on a now dead website, I guess the domain didn’t like what Dan Fox and his slut were doing to the name of authors in the small press they didn’t like.”

    I kind of zoned out as I read the next couple of sentences, then came to to read:

    “I came to the conclusion that Obama is approaching the BP suitation all wrong.”

    WHAT? How does the first sentence lead to the second?

    At least he seems to have stopped calling his stories “yarns.” That drove me up the wall. There’s nothing more appropriate to a horror story than that word. It makes me think of kittens playing. Awww.

    • I saw that and lol’d myself.

      Someone accused him of not really being a conservative, so that was his attempt to show he’s into politics and just happens to be the side of that board.

      That board, which he’s trying to rally to go after his enemies.

      But it was just so hilarious how he threw that in like that and said nothing along those lines before or after it XD

  15. I have to quote this by Phil on Ant’s blog as I just loved it.

    “Was wondering how long it’d take Nicky to draw the Al-Qaeda comparison, because, you know, it’s really obvious. After all, members of Al-Qaeda are known for their religious intolerance, shitty beards and making poorly shot videos in which they threaten people with vengeance, which is…

    … oh, wait.”

    Fried gold, sir.

  16. Still yammering away on the Conservative site.

    ” The reason I was angry with the xx-grilfriend was I learned she had a abortion before (her family wanted her to have an abortion with my son) and that was why her body responded as having the son three months early. keep the insults off this website Mathews. I am pro-life because I was a teen prenancy. My reasons for subscribing to Conservativism are very personal reasons.”

    • http://rightlyconservative.ning.com/profiles/comment/list?attachedToType=User&attachedTo=0q4j7e1iy0dlr&commentId=4111385%3AComment%3A6665&xg_source=activity

      Interesting, Nicky started yammering away on AII’s conservative profile and the admin responded with this.

      ” Nick, I’m not sure that you can make “moral” judgments for another person. Morals are a system of conduct and ethics that is virtuous. Many priests advocate for the humane charitable giving/helping of EVERY person regardless of sexual orientation. The morality system is quite subjective, frankly. And personally, I believe there is a HUGE chasm between helping people and “subscribing to the homosexual agenda.” Like I said before, I don’t believe the majority of homosexuals have an agenda beyond wanting equal treatment under the law, which our constitution demands. I’m a firm believer that religion should not dictate public policy. Gov’t does not have the option of discrimination under our constitution.

      Homosexual activists are the exception to the rule when it comes to the mentality & beliefs of the average individual that has homosexual tendencies.”

      Of course the right to free speech stops the minute you disagree with her stance on her beloved Tea Party and provide evidence to support your opinion, but it will be interesting to see how this goes.

      Also from Nicky “mocking something that’s been established for six years and ran like a tight ship”.

    • From Nickster doodles:

      “I don’t agree with abortion in any way Matthews. I believe it’s murder in any form. I wrote a story where I have an abortion doctor finding God then kills himself because he’s haunted by the guilt of killing the unborn. I find abortion being murder in any way — I do believe the mentally ill have a right to raise their young. I got fucked out of parenthood by the state because they used my creative outlets to throw the child abuse accusations at me (the family of the mother were responsible for that.)

      I convinced my ex-fiancee to keep the baby when she was carrying him. I adopted him out because of my mental health was going to hell fighting to get him back, if I kept fighting I would became an alcoholic. I believe if they don’t want the baby, they should give them up for adoption than commit murder in the name of “it’s my body” argument. I read about her having an abortion as I found out about the paperwork about her when we were fighting for the case of our son. The DHS used my website to screw me out of parenthood. So they were dangling my parental rights in front of me like a horse with a carrot.

      I am a passionate pro-life cause because I am the result of a teen pregnancy so I often find myself wanting to speak to teenagers about the subject, especially when they are expecting a kid — I would ask them why the hell would they want to have a kid when they are a kid themselves. I will tell them that abortion is never an answer to getting rid of a life.

    • *ahem* I dig the Tea Party myself sir. >:/ Don’t believe everything our media says about them. Here in Oregon one of the Oregon Tea Party’s leaders is oh so very gay, which helps to shatter another myth about us.

      I notice Nicky is obsessing over someone named Otep? He always finds someone to worship and quote all the time…years ago it was Trench, there were many in between and now…Otep.

    • The problem (well, one of them, anyway) with Nicky’s heroes is that most people have to Google them to have a clue who they are. That sort of defeats the purpose of citing them as authorities on whatever’s being discussed.

    • And Nicky is very very wrong and stupid as usual. My son was born 3 months early due a defect that is likely that I’ve had my whole life that makes it unlikely that I will ever carry a child to term without a simple fix. I know that from tests for a study they did with woman who had premature children I took a year after my son was born to look into possible reasons why he was premature.

