Psychological Wrath

Yesterday, Nickypoo kept trying to leave comments on my blog, addressed to several people. This morning, he tried to leave another. I told him to take it elsewhere. Finally, he did.  It’s mostly addressed to Jerrod.  Apparently, the reason he’s going after Robin is that Skullvines will be publishing Keene’s Lake Fossil.

There will be no God in the world that will save you from the psychological wrath I am going to bestow upon you.

Anyone know what “psychological wrath” is, as opposed to the garden variety?

Every time your wife looks in the mirror when she has one of her episodes, that’s me looking in the mirror laughing at both of you.

WTF?  Does he think he’s morphed into a woman?  He sort of looks like one.  The kind you’d find in a carnival side show, but, whatever.

Nicky, you’re a putz.  P-U-T-Z.  Look it up, if you have to.

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183 Responses to Psychological Wrath

  1. no one special says:

    By psychological, I think he means all in his own warped little mind. So everytime Robin looks in the mirror, it’s him looking back huh? He just can’t help throwing out little inferences to his deeply closeted desires can he?

  2. Rusty says:

    I actually warned you about what you’re friends are doing to me. They’re doing the same fucking thing to your wife.

    His tenuous grasp on sanity seems to have been severed.

  3. PG says:

    Keene says on his forum that he feels awful that Skullvines decision to publish Lake Fossil has led to this unwarranted attack on Jerrod’s wife, and therefore, he’s changing the title to Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape.

    • Rusty says:

      I’d be inclined to track down the photoshopped picture of the guy in the pink tutu on a bicycle, use it in the cover art somehow, and call it “The Fairyman’s Wheelchair.”

  4. Neve says:

    I wish I could say that I was shocked but Nick has never displayed an ounce of empathy before this either. I was just thinking this morning about how much of a fucking lying bastard he is because IF Nick were actually engaged in caring for his grandparents or contributing to that household in any way beyond upping its methane content every time he opens his squealing fat yap, he have little to no time to waste railing against good people.

    I’m sorry, Jarrod and Robin. I admire you Jarrod as I’m currently doing full-time care for my parent, while enjoying moderate good health and I am still really struggling to find time for my publishing commitments. You have overcome a hell of a lot and really do serve as an inspiration.

  5. Mike Brendan says:

    Boy, that little fucker took a turn for the vile, didn’t he? What a tantrum that little man-child is having.


  6. The 50 Foot Ant says:

    New rumor: According to a source, he MAY have been thrown out of the Navy for being caught giving a blowjob to his bunkmate while his bunkmate was sleeping! However, this cannot be verified, and my source prefers to remain anonymous, so take it with a grain of salt.

  7. The 50 Foot Ant says:

    Notice when he picks on someone for mental illness, it’s just “in good fun” or “quoting an article”, but when you pick on him, he claims it’s a hate crime because he has a mental illness.

    In other words, he’s a spoiled man-child who got booted from the Navy when he got caught giving his sleeping bunkmate a blowjob.

    He’s also a coward.

    He couldn’t pass Navy basic without sucking cock, and even then he didn’t have the balls to approach the guy when he was awake? Coward. Threatening women and children? Coward. Threatening people who are disabled like Janrae and his own family? Coward. Threatening children? Coward. Hiding behind the ability to delete comments and always trying to get admin so he can mod or delete comments? Coward.

    Nicky is a closeted homosexual coward who’s afraid to face anyone.

  8. The 50 Foot Ant says:

    Hey Rusty, I think my 2 comments got spam-flagged or are stuck in moderation. Can you check?

  9. Lewis says:

    Nicky’s never had an original thought in his life has he? Even when harassing people he has to draw on famous moments from pop culture/tv/film/song. Though admittedly seeing someone else’s face in the mirror is something of a horror standby this was the first thing to pop into my head.

  10. Mike Brendan says:

    The little moron finally found my WordPress blog. Two comments are in moderation, but before I delete them I thought I’d share this little violation of Godwin’s Law:

    “I know why you act like this — you’re a descendant of the hilter youth. I dare you to dress up as a Nazi in front of Disturbed’s lead vocalist because he’d be beating the shit out of you for doing so. Your attitude is that of a nazi.”

    Actually, I’m descended from the Irish and Italian. I do profess I have German ancestry, but since my Great-Grandfater was playing banjo in a rag-time band in speak-easies during Prohibition, I doubt he got involve with the Nazi party.

    As for the stunt involving David Draiman (just to remind who the singer is for Disturbed), what would I get from you for it? You see, when you dare someone to do something there’s usually some sort of reward. But it’s moot since I don’t have such a uniform, and besides, I actually respect the man.

    Oh, in reference to your other comment, Nicky, no we are not peers… deal with it.

    • Melany says:

      Hell I’ve got quite a bit of German ancestry I’m a nazi too!

    • Ha! He also just messaged me asking if I descended from Hitler youth. While my ancestors were from Germany, they were over here long enough ago to fight (and some died) fighting for the North. And they fought in American wars since then, so that would be against the Nazis.

    • Marc says:

      He also seems to forget (or more likely just not know) that membership of the Hitler Youth was not voluntary. If your children didn’t join you were a dissenter and your family would disappear…

      • k h koehler says:

        For me, Kraut on one side,with some English on the other. I like to think that the reserved Brit in me helps to balance out the volcanic German, stiff upper lip and all that, jolly good, yo.

  11. Mike Brendan says:

    Oh, and now he’s threatening to “put my email address for a transexual hook-up site”. That yellow streak down his back is glowing like it’s radioactive, Ant. 🙂

    • no one special says:

      I’m sure he has the urls for many such sites in his favorites folder.

    • The 50 Foot Ant says:

      He threatened me with that crap.

      I asked him if I should put down that he referred me to it, and asked him if he was going to get free premium services, and asked him if he’d recommend any hot shemales that do camera shows.

      He just replied with a long profanity filled rant.

      He can’t even talk the talk.

  12. Qusoor says:

    Not pissing myself with fear, but with laughter. Whatta maroon.

  13. Melany says:

    Oh noes he’s going to make jerrod and his wife (who as far as I can tell are pretty nice folks) horror targets in a badly written story nobody will read! I bet you guys are terrified!

