“Douche Bag Alert”

Hat tip:  LSL

LSL left a comment that included a link in my “Yowzers” entry.  The link is to a blog entry by the guy who runs Necrotic Tissue.  The few comments the entry generated are rather interesting.

Regarding the entry itself, this is my favorite line:

Because of this illegal and unethical activity, I declare Lawrence R. Dagstine Douche Bag of the Year.

I consider Daggy to be a douchebag, but it’s primarily because he stalked me online for nearly two years, before he admitted on this very blog to doing so in real life, too.

For the record, I have never contacted the editor of any magazine or e-zine regarding any of the Legion of Nitwits.  They’re beginning to figure out Dagstine’s deception for themselves.  While there’s something to be said for trusting your contributors when they sign a legal document (i.e. contract), there’s also something to be said for “Trust, but verify.”

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  1. raingod says:

    R. Scott is a stand up guy, and his comments about dagstine are sure to reverberate through the community. I’ve always liked Scott a lot, and now my respect for him is limitless.

  2. Al Kilyu says:

    Seeing that warmed my heart!

    • khkoehler says:

      Reported to James Watts for defamation.

    • CritGit says:

      That entry is summed up immediately by the fact he doesn’t know the year of her birth.

      I mean FFS, he could just look it up if he actually gave a damn. As ever, it’s about him.

    • Rusty says:

      I can’t believe he’s even thinking of publishing a collection of her works. It’s not as if he ever published more than two or three of her short stories, and even those, presumably, were only contracted for the publication in which they appeared. It’s as if he thinks everything the author ever wrote becomes public domain upon the person’s death.

      Didn’t ETT say something about Ms. Malenky not wanting Nicky to know she was sick, because she was afraid he’d milk it for all it was worth?

    • CJB says:

      Reported and screen-grabbed, burned to disc and printed.
      My little manilla envelope is getting fat already!

    • CritGit says:

      Yes ETT did say she regretted trying to help him.
      But whether he can use her work or not seems very important. I mean if he doesn’t have the rights, and doubt that very much, then he is stealing her work.

      Just hope the right people will stop that.

  3. johaha says:

    I feel so vindicated by Dagstine’s stupidity.
    Daggy got caught Daggy-style!

    You reap what you sow, Daggy.

  4. JodiLee says:

    The great unwashed gnome has repeatedly invited me to that forum, and I finally went tonight, futilely hoping to find someone to do something about it.

    Was worth a few laughs, though. 😉

  5. CritGit says:

    Seems a lot of shit is catching up to Dagstine.
    Think all that’s left is cancer.

  6. LSL says:

    I’ve been watching the numbers of his “publications” rack up for many years now, but whenever I tried to look up his biblio, all I could find were “under-construction” pages, and jpegs of magazine covers. It seemed obvious to me that something fishy was going on – I know of many writers who are quite prolific (Jay Lake and Michael Swanwick, for example), but they are also quite meticulous in listing every single publication credit on their biblio. Most writers are, actually. And it just seemed odd that Dagstine would take so much pride in that big damn number, but not in proving it by listing every single goddamn one of those sales. I certainly would. I mean, writers are nothing if not egotistical. 🙂 So, yes, I’m very pleased that I’m finally finding out exactly why he won’t list his sales – because they’re essentially sales of the same few stories over and over again. He knows nothing of what it is to be a real writer….

    • cussedness says:

      The lack of a bib was the first clue for most of us that either the number was misrepresented or a number of them had to be reprints.

      Googling him for a list never produced more than a handful of stories, most of which were published over and over again.

      For someone with his claimed credits, Dagstine ought to have been showing up in a massive way — which he was not.

    • Al Kilyu says:

      He once PMd me thinking I was a female enemy of his. Because I was making him look foolish on a message board, his reaction was to PM me and claim he had friends that were cops then sent me what he thought was my personal contact information. He thought I was the person whose house he claimed to have stalked (while suffering ear cancer btw) and has a history of trying to silence women online via threats.

      Speaking of him and threats, Google “ValentineVegan”. The person he stalked while he did that was someone he claimed was his friend…

    • LSL says:

      Al Kilyu, I do know all about ValentineVegan. I’ve been very quietly following the antics of all the Nitwits for about six years now (and lurking here for… two years? maybe more) – I started when I was a newbie/wannabe, mainly to educate myself as to who I should and should not associate myself with. I’ve kept up with it over the years because it’s been helpful to point out various blogs/posts/etc. when convincing a few writer friends to quietly and calmly withdraw from the magazines and anthologies of a certain “editor”. I have no personal animosity toward any of the Nitwits, but: I see no reason to stand by and let unethical, amoral people abuse good but naive writers, or scam honest editors with fraudulent submissions.

  7. Mike Brendan says:

    It’s nice to see that bastard get some comeuppance. Although I wonder, with this and the losing custody battle, how much does anyone want to bet CritGit’s right and he’s going to come down with something again?

    • Rusty says:

      He’ll come down with something alright. Whether it’s a illness he’s faking, or just a slew of blog entries (or private correspondence to a bunch of folks) badmouthing/blaming me, Janrae, and anyone else he can think of, remains to be seen. Of course, most folks in publishing have never heard of me . . . because I don’t work, and never have, in publishing.

  8. johaha says:

    “Think all that’s left is cancer.”

    He tried that one with ear cancer.
    He sure made a remarkable recovery. 😉

  9. Mike Brendan says:

    Of course, thanks to Metapocalypse, I keep thinking of the guys from DethKlock every time I see the phrase “Douche bag.”

  10. Rusty says:

    Check out this thread at Shocklines. Both Ramsey Campbell and Ellen Datlow replied.

    • cussedness says:

      I am glad to see both of them weigh in on this. The first time I saw something like this happen was when I was slushing for a small lit agency in 05.

      An author subbed a novel to the agency as unpublished and it turned out that he had self-published it the year before.

      A little honesty goes a long way, and a lot of DIShonesty lands an author in the trash can.

  11. Dave says:

    Just saw this message left on Dungstine’s Facebook page (by S. Cox)

    “Tut tut, someone has been pissing a lot of editors off.”

  12. CritGit says:

    It never added up. His story count seemed to jump up 50 at a time, and yet any sale he made he bragged about it all he could. The two things never seemed to fit.

    I doubt he had that many sales anyway even with reprints.

    The thing that always gets me about his ‘farewell world’ act was it got sympathy from people on here. People who couldn’t stand him gave him the benefit of the doubt and hoped for a good outcome for him.
    Next thing you know, he’s back and acting same as ever. In a very short space of time.

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