    • Pickles

      “The only reason I can’t own a firearm is because of my mental health status, if I wasn’t Bipolar Type II — I would be owning a small pistol and go pistol shooting with some of my friends. If I was able to hold down a job I wouldn’t be flipping burgers at a fast food joint. My occupation is a publisher and an author and I write horror fiction. The author, Lloyd Phillip Campbell, writes Gothic Horror with Conservative social commentary. I publihsed this author. My blogs deal with the publishing industry and the entertainment industry because those are my fields of work. I am self-employed and work from my desk. I operate my imprint from my desktop and a library computer. They used a bs claim of chld abuse — it was later unfounded. So my motivation of getting published in wider places is so he can find me when he turns 18 — after all I was just 23 years old when I had to adopt him out. I was too young to be a father at the time, and I was trapped into the pregnancy — she lied about being on birth control.”

    • My blogs deal with the publishing industry and the entertainment industry . . .

      No, Peaches. Your many blogs are nothing but whinefests against anyone who pokes fun at you for playing the role of publisher on the web, given your poor grasp of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

      The rest of that quote of his simply disgusts me.

  17. It isn’t worship this time Al, like Halford she’s a target because she’s an openly gay metal vocalist. She also put a book up on Lulu and I’d be shocked if it hadn’t sold more than Nicky’s entire catalogue.

    As far as the Tea Party goes I honestly know sod all about it, my mention there was based on her banning of Ant for debating the issue.

  18. I do not think this is the real Lloyd. The real Lloyd, when trying to end a relationship with a certain former editor and chief of a small publishing company, was attacked and almost raped by said former editor and chief. The idea of Lloyd wanting to defend or do business with someone who almost anally violated him is as comical as it is disturbing. I informed the impostor that Lloyd is recovering from a nervous breakdown he suffered as a result of the attack. Anyway, here is one of the two messages I receive from the fake Lloyd.

    I never had a nervous breakdown, and Nickolaus Pacione isn’t gay either. I won’t be moving to Florida and those covers aren’t me. I don’t have a goddamn mohawk with a unicorn on my head. What’s your damn fasination with unicorns, where you jacking off a unicorn’s horn to get mayo for your sanwich. Let me ask this question then, do you have an e-mail address for your “Lloyd” and can you produce it. I want to have a talk with him. You are clearly libeling Lake Fossil Press and you are offering a plagiarism of one of his novellas publishing it as Robert Baupder. Don’t you think that’s rather corrupt?
    Offering “rewrites” of Pacione’s novella as the characters of the novella, don’t you think that’s rather insulting of the author. You clearly are insulting Pacione with your deviantart.com abomination. Your faux professionalism (and I use Nick’s word for this) is really underhanded and a thievery. You call yourself a Christian, doesn’t say in the Old Testament, “Thou Shall Not Steal.” You offered stolen copies of his novella for “review” and according to Pacione on his blogs, they’re unfinished. I would rather wait for the real Ethereal Gazette, published by Nick with the finished novella he wrote. The rewritten versions are a raping of his vision. You are not an editor or a publisher, but you’re nothing but a damn fraud. I am giving you details about myself that only I would know, and if you know anything about me. I have a lady at home that I am happily invoved with. You are a faux Conservative, you speak the rherotic but you talk out of both sides of your mouth, and you’re getting the help of TwilightSucks to really screw Pacione over, I don’t like it. If you are any kind of editor, you start you own company and leave Lake Fossil Press to Pacione. He’s done a damn good job with the magazine and with Tabloid Purposes, I’ve seen the recent edition of Tabloid Purposes IV and it’s something that gives your friend, SNM Horror a run for it’s money. I’ve heard what you jokers did to Pacione and that is rotten to the core, why would you want to mess with a man’s accepted story?
    I don’t have a brother name Mark, and I request that you leave Nick’s family alone. There is no relation between me and Nick’s step-father. I’ve known Nick since 2002, but I didn’t start submitting until 2008. I refuse to have a website or a blog. Twilight Sucks banned me because I showed Nick the entries so he got vocal and raw on his blog.
    I live in Bollingbrook and I am the author of the stories The Suicide Man and the story you torched because of the line “No one wants to read about two fags.” If you are any sort of Conservative you wouldn’t be doing the gayed up abominations you’re doing to Nick’s company, and I wonder why you came up with the lie known as the loan? I’ve seen what you’ve tried to do on some social networking website trying to create a fake profile of me on there, that wasn’t professional. If you are really trying to be the “publisher” of Lake Fossil Press you wouldn’t be doing it to make a mockery of Nick. Especially when the title planned for an anthology he’s doing is called Help Me I Am In Hell. As far as I am concerned you don’t have the stories for your fake incarnation of Issue 11 and you don’t have the balls to publish the fake issue. Why the hell are you so hellbent on stealing the company from Pacione? It’s rightfully his and it’s something he plans to keep in the family as terms of the staff.
    That is something I came to understand, and I will say this. You are never the publisher of Lake Fossil Press. Lake Fossil Press is Nickolaus Pacione as Trent Reznor is Nine Inch Nails or Klayton is Celldweller. Lake Fossil Press is a living extension of what Pacione does as a writer. I’ve been published with some of the line up that took off and what I read Pacione will have his first movie credit for selecting a heavy metal soundtrack for my line up mate.