    Nicky you are the one who needs to be locked up in a padded cell. You’re making death threats, calling people nazis and terrorists, you’re delusional, and by your own words you don’t have any meds so you’re off them. You’re in need of a vacation far from a computer and a shrink who won’t tell you your actions are perfectly normal and healthy. We’re not saying all mentally ill need to be locked up just the ones that are a threat to themselves and others which sure as hell is you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re abusing your family both by hitting them with your fat fists as well as your words and actions that are bringing a lawsuit to their door.

  14. baupdeth says:

    More fodder for the rumor mill:
    Skullvines Press started a very public fight with me by saying they’re releasing a novel called LAKE FOSSIL. I don’t want this title to be associated with Brian Keene as to being my science fiction series.

    Shawn B Again Sparkle-pony, this is copyright violation take him to court, you could win quite a bit, call library of congress.

    Thanx man — I wish I really registered my publications with The Library Of Congress. I wish I had the money to take him to court over this. I actually want to take it to the press where he is and send my book ahead of them.

    Skullvines vs. Lake Fossil Press — n00b vs. the established. This really came ahead when one person is doing a novel called LAKE FOSSIL and wanting to do an anthology to mislead people of my website. If you support LAke Fossil Press and it’s roster — boycott everything that Skullvines published.

    Followed up by:

    “The fight for the LAKE FOSSIL name and the Writings From The Grave name begins. Brian Keene and Jerrod Balzer are going to be buried alive when I get this in the hands of the media. Especially when their practices fall in territory of libel.

    and this:

    “Balzer is a mental midget.”

    • Melany says:

      will he include the other companies named lake fossil and the lake named Lake fossil? Or is he too stupid to do a google search to find every lake fossil in the world and include them in his insane rantings? Go to the media nicky I’m sure the reporters could use a good laugh at your insane fantasies and stupidity.

    • WOWNinja365 says:

      “The fight for the LAKE FOSSIL name and the Writings From The Grave name begins.”

      And ends with ‘Lil Nicky’s crushing defeat the day the book comes out. Who wants to bet Brian Keene will set up another book signing near Nicky’s house to sell copies of “Lake Fossil”?

    • baupdeth says:

      Shawn Borri
      You need a copyright lawyer who works pro bono,yours should be a winner.

  15. WOWNinja365 says:

    ‘Lil Nicky is the ROFL-Hulk. The madder he gets, the funnier he is.

  16. Hell, I’m in good company. And Keene shouldn’t worry. I feel the same way about it as when Nicky went after Mary. It only makes me that much more excited about him keeping the title if he chooses.

    I was gone all day at the doctor, but I came home to several comments on my blog from Pacione, plus a new FB message, so it’s all updated now:

    He threatened to use titles from my work as his own, so I listed them. That way, he won’t have to search around too hard.

  17. Response to all his “padded cell” comments:

  18. Melany says:

    I wonder if we can have nicky’s internet pulled again like way back when with comcast. Using their services for death threats and the like?

  19. Melany says:

    “I really give a flying fuck if Skullvines Press burns down in flames because I will be bringing the burgers so I can grill my dinner over their embers.”

    OK I’m laughing over this. I thought flipping burgers was beneath you Nicky? Because it’s actual WORK that people get paid for unlike you sitting in your basement stealing from the government, living in your little fantasy world where you’re good looking, tough, and skinny and all the gawth girls wanna do you, and beating up women and underage girls, and your grandparents since you can’t beat up real men or me anymore.

  20. armored goldfish says:

    Two things I have learned:

    1) Nicky thinks he overrules God.
    2) He thinks that the Library of Congress cares if someone uses titles from his stories.
    3) He also thinks he can cook.

  21. armored goldfish says:

    Er, make that three things, sorry

  22. The 50 Foot Ant says:

    He threatened to subscribe me to his favorite tranny sites and professed his love of shemale cock to me in an email just now.

    I figured out why he’s telling everyone he’s going to sign them up. He’s hoping to get a free premium account since he can’t steal enough out of his grandma’s purse to pay for a subscription.

    Poor Sticky-Back Nicky, always a bridesmaid and never a bride.

    • Neve says:

      I Rofled over your epileptic bat comment over on Jerrod’s blog Ant. Nick is totally a disgusting and sick excuse for a human being but a rich source of hilariously disturbing mental imagery.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      He said the same thing to me too, Ant. I wonder if he just copy-pastas his screeds into different emails… oh wait, that would require effective thought…

  23. Dave says:

    This whole thing with Nicky “ending” Jarrod makes me think of “Ender’s Game”, and trying to imagine Nicky in Battle School and, well… it all goes to hell from there, but the mental imagery is something else. I’d be tempted to write a satirical piece, “Ender’s Greasy Shadow” or something like that. Unfortunately, it probably wouldn’t be funny to anyone but me.

  24. Adam J. Whitlatch received some hate mail, so he edited and graded it for him. I feel for the pain he had to endure in doing so:

  25. Painful, yes. But oh so satisfying. 🙂

  26. Jenny says:

    Not to detract from all the fun Jerrod and Adam are having with Nicky, but… when I try to read Nicky’s Blogspot blog, I get a “blog not found” error. I wonder what’s up with that.

  27. Marc says:

    When I got my paypal bills from darling Nikita I also got an email from a gay porn site at about the same time. Unfortunately he hadn’t paid for me a subscription, just put my address on it for an invite.

  28. Marc says:

    does anyone else get the “Sue for defamation” advert at the side of Princess nicky’s blog???

    That has to be the most appropriately placed advert on the whole of the interweb

    • Marc says:

      how do you paste a screenshot here? I just opened Nicky’s blog and there was a “Learn to Write” advert so I had to screenshot it…

  29. Lewis says:

    He seems to be on a “going to the press” kick right now, though I haven’t heard anything back after offering to give him the address for my local paper.

  30. k h koehler says:

    Yes, Nikita Banana is threatening to go to my local paper. Even though my community has no such thing. 😀

    • Mike Brendan says:

      I told him which local papers to go to and he changed the subject. La Dumb Nikita has a habit of folding when you call him on his threats and say they’re worthless gestures…

    • Melany says:

      My town has a paper, and a radio station. I dare him to contact them with his whiny “they’re picking on meeeee” complaints. LOL LOL LOL

  31. WOWNinja365 says:

    So, Nicky’s on quite a tear right now. He’s threatened to fist-fight everyone except Mary SanGiovanni.