    • [Oops — deleted the wrong one by mistake. The following has been restored]

      Another email from the fake came soon after but first, I would like to ask you all a question: Who showed the world what Lloyd Phillip Campbell looked like: Nicky, or myself?

      I allowed Lloyd to be on the cover of Issue 12 of the Ethereal Gazette because he looks great and the shoot came out fantastic. However, I still was able to show all of you what Mr. Campbell looked like, something Nicky has never been able to do. Remind him of this should he ever tell you that only he talks to Lloyd, and that Lloyd isn’t some caged animal who should be kept away from the world. Remind him that he does not own LLoyd!

      Here is the second email

      A few other authors on Shocklines actually got in an argument with your friend Tim Willard for trying to start a hostile takeover of Lake Fossil Press, one of them told him that Nick’s been publishing as Lake Fossil Press for years. I see the company still in his hands, and your little facade is nothing more than that; a facade. Why don’t you show your real name and post pictures of your face in Morris, Illinois, if that is where you claim your from. I begin to think that you’re one of those Gothic.net assholes that gave him shit for years for publishing Tabloid Purposes and The Ethereal Gazette. So how many people do you think You’ll convince saying your the new editor (I use that word loosely with you.) Especially since saying the official cover of DYERS EVE looks like a tampon box, in fact it is a tampon box. And the “cover” for Issue 11 is stock art of a unicorn I really doubt you have the copyrights to. Nick created almost all the covers for The Ethereal
      Gazette himself and that got him respect among his peers — Lake Fossil Press uses his photography. That’s part of the magic of Lake Fossil Press that I came to respect. Pacione works with straight women as models. And you are clearly aren’t the editor, but only in name. Nick is the true editor of the imprint and the mastermind of the company. What do you say about the sites that are officially out there for the Lake Fossil Press office and the blog that is out there. You don’t have the site to publish your abominations, and as Nick compared you to the Al Quida. I see you as the London bombers.

    • Nicky and the fake Lloyd are the only two people who consistently use this misspelling: Al Quida. The real Lloyd would never do that.

    • Look at this homosexuality right here…

      “(and I use Nick’s word for this)”
      “really screw Pacione”
      I’ve known Nick since 2002, but I didn’t start submitting until 2008.” <—!!!!! He was the top now the bottom!!
      "I showed Nick the entries“() so he got vocal and raw”

      “trying to create a fake profile of me on there, that wasn’t professional.”
      “I am giving you details about myself that only I would know”


      I find it odd Lloyd says “Talking out of both sides of your mouth”, especially when you look at this

    • “I don’t have a goddamn mohawk with a unicorn on my head.”

      I missed this the first time and just read it now. I fell back laughing out loud. Just the sheer rage at such a ludicrous image. 😀

  19. Boy, he’s been all over Angry’s page on RightlyConservative, leaving love notes:

    At 11:33am on June 30, 2010, Nickolaus Pacione said…
    That’s a personal attack when I see one. I actually donate to the state Republican party and did a lot of lobbying for people to vote Republican when W was running for the second time. I am just starting to donate to the causes to the Right, and with the publishing company I do actually donate to the Right. I almost got into fist fights with anti-war protesters in Chicago back in 2004 when they were wearing “No War” buttons. I tell them, “you realize my friends fought a war for the right for you to protest?”

    All my lobbying was online with my blog when I had a blog on a now defunt modblog.com. I was very vocal about John Kerry being The Anti-Christ and I was one of the people who actually got that one going. I pissed a lot of flip floppers off with that, but yeah that was something that became fun for me . You’re using a lot of dirt that you dug up about me, but you DON’T KNOW ME and you clearly don’t live in Morris. If you really live there you woold have a picture of you in the area as I have one of me on Joliet Union Station.

    Yeah I am not going to lower myself to that level here and refain from doing a personal attack, you speak the the talk of a Republican but you speak an entirely different agenda on another website. I am armed with a lot of knowledge and I’ve been vocal with my opinions for years. I had a Bush/Cheney 2004 button down shirt that I used on shoots for my blog and had the Bush/Cheney 2004 banners on the blog that I had at the time. I outlived that website like I outlived others that closed down. You seem to know alot about :”Angel” but you really were stalking me for 9 years.. You throw dirt at me that is nearly 9 years old — my prof-life stances were there before Melany came into the picture.

    Angry should suggest he “donate” some of his dole money to pay his phone and internet bills, rather than blow it on electronics, electric guitars, and political organizations.

    • Did you catch how out of nowhere he mentions Lloyd? (bolding done by moi)

      The only reason I can’t own a firearm is because of my mental health status, if I wasn’t Bipolar Type II — I would be owning a small pistol and go pistol shooting with some of my friends. If I was able to hold down a job I wouldn’t be flipping burgers at a fast food joint. My occupation is a publisher and an author and I write horror fiction. The author, Lloyd Phillip Campbell, writes Gothic Horror with Conservative social commentary. I publihsed this author. My blogs deal with the publishing industry and the entertainment industry because those are my fields of work. I am self-employed and work from my desk. I operate my imprint from my desktop and a library computer. They used a bs claim of chld abuse — it was later unfounded. So my motivation of getting published in wider places is so he can find me when he turns 18 — after all I was just 23 years old when I had to adopt him out. I was too young to be a father at the time, and I was trapped into the pregnancy — she lied about being on birth control.”

      Also I feel very uncomfortable saying it, since I don’t want to use the fact as something to use against him plus it’s not my place to say it…

      …but Melany said on here that their son has very special needs and therefore would never, ever seek out Nicky when he is 18. I always took that to mean he wouldn’t have the cognitive ability to do so.

      That means either Nicky doesn’t even know that about his son, or he does and uses his son as a PR tool, either way it’s disgusting.

    • I’m sickened by that whole little site to be honest with you. I wonder how Melissa is going to handle that her favorite lil’ conservative is nuttier than a bowl of peanuts.

    • I won’t go into what special needs my son has on here as Nicky doesn’t deserve to know what they are, but even if he was capable of wanting to meet his father you can be certain that between me and his adoptive parents it wouldn’t happen. 😀

      Of course if any of you fine folks want to know more I do talk about such things in private with family and friends. I just don’t tell the whole net about it.

  20. Nick, how is it that a man your age doesn’t know the difference between douche and tampons? I think you know as much about the female body as you do about HTML.

  21. hahahaha Nicky hates that picture of Lloyd in a unicorn outfit sooo much, he posted it on his wordpress blog!

    Not linked to, reposted.

    He’s so obsessed with Lloyd he’s starting to sound like him!!

    “I am keeping this one off the site I am active with but I am using the blog here to expose this particular person. Saying he’s the “publisher” behind my company and he’s trying to say he’s a Conservative and a Republican, well if he’s one I want to ask why the hell does he want to turn my company into a GLBT publisher. I am posting exactly what he wrote on this blog in a quote with his e-mail address posted so people can interact with the troll.

    Angry In Illinois Writes Here:
    I’ve walked dozens of miles in horrible rain conditions along with other volunteers over the years to remind people registered as Republicans to vote as well as time at the offices themselves, plastered “W” stickers on my car and was almost run off the road numerous times because of them (did you put stickers on your car? No?) I have neighbors that won’t speak to me to this day because of the “W” signs I had in my lawn, I have donated money to the Republican party, attended many book signings and appearances from the likes of Rush, Hannity, etc. and I don’t even think you’ve ever read a political book…

    He uses my magazine and publishing company e-mail address for “his” alt. romance, romance and alt. erotica submissions. Yeah how many people is he really going to convince here, the fact that he does some rather unoriginal stunts on youtube.com and on deviantart.com with the faggotry. He preaches one agenda on a site then preaches another on a different site. GLBT submissions are in for a rude surprise when they get the reply, lakefossilpress@gmail.com is my e-mail address and I don’t allow those kind of submissions in any form on the company, and clearly he’s pushing the Gay Agenda on Deviantart.com.This isn’t the artwork for the magazine. Issue 12 is slated for January 2011. Issue 12 isn’t the local issue He ripped this from Encyclopedia Dramatica. I’ve seen that the shitheads with the domain published my e-mail address in their shitty story.
    That’s known as talking out of both sides of your mouth. I might be suspended on VF until July 8th — it was all worth it because I brought the troll cesspool to light. AngryInIllinois is the forefront of this troll cesspool with the bogus covers on Deviantart.com. I am going to post one of the covers in this body of this blog to show people what kind of bogus business he’s doing especially when he’s trying to “publish” books of two men making out and crap like that. The fucker seems to have an unhealthy fascination with unicorns and he took the “cover” for the planned Issue 12 (which isn’t local by the way and submissions are still open.)
    It was him who bragged about google cach’ing the e-zine’s publication of my true story — I am clearing this up about that story, it’s not a fictional story written as a non-fiction story. It’s a work of non-fiction. The fact he’s “publishing” a bogus book written by a troll named Letitia Washington (the bitch has a habit of spamming my publishing company e-mail address, magazine e-mail address and my personal e-mail address with the same fucking message saying I am some kind of flag desecrating hater of America, that’s pompus bullshit.)
    The fact they were trying to pass Lloyd Phillip Campbell off as gay when he’s not. I saw the post that AngryInIllinois made on The Crusty Rail, and seems like to celebrate the fact I got suspended by taking screenshots. I think Al_Kilyu is behind the fake accounts that are going up there since he has a habit of doing bogus covers (like he did of Tabloid Purposes II to mock the thing.)
    This is Gothic.net 2005 all over again, yeah I can see Darren McKeeman’s book in the trash two miles away. I am pointing people to the comment where the faceless asshole claims that “submissions” will be sent. The fact he is publishing a plagiarism — putting my finished novella with another person’s byline.
    Send all hatemail to angryinillinois@yahoo.com and if you want to put his name on gay.com have fun. He claims to live in Morris, but he doesn’t have any pictures of him up nor does he use his real name. Is Angry In Illinois his given name? Yeah I’ve seen what these trolls are doing, I think they are violating every copyright I have and saying it’s “fair use.” Yeah I really think AngryInIllinois is pushing two different agendas, and I think he’s pushing an entirely different agenda with his so called Deviantart.com account. The layout of the “book” by Lienta Washington has no room for an ISBN so that is how I know it’s a mock book — I doubt the story she “wrote” really existed.
    The fact the fake domain for my magazine popped up about a few days after they got suspended from lulu.com for publishing as LakeFossilPiss. I’ve seen the trolls call Lake Fossil Press, Fake Fossil Press and I heard that taunt in 2007 when I was writing An Eye In Shadows. I am thinking that AngryInIllinois is double minded.”