    I’m disappointing. Mary’s already a better writer AND more Italian than Nicky. Kicking his ass would have given her the trifecta.

  32. Marc says:

    Jerrod, you seen what he’s done to the comment you left on his site?

    • The 50 Foot Ant says:

      It’s fairly typical with him.

      See, he doesn’t like to face people unless he completely controls the situation. He won’t go to forums where he’s not protected like a special little sparkling snowflake made of decayed horse semen and hobo spit; he won’t face anyone in IM’s or in a chat room unless he thinks that the person is away from the computer. He won’t allow comments on his blogs because he doesn’t want any opinion but his.

      It just shows that not only is he the feces gobbling coward we’ve always known him to be, but it also shows further proof of what his relatives have let us know, what the woman who was once his girlfriend has let us know, and what we have all seen:

      Nickolaus A. Pacione is a bully of the highest order.

      A craven, cowardly, backstabbing, lying, deceitful, sniveling, little bully who only picks on those that he feels he can get away with it, and only in situations that he controls so that he doesn’t have to worry about being shown up.

      He crouches behind his blog, moderating the comments, like a yapping mongrel with feces covered hindquarters, his jaws smeared with the cat droppings he has feasted on, furiously proclaiming his superiority to any who pass.

      When he comes across someone who does not fall in with the way the universe should be, who doesn’t immediately flee from the fearsome visage of the bile spewing hunchbacked welfare queen, instead of going after them in a place where opinions can be heard and dissenting opinions are not stifled, he vomits out crude approximations of insults he heard on television or that underage girls screamed at him when he clumsily attempted to make a pass at them.

      Does he face someone like myself, or Baup? No. He attacks women and those who are unable to defend themselves.

      When he mistakenly attacks someone willing to defend themselves, does he attempt to continue his tirade of misinformed and misspelled gibberish? No. He attacks people who are close to his intended victim, dragging in parents, the dead, wives, husbands, children.

      Even in the midst of his most disgusting and cowardly attacks, he shows his craven side by attempting to make himself appear as a victim even as he threatens foul actions against innocent people that he perceives as being unable to defend themselves.

      Is a woman defying him by refusing to be afraid of him? Then he threatens to rape their underage daughter.
      Does a man laugh at his pathetic attempts of intimidation? Then he threatens and casts foul aspersions upon his wife.
      Has a young author/reader/innocent bystander refused to accept his obvious superiority to every living thing? Then he stalks them, harasses them, chases them from forum to forum and blog to blog.
      Does a company refuse to publish his meandering assault upon the English language? Then he posts disgusting lies about the company and those who work for it or in any way are associated with it.

      All the while, he wraps himself in the shroud of a martyr, speaking out about how any dissenting opinion to his greatness, any defense of one’s self, any countering of his lies and half-truths, is nothing more than a hate crime against the mentally ill, even if the person’s only crime is to say that they did not worship and enshrine his precious literary vomit.

      Mr. Pacione, a loathsome example of humanity that is rapidly being left to lie in the bed he has made by overburdened family members who have been asked to give too much of themselves, their money, and their lives, feels that he has the freedom of speech to spew hatred at homosexuals, Democrats, liberals, free thinkers, actual veterans, women, children, and those who dare criticize his works.

      Nicky feels he has the right to threaten to burn people alive for being related to someone he feels has slighted him in any way, even if the person merely is friends on Facebook with his latest “enemy” that only exists in his own mind. He feels he has the right to threaten to rape wives and daughters and girlfriends, feels he has the right to call for homosexuals and accused homosexuals to be drug behind vehicles or burned alive.

      He feels he has the right to destroy people’s marriages by lying to people’s signifigant others, by spreading malicious baseless rumors, and by forging “evidence” of those people’s crimes.

      Not content with beating his child and possibly his girlfriends, Nicky also feels the need to degrade the one person who attempted to treat him like a real human being worthy of having a relationship. He constantly makes horrible comments about her, lies about her, and refers to her, not as a real person, but rather a hated object referred to in only the most vile language. What was her crime? She stood up to his bullying, violence, and threats, stood up for herself and her child.

      In his words, according to him, HE is the victim. Not the child who he beat. Not the woman he emotionally and verbally (and possibly phsyically) abused. He is. He was victimized by the State when they did not react with fear to his threats of violence, but rather refused him his “right” to see a child that he abused. He was victimized by the woman because she refused to let him treat her as less than human. He considers himself the victim of a hate crime merely because he was held accountable for his actions.

      He attacks the mentally and physically ill with slurs and profanity, threatening their lives, their livelihoods, their homes, their property, their finances, and their loved ones, yet claims that anyone who dares stand up to him is committing a hate crime against the mentally ill. What is the crime? Refusing to kneel beneath the boot of a wannabe tyrant. Refusing to allow him to say and do as he pleases, and fighting back against his horrid actions and words. He does not consider it a hate crime to publicly call for the murder of homosexual enemies because he dislikes them, and in his own words, he dislikes homosexuals. He does not consider it a hate crime to claim that anyone who fought in Desert Storm are cowards who should be shot for treason because they “didn’t finish the war”. He doesn’t consider it a hate crime that he calls for the murder of Arabs.

      No, he considers a hate crime anything said against him, his actions, or his speech writing. According to him, a hate crime can ONLY be perpetrated against him, not by him. He throws around threats of reporting people for hate crimes, having them arrested for hate crimes, and claims constantly that others are committing hate crimes, all the while committing them himself. By doing this, he cheapens the very nature of hate crimes, dilutes true injustice, and insults the memories of everyone who has been the victim of a violent hate crime.

      He considers the courts, and the press, a weapon to silence his critics and those who displease him. He has no fear of the law, litigation, or court, because he considers himself above the same law that he applies his flawed and mistaken knowledge to everyone else. He believes that the courts and the press should be used to punish his enemies only, and should only be used by him to further whatever foul agenda he decides to pursue. The idea of real justice never crosses his mind, because he lives in a world of cardboard cutouts that exist only to gratify him and validate his existence, and any cardboard person who dares not do so shall be destroyed by the vast powers he perceives himself as wielding. So he threatens lawsuits to destroy people’s hard built businesses, to take their money away because he is not satisfied with the welfare fraud he commits and wants more money for nothing more than being himself, and he threatens to use the press to destroy those he dislikes publicly, always threatening falsehoods and outrageous claims, that not only, in his mind, will destroy his enemies, but show everyone how important and powerful the impotent little man merely existing in his grandmother’s basement really is.