    • “I might be suspended on VF until July 8th — it was all worth it because I brought the troll cesspool to light. ”

      No you didn’t. You got suspended because you were harassing people who asked you to stop leaving them messages on you profile and lumping long time users into your “troll list” because they didn’t heap tones of brown-nosing praise upon your work.

  22. From Jeffery’s page on the conservative site

    ” Put it like this — I had the whole GLBT thing shoved down my throat in the horror business throughout the entire time I’ve been online so when I started Lake Fossil Press I actually took a stand saying “NO SEXUAL CONTENT, PERIOD” — when I ruled that out I went for the ideologically sensitive mateiral and the cerebral horror contnet. I am a speculative fiction anthology publisher that runs via Lulu.com, and been one for six plus years. I actually took the stand and made the statement, “Marriage is between a man and a woman, And yes I am voting for Bush/Cheney in 2004” I am vocal about it on my blog where I have one person on here playing both sides of the fence. I have the link to the blog on my “About Me” section on here. I actually made the statement about taking the stand for Traditional Marriage and I donate to the AFA (American Family Association) — I am what they call a Reformed Moral Conservative because I’ve seen the rhetoric being forcefeed in the liberal media, it was pissing me off because it was going into the horror community.”

    Playing both sides of the fence, because of course it’s absolutely impossible to be a conservative and either not hate gays, support them, or be one.

    • AFA is that horrible group run by Donald Wildmon. The guy monitors television shows and tells people what not to watch, along with telling them which advertisers to boycott. What a maroon!

      He’s got a bigger audience than Terry Rakolta did, when she tried to get the same game going, back in the 1990s. She became a complete joke, and so did he.

    • I think it’s obvious (and really, really sad) that he’s so lonely and desperate for people to talk to that he’s treating that site like it’s another VampireFreaks

      “I know this might be a difficult question to ask but are there any artists or photographers who use their art to express their conservative views? I’ve seen the other side use this medium on a number of occasions to push the other agenda but I think we can be more powerful if there are artists in the circle. Melissa this is something to think about here because I was looking at your other website, and saw the cool illustration of you. I was wondeirng if you drew that yourself or had someone do it for you.”

      It’s sad, until you realize that he only considers himself a conservative because of what he hates, and that he’s trying to rally the troops over there to attack us. Also, he has a knack for sucking up to admins.

  23. Nicky has really done it this time, and I’m pissed

    In the comments section? That first comment, Avid Writer, is him.

    Remember how I always say he’s too scared of Janrae to ever piss her off directly? Still applies, as he is using an alt to insult Sovay in a disgusting manor although Nicky “replies” as himself and says the same thing.

    The exact same thing

    Avid Reader – It is either born a man, a woman, or a freak that should be put in a side show.
    Nicky – I really think the son needs to be in a side show so we can throw dog shit at them.

    Know how else I know it’s Nicky? The alt acts like he’s with TDFR and is trying to get a war going between them and Janrae/us. I know, because yesterday I was able to prove that on Janrae’s blog, “DarkLord” Steven (SNM) had Nicky’s IP. Oh it was a proxy, but Nicky is stupid and used a transparent one so we could see it was AOL and…dial up. Also “DarkLord” talked like Nicky. So this is twice in 24 hours he impersonated someone to start a fight between us groups.

    But I’m pissed off that he went after Sovay like that. I’ve reported him for it but be warned: if you post in the comments, he’ll see your IP address.

  24. Well, he’s now bragging on his blogspot that he’s claiming I’m a member of Al-Queda. I found out that according to Google’s ToS, they won’t take down libel or slander.

    So I guess it’s time to take Ol’ Sparkle Pony out back of the woodshed and handle it.

  25. The only way that Patricia Cornwell was able to stop her Nicky-clone was with a court order. It’s not an option for the rest of us.

    I think that most of you have already glommed onto the best titles for imprints.

    What about “Angry Guinea Fossil Press”?

    • Leslie Sachs
      From Illinois
      obsessed with successful author who he believes stole his ideas
      stalked author
      wrote attack-filled biography
      believes conspiracy against him
      tried altering the wiki of the author he is stalking

      Holy moly We’ve found Nicky’s biological father you guys!

    • Slightly Vexed Sparkle Pony press?

      Lake Rhubarb Rhubarb books?

      I was a Teen Prenancy house?

      Momma was 15 years old and danced for the money they threw press?

      Nicky and his Fantastic Imaginary Friends books, where every author is a figment of our imagination.

  26. Actually, I would like to sell one of you already existing sites a free book.

    Just want my name on it, a free short story inside it with lots of gay male sex and rave blurbs from Nickolaus Kane, Todd Hollins, et al. with an introduction by Eugine Verner.

    • I liked the parts about buttsecks!

      In that review you said something that is perfect in describing Nicky

      “in order to settle a score that only existed in his mind.”

  27. haha check out Melany here!

    “What would you do with an army of minions who would do whatever you tell them? ”

    winddancing from winddancing.livejournal.com says…

    I send them to the basement where Nickolaus Pacione lives to kick his ass for being a douchebag, then I would use them to take over my town! Muahahahahahaha! OK so my dreams are small.

    posted on 6/28/10

    You go gurl!

  28. The Fat Horse has another fan:

    Looks like you came here with chip on your shoulder. I could very easy tell you to “fuck off” but I am not. Errors, far from it man. I guess you never plunked down the money for the titles on my imprint. It’s not a fake press, but a one man operation that uses a desktop and a few image editing programs that aren’t Photoshop and the latter anthologies have a personal touch then the magazine I am trying to get an ISSN for to make that official. B Movie Horror — man you are the misinformed one with my imprint and it’s author’s stories. We all do cerebral, thought provoking horror fiction and modern day science fiction with the influences of The New Twilight Zone, Tales from the Dark Side, and the horror writers of the early 20th Century. My imprint actually got me published in other places — in fact two of them have movie credits to their name, but they always come back.”

    I guess we can add simpleton to things Nikki hates:

    “You like to piss on people from your own town. I am not attacking you here, but seriously calling me a fake press. I have books on Amazon.com and carried on Ingrams before they stopped doing print on demand. You come here to a site full of Conservatives and you come hating on Conservatves. I wrote based on what I saw on television about that Anti-Christ, Simpleton, I am actually self-educated. So next time watch who you come in and personal attack, and you’re pissing on someone who has Glen Ellyn ties. I started my site in Glen Ellyn, and my horror career really became serious when I found an H.P. Lovecraft book in the bookstore in Glen Ellyn. They won’t bring horror writers in to sign books. They normally don’t carry horror and they had to special order the Lovecraft book, and Lovecraft famously was a Conservative but everyone considered him a racist. You are misinformed about me, the only reason my teeth are yellow is because of the years of smoking.cigerettes and coffee. Don’t go coming here doing personal attacks.”

    • I am actually self-educated.

      That explains a lot.

      . . . the only reason my teeth are yellow is because of the years of smoking.cigerettes and coffee.

      And refusing to use toothpaste?

    • “Lovecraft famously was a Conservative but everyone considered him a racist”

      Yeah, well, if he wrote a poem called “On the creation of N—–s” so that sort of accusation was pretty fucking inevitable and accurate. Can’t disprove it, Nick!

    • I believe that the remark about having yellow teeth is the first time Nicky has ever defended, or at least tried to justify his disregard for personal hygiene.

      Before, someone else would always call him out on it, and Nicky would start ranting about something completely unrelated to not taking care of himself. I once made a joke that I would take time to drop a care package off on his grandparents’ doorstep filled with various tolietries with some Brian Keene novels and a two-disc ’80s metal compilation thrown in, and Nicky started bitching instead about hair metal. He said nothing about not showering for months, or having long, disgusting unwashed long hair.

  29. Oh yeah, he’s really sensitive about that mouth full of shit-sicles he has.

    On other fun news, he’s ranting and raving in my email at me.

    I just couldn’t help but mock him and remind him that he’s 34 and has never accomplished anything.

    • I just discovered that he left a comment on my AblertTheUnfortunate youtube account a few days ago, so I replied appropriately.