      But does he actually face those he thinks might fight back, in an arena where they may be able to fight back?


      And in light of all the evidence, all of the behavior witnessed by myself, what Nickolaus Albert Pacione has plainly demonstrated himself to be is quite simple. His Type II Bipolar illness does not excuse what he has amply demonstrated he is. Mental illness, as he has been diagnosed with, does not change what he is at heart.

      He is a cowardly bully.

      • Melany says:

        He was extremely abusive towards me, and didn’t see anything wrong with reading ‘dracula’ to his newborn son and giving him ugly, mutated stuffed animals. He chased underage girls all around mason city, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he was trying to get them to sleep with him. He smoked pot at least once and pretended he didn’t know that it was a joint his friend handed him to smoke. He spent most of his nights at another girl’s apartment and repeatedly lied to me that that’s where he was and was probably sleeping with her. He claimed he got banned from the mason city library for trying to ‘run a business’ from their computers. I would bet anything it was for making threats against the workers for making him get off the computer when his hour was up so someone else could get a turn.

        He went after high school kids and people he thought he could bully and beat the crap out of. I laughed at his tale of some kids beating the shit out of him. If it actually happened he probably deserved it for threatening their sisters or mothers or girlfriends.

      • Mike Brendan says:

        Emphasis on coward. The last few emails I got from him had a definite whiny “leave me alone” tone them.

    • LOL!

      But that’s not nearly as funny as the message I’d left:

      “This ends Jerrod.” The Subway guy or the jewelry store? Nothing like a big hoagie after a pearl necklace!

    • LOL!

      My original comment:

      “This ends Jerrod.” The Subway guy or the jewelry store? Nothing like a big hoagie after a pearl necklace!

  33. Mike Brendan says:

    Oh noes. Nikita actually put two and two together and found my real name on What investigative skills — I wonder if he called his Mommy for help.

    Oh, well, only one thing to do. Point at him and laugh.

    And report him again to his health care providers.

  34. Mike Brendan says:

    La Dumb Nikitia has been on a tear with me, trying to scare me and all.

    One of his latest screeds says he’s going to report me to — because reporting him to his care providers is contributing to the stigma of mental illness…


  35. He just emailed me my phone number and address (thanks, cuz I’d misplaced ’em) with a threat that he’d make them public or something. So I reminded him that it’s in the white pages already. He should really try holding something NOT already public against me.

    Like all that footage of me and those midgets.

  36. Oh, hell, Jerrod. That’s public already! Don’t you remember when S.D. posted those on the Skullvines YouTube channel? 🙂

    I had them all converted to DVD and show them at parties. 🙂

  37. Birdie says:

    Have I lost more brain cells or has the ‘Tard changed his blog title from “the backlash” to “in backlash?”


  38. TIm Lieder says:

    He is threatening to make it so I date a gay dude. I’m sending him back erotic fantasies. His last one was that he’s going to knock up my sister.

    My sister is 60.

    Have at it, dude.

    If you guys want the emails, I can send them to you – just email me.

  39. CritGit says:

    I just love how his threats have become nothing more than high class entertainment to everyone.
    Maybe it is the way people tell ’em. 😉

  40. baupdeth says:

    I had this in my vampire freaks inbox:

    “You are done bullying me and you’re done putting your name on things that you didn’t write. What you are is another David “Doc” Byron. I am seneding what I have on you to the newspapers where you are. You should not go around bullying people who really can make it hard for you to get a job anywhere. You’re a fucking disgrace to men and women in uniform. I am giving you one chance to stop with the lies about my publishing company or I send what I have to your chain of command so you get a dishonorable discharge. You committed three counts of a white collar crime. The same thing that David “Doc” Byron did to Ferrel Moore.”

    • baupdeth says:

      This littered my gmail inbox:

      First up is kiss your profile good bye
      “I am also going to get your suckbuddy AutoAim_CFG pulled for the
      second time from the site. Because both of you are creating drama on
      the site. The staff pulled down at least 3 handles impersonating me
      in one day and I am also removing Timothy WIllard’s account from there too. In other words if you’re going to be pricks and libel me
      everywhere, go back to the shithole called where they spawn school shooters and cyberbullies. Take DJ Pathogen with you because I will use him as an example on why you should not FUCK with me. IT will be a matter of hours before you’re gone from the site. So now I tell you to fuck off.

      Next up Hey Plagiarist
      “You did not write GAME OVER nor did you write When Angels Wept Blood. I want to know where you got the original idea for GAME OVER if you claim that you “wrote” it. Also I will be reporting you to NC white collar crimes because what you did is the same thing as what David “Doc” Byron did with Ferrel’s story. I will find out your phone number and I will include this in an expose I am writing meaning I am going to take you down for that — Veterans aren’t suppose to do corrupt things to people such as put their byline on something they didn’t write. I put a lot of thought and concepts into GAME OVER and When Angels Wept Blood, your fuckbuddy Angry In Illinois purposely screwed my deal with LAme Goat Press because he didn’t want the truthto get out there that I wrote the story. I am also telling the truth that the loan never existed, therefore, Lake Fossil Press is my company.”

      • Melany says:

        Awww whatever will you do being banned from a site that Nicky loves? Because it’s so damn hard to make new accounts there.

      • sam says:

        hah it was me who got Chris at Lamegoat to pul his work LOL!

      • baupdeth says:

        Latest vampire freaks rant.

        “You’re violating my constitutiuonal rights to privacy. I have a case to have you put away for good long time. Now you have two options. Take down my facebook comments or go to federal prison. I will be pressing charges.”

        • baupdeth says:

          missed these some how:

          “Get your FUCKING hands off GAME OVER and When Angels Wept Blood becuase you didn’t write either of those. You just doctored the unfinished novella and slapped your fucking name on the byline. How long do you want to carry on that facade? You’re breaking the law by doing it, and when I am done with you — I will show the men and women in uniform that you’re really a dishonorable piece of shit. Death is too good for you.

          “I am pressing formal charges on you. Since you repeatedly invade my privacy, enjoy having a boyfriend named Molly. What you’re doing is a hate crime.

          “fuck off you libelous prick — I hope another Italian male you fuck with turns around punching you in the chest and counting each punch up to 200.

          “oh and I am pressing charges because you’re violating my right to privacy. I never invaded your privacy so why the fuck must you make it your goddamn mission to violate mine. You’re breaking the law. And you call yourself a veteran? You have no fucking honor.

          • Melany says:

            And how about we all press charges against YOU Nicky for death threats, rape threats, threatening to beat the shit out of us? I’m sure we would have a damn good case.

        • Lewis says:

          He paid Jenny’s VF page a visit too.

        • Mike Brendan says:

          Uh… There isn’t a constitutional right to privacy, oh La Dumb Nikita…

  41. k h koehler says:

    I received 5 love notes from our favorite midget before finally banning him from my inbox. Enjoy!

    “Cancel the publication of LAKE FOSSIL or that will be the end of your
    four publishing companies. Leave LAKE FOSSIL alone. I will notify the
    press how you fucking obtained my memoir as a pirated copy meaning
    that Black Death Books, Skullvines Press and Blasphemous Books will be
    seen in a light you don’t want to see meaning it supports e-piracy. I
    am sure you don’t want that skeleton coming out of the closet do you.
    I will also expose that you were the person who set fire to Tabloid
    Purposes IV and will be sending this information to your hometown

    Actually, KHP has four IMPRINTS, Skullvines, Black Death, Blasphemous and Tokusatsu. He seems to have trouble keeping that straight. ONE company, FOUR imprints –

    Followed in short order by:

    “Enjoy the death of all your publishing ventures whore.”

    KHP is doing fantastic! I’m glad he’s keeping up on things. SD, Jerrod and I just received our monthly royalties from Amazon and they blew us away. We have great authors, great books and I’m extremely happy with how things are going. 🙂

    Followed by:

    “I heard that you were having problems with your mother and cancer —
    because of your pirating my memoir, I am going to leave you to rot
    with that bitch. That’s a sign from God that he wasn’t happy with
    what you’ve done.”

    My mom is officially cancer-free! Thanks for asking, Nick!

    Followed by:

    “You are not going to get any help from me with your family’s health problems. Why? Because you reviewed a pirated copy of my book. That’s God telling you that you did something wrong, so I suggest that you stop fucking with my career.”

    Hmm…I talk to god all the time. And frankly, I don’t think she likes you much, Nick.


    “In other words FUCK YOU!”

    Aw, I don’t think he loves me anymore. I am a sad, saaad panda. 🙁

    • Mike Brendan says:

      That’s okay, Karen. I still love you. (that and 25 cents will get you a quarter… 😀 )

    • Melany says:

      I’m personally happy your mother is doing great Karen. 🙂 I lost my own mother to cancer and last year an awesome cousin to cancer, and my whole family supports causes like Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

      I may be a horrible person, but I keep hoping nicky gets some terrible, painful, terminal cancer and that nobody gives a damn when he tries to have a fund raising event to raise cash for treatments. He’s the only one I’d wish such a fate on.

      • k h koehler says:

        Thanks, Melany. I’m so very sorry to hear about your losses. 🙁 Anything I can do anytime, please let me know. As for Nick, he shouldn’t be claiming he has the power of cancer…or God. Shit like that can bite you on the ass big time.

    • Williemeikle says:

      I see that the wee hunchback is on a tear again. He really is a whiny little bitch isn’t he? Do you think he’ll ever grow up into a real boy, or is he destined to be 12 forever?

    • Sabledrake says:

      Congrats to your mom on the improvement, Karen! And on all the other good stuff, too!

      — C.

    • Jenny says:

      Karen, I’m glad to hear that your mom is doing well. BTW, Relay for Life, which Melany mentioned, is a great way for anyone who want to support cancer research to get involved. It’s both fun and emotionally touching.

      • Melany says:

        I love going to the local relay for life opening ceremonies every year. I hear so many amazing stories, and the people are just awesome. When my grandmother turned 90 she asked for donations to the relay for life instead of presents, and she was so excited to be able to donate $260 thanks to her family and friends.

      • Jenny says:

        I think this year my company is going to sponsor a team. We’ve talked it over, and even though it’s a bit of work putting together the booth, we want to do it. And last year I walked almost ten miles; I’m going to try to beat that this year!

    • Am I the only one that wants to do a Chris Crocker-style video on YouTube of Nicky crying, “LEAVE LAKE FOSSIL ALOOOOONE!!!!”?

    • Bystander says:

      When I was a very little girl, my father had cancer. A boy at church told me he would die, and go to hell, because God was punishing him for marrying a second time. Congrats, Nikki. You have all the originality of a spiteful nine year old!

      (Who was wrong, btw. My father is fine and has been for nearly two decades.)

  42. baupdeth says:

    According to Agent P, a certain unemployed troll is looking for a copyright lawyer. He can’t afford a lot of money, but when he gets one — he is going to the Supreme Court to go after Jerrod Balzer, AngryInIllinois, Brian Keene, Timothy Willard, and Robert Baupader. As Borri stated, he has a solid case and using my expose to bring this to the copyright lawyer. I am also going to do a media shitstorm.

    Seems as though Nikki’s profile keeps getting trolls :

    Dumpsterbaby aka Martin Jolicoeur was officially removed from his friends list on here because of him wanting to pirate my work. I told him to back off or I get his profile removed. If you’re part of a Lake Fossil Press publication and catching wind of this prick, remove him and report his profile as being a fake profile.

    Brian Cooper ‎….may he catch a nasty S.T.D. after getting his ID stolen……
    Peaches ‎/ — I like this guy! Hey Brian – I am going to do a thing called pencil fucking him. That is a term that was coined in Iowa that will hit them where it hurts legally.

    Brian Cooper OHYA…WE USED that phrase in prison also……I could make flames shoot out of my pen when i was pissed off…….Write some nasty charges…!!!
    Brian Cooper ‎^^^BTW….ive been meaning to ask you…..what the hell is a nice italian boy doing in bum-fuck egypt?????? i had to ask… happy new year…!!!!
    Peaches: I think you were talking about Mason Shithole, Iowa. I felt like a true outsider there and what made it worst that the library banned me because one client I had who I was desiging a website for found out about my main website. Writings From The Grave. Then they found out that I got paid $65.00 to design the original website so they had cut off my communication back to CHicago so I used updating my website as a code to let my family know I was okay.