      ” I am afraid dear sir that the laws of mortal man hold little sway over the damned. I assumed that you would be aware of this but alas it seems that your lack of intellect is only surpassed by your lack of basic hygiene, as evidenced by the yellow rotting stumps of excrement that provide your breath with it’s quaint ability to strip paint at twenty yards. Please refrain from further polluting my presence with your bile until you finally master the use of a toothbrush. “

  30. Check out his profile on the conservative page where it shows the begingings of his latest posts…

    4 minutes ago
    “Looks like you’re the personal attack rants here. I am not going to engage it here, but you are here to start a fight and I am trying to avoid it. You’re giving my hometown a bad name, and calling what I do “fan fiction” — I guess you insulted ever…”

    2 hours ago
    “Looks like you came here with chip on your shoulder. I could very easy tell you to “fuck off” but I am not. Errors, far from it man. I guess you never plunked down the money for the titles on my imprint. It’s not a fake press, but a one man operatio…”

    2 hours ago
    “Looks like we have a Liberal among us. Simpleton? Man I have some college, B Movie Horror? Far from it man. Spelling errors, nope there are no errors in my eyes. John Kerry is the fucking Anti-Christ.”

    Looks like Nicky looks like someone who says looks like way too much.

    • LOL I think Nicky would be shocked if he learned how to use the damn spell checker that comes with every word processing program and saw how many spelling errors are in his work. Or maybe he really thinks Hitler is spelled Hilter? :p

    • He probably deliberately disables spell check and grammar check because all those squiggly lines give him a headache.

  31. ” You sure like to spend a lot of time on me and attacking my views and me as a human being. You clearly are making a mockery of what I do as a publisher, and yes that is my imprint you’re raping. I guess you like to stir up drama no matter where you go and no matter what you do. The fact that I am dealing with two people who hide behind not having a picture, one of them doesn’t use their real name. The point you’re trying to prove is null here. You’re making this thread about me when this is the lady’s light to shine.”

    >”and yes that is my imprint you’re raping.”

    I lol’d

  32. Originally Game Over that I was handed in clocked in 23,211 words.

    I’ve got 10 more pages to go on the review and am up to 35,214, meaning that in 2 days I added over 10,000 words to his PoS story, vastly improved it, and made it entertaining to read.

    I’m going to be fucking pissed if my review makes the thing twice as long as it was. 🙁

  33. One philosophy class, dumped on top of remedial math and English does not make one a student. You were most likely invited to take an independent study class because normal English 100/101 was too hard for you, and you whined about it. Secondly I do not for one instant believe your story of a lawyer in a Lexus running into you. You probably saw this in an episode of Law and Order or Scooby Doo Mysteries. It also sounds as though someone is making excuses, just like a liberal’ Wah its not my fault’.

    Moral conservative, no. Moronic Conservative, yes. And when you were in these computer labs during your ‘work’ were you trying to pick up juvenile’s like you are doing on Vampirefreaks? I’m sure a 15, 16, or 17 year old really does not appreciate well wishes or suggestions on how to write poetry better, especially with your stellar writing record.

    You lost your press due to a forged grant application in which the money was spent on gambling and gambling losses. That is fact. You lost your child because you were beating your girl friend. You lost your ‘cush’ job of internet surfing because you did not go to class, not because you were hit by a car.

    (Rusty delete my other one, obviously reading Nicky posts has affected my ability to spell my own name)

  34. Man. I remember back in 200..5ish or so, when I in high school and I first learned about Nicky, and I would follow everyone around on Xanga and stuff as he would tell people to go “catch some AIDS” or that we were “no worst” than the 9/11 terrorists. I remember TheTruthAboutNick blog and Nicky’s shitty TABLOID PURPOSES “book” and all that good drama that kept me occupied for a few good years. I remember his hatred of one particular author (whose name I can’t remember, but I do remember HAIL SATEN), and how he would get banned from just about every forum or message board he signed up. I remember the chumps he would bamboozle to get in his crappy anthropologies. The last thing he told me my writing would never amount to anything and I’ll be at McDonald’s for the rest of my life.

    Now it’s 2010 and I’m a senior in college and I come back and WOW NICKY HAS NOT CHANGED. In the slightest. He’s still pulling this shit?? That is freaking hilarious! What have I missed all these years? xD

    • AFI!!!!! Looooong time, no see. Welcome. How on earth are you? Oh, god — the Xanga days. I remember them well.

      What have I missed all these years?

      Since then, he’s been banned (again) from LiveJournal, DeadJournal, GreatestJournal, WriterFace, WritersCafe (although he came back with another username), AssociatedContent, Helium, and most recently, he’s been suspended for a third time from VampireFreaks. He also picked up new “fans” to harass from SomethigAwful, and VampireFreaks. Other than that, not much.

      Rumor has it he lost Lake Fossil Press when he defaulted on a loan to cover his gambling debts, and AngryInIllinois is the new owner.

    • HOLY SHIT OMGWTF AFREAKINGIDIOT?!?! I haven’t seen you in YEARS!!

      It has to have been at least two years since I’ve seen you!

      What have you been up to?!

      Man it’s like a reunion of the good ol days this week!

    • “Now it’s 2010 and I’m a senior in college and I come back and WOW NICKY HAS NOT CHANGED. In the slightest.”