  43. baupdeth says:

    fb interweb lawyers are the best!

    Peaches, I dont know why you dont get a free laywer..well at least they give the first 30 mins free for advice to see which route you can take..heres one in the US but there are many probably in your county

    Peaches: “I’ve been in touch with a few lawyers over the years, I will be looking into that website you pointed out. I am in the fight for my life when it comes to defending the Lake Fossil name and The Ethereal Gazette name. It’s because some of them actually slandered the lead author on a recent issue.”

    • Melany says:

      I’ll be all the ‘lawyers’ he contacted have told him the same thing “you don’t have a case against these folks”

    • baupdeth says:

      Oh snap!

      “Sorry for your trouble. Do you have the company names trademarked? If not, unfortunately you won’t get very far. You can still try to publicize the problem and make the people involved look bad, but unless you’ve trademarked the names, you …aren’t on firm legal ground. Copyright doesn’t really help you either, because you can’t copyright a title- you have to trademark it to keep people from using it. You can look at Amazon and see lots of books that all share the same title, or consider all the bands that took their band names from copyrighted works or characters from copyrighted works. Also, I don’t know the story here, but if they’re doing something humorous (to them- I know you don’t consider it humorous), they are probably protected under the law that allows satire. Hope it works out for you. Maybe you can at least turn it into some free publicity for your work.”

      • baupdeth says:

        Facebook news feed:
        “I am actually looking all this up as I sneal Pandora. I am doing a formal statement putting this to light. I actually put the ‘publisher’ on the spot asking him what if these assholes give me shit for my mental illness turn around and giv…e his beloved wife crap.

        So he goes and says he’s going to publish the book as Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape and his co-publisher suggested publishing it as Lake Fossil PRess. That really got me looking up their offline information on and included it in my statement.

        My titles don’t share titles of other books. I have a hunch that this is connected with the libel sites going around. One of them actually made the statement wherever I get accepted somewhere, they would go sending spies to get the publisher to drop my work.”

    • Phil Smith says:

      I am in the fight for my life

      You’d think he’d try to find something more valuable to fight for.

  44. baupdeth says:

    from fb newsfeed

    Nice — I got a promo code from the guys of to get books at 25% thanx guys. You just allowed me to use my refund to get a corrected version of 12. Now I am trying to see if I can use this code for bulk orders and getting Die Tech’s CD from

  45. baupdeth says:

    Speaking of facebook accounts, guess who has two?!/profile.php?id=100000841577535

    ^ that is his second one, which was located by doing a name search.

  46. Melany says:

    Just sending a shout out wishing you all a Happy New Year, and if you’re going to be out partying tonight be careful on the roads!

    Hopefully I’ll be out partying tonight myself with my gentleman friend if the roads aren’t too icy and nasty 🙂

  47. The Vern says:

    Happy new years! OK, I’ve been silent of late but thought this was funny.

    If you try to click on Nickys website link from his Facebook link, you get –

    Another quality fails 🙂

  48. The Vern says:

    M’eh, ok, not used to these codes on there. Try again, –

    The link you are trying to visit has been reported as abusive by Facebook users. To learn more about staying safe on the internet, visit our Security Page. You can also check out the malware and phishing Wikipedia articles.

  49. Lewis says:

    Happy Hogmanay, everyone!

  50. 50 Foot Ant says:

    Anyone else have him spamming them all kinds of stupid shit, or am I the only benificiary of his blathering?

    • Lewis says:

      He’s been ranting on Baupdeth and Jenny’s VF pages, and going after Melany and others in the comments on Expose the Tard. Though he hasn’t noticed this gem of a comment from Craig on his

      “Stupid motherfucker you can not even spell defamatory …


      I checked my email and blog and so far he hasn’t left me anything, though I expect that to change in a couple of days.

      Anyway let me raise a glass to you and your family’s health while I’m still merry and capable of typing. Also if you don’t mind I’d like to ask you a quick question. Would I get away with referring to a facility monitoring deep space and headed up by a general as being an Armed Forces facility, or should it be placed under a specific branch such as the Air Force? Aside from the opening it doesn’t play much of a role but I’m just curious about it.

      • baupdeth says:

        Throwing my $.02 in. All the sci-fi I’ve read, fleets/etc were referred to in naval terms, including monitoring stations.

        Air Force I’d think would be utilized for atmospheric planetary defense.


        Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

        • Lewis says:

          Thanks, man. I kind of thought it would be Air Force, mostly thanks to Star Gate if I’m being honest. However if I can get away with it I’d like to keep it as Armed Forces so I can use this paragraph, though I can always rework it if I have to.

          “Let us focus for a moment on one of those young men, who initially volunteered for service to his country due to the dream of visiting beautiful foreign climes, shooting the irritating inhabitants thereof, seducing their attractive women, and punching out the tyrants who ruled there, but all too soon discovered that he was sadly lacking in the physical qualities the armed forces required for decking dictators. By a twist of providence however they quickly realised that he was more than suitable for staring at monitors day in and day out, marking down little variations in data, and talking over lunch with the other young men of the day (which would be along anytime soon) when he would ask the attractive receptionist out for dinner. Which just goes to show that the armed forces can find a place for just about anyone: even if that place is in the latrines with a toothbrush.”

  51. autoaim.cfg says:

    I’m almost starting to feel left out here. Has little Nickypoo stopped loving me? Oh the pain, the pain, the pain of being left out in the cold. How can I start to feel his manly caress again? I am going to cry myself to sleep tonight. Oh Nicky icky picky snickerdoodle, why don’t you love me anymore?, Nicky… send some of your love my way, why don’t you? I want to play pattycake with you too. Oh wait, you’re too scared of me to address me. Figures! 😀

    P.S. Happy New Year to the anti-Nitwit Squad

    • Neve says:

      You’re not the only one Autoaim. He has tried to nip at me directly on The Flashing Swords DA only once a few months back. I smacked him down pretty hard then and the yappy little bitch hasn’t been back.

    • Sabledrake says:

      Nothing for me, either. Our idea balls must still be bobbing around in his manatee tank.