      This. What Rusty said is pretty much it, although I don’t remember if you were around when he got on YouTube or not? Where you here when people started videoing the burning of his books and uploading them online? Also, Nicky was offline for almost a year and returned here recently and has been more active since than he’s ever been. We thought we’d see less of him after he was put away a few years ago, but no.

      We seriously need to get another equivalent of “the pink board” going again. 😀

  35. Nope, Nicky has not changed, except he’s made some new enemies, some of whom are ruthless at mocking him and kicking him back under his rock.

    This has been the most vocal he’s been in almost a year, and from the looks of it he’s going to end up back where he ended up last year, committed to the mental hospital.

  36. The TwilightSucks thread on him is up to an amazing and impressive 21 pages!

    What’s most impressive about them, is they had no knowledge of his empty PayPal threats and stood firm in the face of that. Those folks rock.

  37. On “Game Over”—does Peaches not know that his beloved Metallica used an Andres Serrano piece for one of their album covers?

    Or, for that matter, re: his “I love the AFA” rantings, does he not know what the AFA has to say about heavy metal in general?

    • He sure as shit didn’t recognize the fact that they took that song from Johnny Get Your Gun. Hell, they included clips from the movie in the video.

      The more of Game Over I read, the more I realize he’s a poseur of the highest magnitude.

    • I’ve been reading the Game Over reviews.

      I’ve never seen any piece by Nicky where he’s namedropped so many bands and albums. It’s as though he’s still desperately trying to convince the world he’s a real metalhead.

      If Nicky’s going to obsess over bands, then maybe he should write a non-fiction piece about the music he likes instead of awkwardly making references to Metallica, Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent, or whoever else he claims to like and listen to.

      50 Foot Ant is right: he’s a poseur of the highest magnitude.

  38. Only 8 more pages till I’m finally fucking done with that PoS “Game Over” and can move on to banging my skull against the bumper of my car.

    • “Nick,

      You know very little of anything, except sitting in your grandmothers basement looking at porn and writing Twilight fan-fiction. This isn’t a personal attack, this is the truth. Try reading a newspaper once in a while. “

  39. New spew on his WordPress

    I had to laugh at this:

    “GAME OVER is a huge Gothic Horror novella that gives Oscar Wilde the finger.”

    Well, no, it’s not Gothic in the slightest, and even if Oscar Wilde were alive he probably wouldn’t even care.

    “I never liked The Picture Of Dorian Gray, so I am making fun of this one in GAME OVER hard.”

    You probably didn’t like because:

    1) It was too hard for you to read.
    2) It didn’t come with pictures.

    Furthermore, from what I saw of the critiques, there’s no hint of Dorian Gray no matter how a reader stretches his imagination. It’s the same formless blather you always produce, Nikki.

    And no, Strunk & White’s Elements of Style is not on writing horror. It’s a guide to the basic fundamental elements of writing that you can’t seem to grasp.

    Now show us on the doll where grammar touched you, Nikki.

    “… they are trying to commit a forgery of Lloyd Phillip Campbell…”

    How can you make a forgery of a person? The answer: When said person doesn’t exist to begin with.

    • I’ll look for a better skin for it. I want to keep the basic pink and purple colors, but my eyes aren’t what they used to be, so I’m not going to go with anything day-glo that requires sunglasses.

  40. He actually does mention Dorian Gray in the story, but only with his precious Gary Stu denim & leather jacket S&M bottoms urinating on it.

    Just more evidence that he doesn’t know jack and shit about anything and is incapable of anything even remotely approaching research.

  41. “This world that I was invited to I know nothing about except it’s ran by a denim and leather editor. Those kinds scare me because they actually look like they would urinate or take a shit on The Portrait of Dorian Gray and photograph themselves doing it or actually physically maul the more alternative types.”

    That’s the rambling monologue bullshit he was spouting when he mentioned Dorian Gray. Apparently he wants everyone to believe that blue collar workers that wear denim, leather jackets, and construction worker boots (his words) are the baddest of all horror writers, capable of kicking everyone’s asses and empowered by God to punish everyone that Nicky doesn’t like.

  42. I am amused by the fact that he states in his post that he would never touch a woman (ie hit or hurt one) and yet he has made endless threats about beating up, killing, raping etc women and children.

    As always, he stands condemned by his own words.

    • Thanks for the shout-out. The Newsletter post had enough typos that I’m doubting the editing skills of those involved; however, I’ll still give the stories a fair shake. I’m hoping to have some time this weekend to read them.

  43. Finally fucking finished with that review.

    If you wish to donate to my CAT scan fund, let me know.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to down a 5th of Wild Turkey and masturbate to Strunk & White till the pain goes away.

    • It’s pretty horrible, isn’t it? I know I had to start skimming at some point because I. Just. Couldn’t. Take. It. Anymore.

      And now there’s supposedly 3,000 more words to it. Do you suppose anything actually HAPPENS in those additional words? I suspect not.

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