      Happy New Year, folks! Still 40 minutes to go here where I am 🙂

  52. Rusty says:

    Seventeen. Yes, seventeen. That is the number of comments Nikita tried to leave on my blog today.

    There’s persistence, and then there’s . . . Nicky. He’s one of those people who are way too stupid to learn, even by rote.

  53. Melany says:

    Oh, and even though it’s not the new year yet here in Iowa, it’s starting off great! Had a good time tonight with my gentleman friend. It was just too damn cold and icy to want to go far so we just went to the local steak house, and now I’m pleasantly full and pleasantly buzzed, unfortunately alone for the night, but still on for our date Tuesday night for Spamalot!

    I hope everyone else had a good night as well!

  54. Jenny says:

    Besides the little love notes on VampireFreaks, Nicky also left a “review” for me on Authorsden on the Upcoming Reviews article: “Get my name right. Ah yeah I reported you for this account being created for harassment purposes. Leave Issue 10 alone.” No emails, though

  55. Jenny says:

    Besides the little love notes on VampireFreaks, Nicky also left a comment on my “Upcoming Reviews” page at Authorsden: “Get my name right. Ah yeah I reported you for this account being created for harassment purposes. Leave Issue 10 alone.” No emails, though.

  56. Mike Brendan says:

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  57. baupdeth says:

    The quiet of the New Year was quickly shattered. All of these are from vf from the last 30 minutes or so.

    “All the shit talking you do of me on here, I am just using it as evidence to have YOU locked away. Then they will find out who is the true author of GAME OVER and When Angels Wept Blood. You contributed to this libel about me losing Lake Fossil Press for way too long. I proved that I am the owner by putting out the true issue of the magazine. When I tell your state police that you were the one who made up the thing about beating my kid and beating my ex-fiancee. That would actually give shame to the men and women in uniform because you’re the cyberbully. Not me.

    Fuck off, I will have the press breathing down your back because of your repeated plagiarism and breaking my constitutional right to privacy. So cease from snagging my facebook postings, and I will find out what it takes to have your friend AutoAim_CFG locked away for a good long time because I am wondering if there is a law in his Communist Government about harassment by mail. That’s a federal offense no matter how one looks at it. I am on my brain meds you prick.

    Fuck off asshole, what you’re doing is unconstitutional. If you don’t mind, I have public appearences to plan and inteviews to set up. Then it will be brought to light that you’re plagiarizing off of me.”

    • autoaim.cfg says:

      Ahhh, that’s more like it. 😀

      I don’t even know where to begin with that “communist government” remark, so I’ll just conclude that Princess Pacione failed his history exams and doesn’t even have a grade school education and then promptly fall off my chair, laughing at his uneducated ass. But then again, it’s not a tremendous surprise that Little Stupid isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree.

      Our own little Permadumb Energizer Bunny 😀

  58. Lewis says:

    He continues to show his undying love for Baupdeth on VF. By the way, autoaim, did you know your country has a communist government? Should I be calling you comrade autoaim?

    “Fuck off asshole, what you’re doing is unconstitutional. If you don’t mind, I have public appearences to plan and inteviews to set up. Then it will be brought to light that you’re plagiarizing off of me.”

    “Fuck off, I will have the press breathing down your back because of your repeated plagiarism and breaking my constitutional right to privacy. So cease from snagging my facebook postings, and I will find out what it takes to have your friend AutoAim_CFG locked away for a good long time because I am wondering if there is a law in his Communist Government about harassment by mail. That’s a federal offense no matter how one looks at it. I am on my brain meds you prick.”

    “All the shit talking you do of me on here, I am just using it as evidence to have YOU locked away. Then they will find out who is the true author of GAME OVER and When Angels Wept Blood. You contributed to this libel about me losing Lake Fossil Press for way too long. I proved that I am the owner by putting out the true issue of the magazine. When I tell your state police that you were the one who made up the thing about beating my kid and beating my ex-fiancee. That would actually give shame to the men and women in uniform because you’re the cyberbully. Not me.”

    • Melany says:

      We can’t make it up if it’s true Nicky!

      Oh and the hampton chronicle and klmj radio are the local media here in town, but everyone knows you’re too damn cowardly to actually go to the media with your insane rantings.

  59. Jenny says:

    LOL. Scroll down to the end of this link to see Nicky’s comment – The mods of that cult apparently still haven’t forgiven him…

  60. Mike Brendan says:

    I’m still waiting for my persecution by the press, the State of Pennsylvania, and the horde of gays and TGs to be showing up at my door…

    I’d say La Dumb Nikita is all talk, but even that is giving him too much credit.

  61. k h koehler says:

    I think we’re going to need a bigger boat comment area.

  62. CritGit says:

    Part of me wishes we had a like button on here just so I can ‘like’ so many spot on comments.
    But then I’d probably just end up liking everyone because you’re all just so gosh darned wonderful! 😉

  63. little black duck says:

    Adding this because you are all amateurs. Rank Amateurs, I say!

    Clearly he doesn’t love you like he loves me.

    *oh … god … weeps*

    15 emails from him in 4 days. I don’t know what I did to become the object of his obsession or how I became an “ally” but yes, he is looking for a copyright lawyer and he called me a “plagiarist groupie”.

    Is there an off button for this ride?

  64. little black duck says:

    You’re all amateurs. Rank Amateurs!

    He’s left me 15 e-mails in 4 days. I don’t know why or when I became and ally for his obsession to take down Brian, Jerrod and whomever else he feels like ranting against, but since I already know this rabid ferret will turn against me, I need a heavy book to drop on its head.

    Also, I seem to be on the verge of becoming a “plagiarist groupie”.

    “I am getting a lawyer so I can file a cease and desist to the faggot Jerrod Balzer. If you said the thing having Lake Fossil by Brian Keene instead of being by Nickolaus Pacione, then you’re a fucking plagiarist groupie. It’s bad enough that his bitch is putting his name on my novella. ”

    Is there an off button for this ride?

    • Melany says:

      Interesting he wants to file a cease and desist. I do believe someone filed one against him once and he wiped his ass with it (literally) and kept attacking them anyway.

      • Rusty says:

        I thought he said he lined his birdcage with it. Maybe his story about that has changed over the years. So many of them do.

  65. Mike Brendan says:

    His ignorance of copyright law matches his inability to comprehend… well… everything else. He’s just being gassy as usual.

  66. Lewis says:

    “Whoever is tagging this magazine “gay erotica” — they need to be dragged out and shot like a sick animal that’s seeking to be put out of their misery. This is a genre fiction/creative nonfiction magazine. This magazine will never be a “gay erotica” magazine. When I see this listing vandalized I smell goon written all over it. Goons are considered worst than terrorists.”

    Well, folks, now I’m considered to be “worst” than a terrorist I guess I’m going to have to throw away my beard trimmer and aim for a beard you could hide a small army in.

  67. Crawford Tillinghast says:

    Ah, the classics that never die:

    Unfortunately the sf_d mods may currently be getting a little delete-happy about certain posts and I think a few over there might’ve gone bye-bye for good, including the one somebody put up about his being committed.

    • Crawford Tillinghast says:

      Also, I think we may finally have found someone who could actually do well consulting the Nickster for advice in how to write better:

      (Warning, contains copious amounts of rampant homophobia and illiteracy even compared with what we’re all accustomed to from our li’l buddy. The LJ comm that pointed me to it is convinced the “author” is a troll, understandably enough, but whether it is or not it’s certainly packing its own fair share of entertainment value as are the reviews.)

      • Rusty says:

        The reviews are priceless. I initially thought seven year old whose native language isn’t English. Then I thought troll, but even that could go either way. My eyes and brain still sting from the assault.

  68. Lewis says:

    “The contributors are a revolving door of talent over the years, there are the regulars who stayed around from the beginning but I don’t always ask for the loyalty from the magazine because I do treat most of the contributors like family. Some contributors actually are long time friends or been a former love interest (see the lead one on Issue Four to see what I mean.)”

    Any idea who this is? Aside from Melany he’s only mentioned the probably imaginary potfiend nympho.

    • Lewis says:

      From what I can find it was probably a high school crush thing since she’s apparently a friend from back then. She appeared in Ethereal gazette issue four as J S Carrington and has a fantasy novel called Avalon that Nicky did a cover for available on Lulu, beyond that I couldn’t turn up anything. I wonder if she was mentioned in Nicky’s autobiography?

      • Rusty says:

        I seem to recall a Serena Carrington (maybe the “S” in J.S.?). If that’s not a pen name, it reeks of trailer park mom trying too hard to sound posh when naming the kid. I think it was just someone Nicky had a crush on.

        • Lewis says:

          Yeah, sorry I should have been clearer on that. Avalon is billed as being written by Serena Carrington and Nicky called her Jayme in his review.

          • Rusty says:

            Ohhhhhh! That’s Jayme Henry. Don’t know whether they actually dated, although Nicky used to call her his girlfriend. There are some hilarious audio clips on the internet that involve a troll pretending to be Jayme Henry, plus there was someone back in the Xanga days who trolled as Jayme, just to get Nicky all riled. Don’t know who the real Jayme is, but I’m 99% sure I know who the person doing the trolling was.

    • Melany says:

      Treats them like family…so he makes them fight his fights and treats them like crap and steals from them? :p

  69. 50 Foot Ant says:

    Well what you’re doing on my magazine’s listing on, I
    know it’s you because you’re the only one calling me that shitty
    insult. There is no fucking honor in what you’re doing there and, why the fuck would I want to waste $10.00 on a
    fucking membership over there. I have friends who are veterans, and
    they have more honor than you do. Maliciously reviewing an unfinished
    novella, there is no honor in that too. I am thinking that Baupader
    had a dishorable discharge.

    You want to be considered a veteran, show a little more honor by
    leaving my listing well enough alone. Put it like this I have a
    formal media statement written out and I am exposing you, and your
    asshole friends in this because what you have is no honor.

    If you were standing in front of me in person, I’d be saying the same
    fucking thing to your face. If you kill me it’s a fucking hate crime.
    But you call yourself a Republican, you’d be speaking up for the fact
    that men getting sex changes is morally wrong. You’d be saying
    homosexuality is morally wrong.

    What you are is a fucking Liberal who hides behind voting the
    Republican card. What you are is a ‘Veteran’ when my family are
    actual veterans. I never cried to get out of basic or sucked another
    man to get out. In truth, I had a young girlfriend at the time that
    when I started dating her I was still seventeen, but when I was
    turning 18 and she was still a minor. Meaning I couldn’t do anything
    otherwise it would been a dishonorable discharge. My uncle’s said I
    can apply for Veteran status because my discharge was honorable, in
    fact it was entry level separation.

    My short lived career in the military was sort of an awakening because
    I finally knew what my learning disability is. My doctor was referred
    to me by the Navy. Also my step-cousin is an honorable veteran, you
    bring dishonor to men and women in uniform. If you want to be treated
    with honor, then stop editing my magazine’s listing and stop lying
    about where you got GAME OVER because I never posted the novella
    anywhere. I showedthe novella to one other person and I am guessing
    that your ‘friends’ bugged this person for a copy. is a fucking mockery of Lake Fossil Press, I will
    have fully operational by March. All you are
    really is a fucking troll and once I get this formal media statement
    out there and your publisher learns about it, kiss your job farewell.
    This is the reason I don’t say who my publishers will be or going to
    be but I have two publishers now with some of my stories. If you call
    yourself a ‘verteran’ then stop messing with people who when you were
    in your 20s and 30s were just in grade school or high school..

    You’re guilty of the things that I get only accused of. And yes I can
    have you locked away for this too because it’s a crime called
    harassment by wire.

    • Mike Brendan says:

      Translating Nikitese to English shortens that diatribe to one word: “Waaaaaaaah!!!”

    • baupdeth says:

      Hey Nikki, seeing as how you read this, I’ll let you in on a secret.

      My honorable discharge is framed and hanging above my medal shadow box, and my bachelors degree. What hangs on your wall besides cobwebs and Village People posters?

  70. Lewis says:

    It’s good to see that Nicky keeps on defending his writerface listing with grace, though I personally thought he’d be grateful for a youtube video of Oliver Reed and Alan Bates wrestling naked.

    “I am not asking the troll but ordering the fucking faggot to knock the shit off because it’s not even funny the first time. There’s nothing faggoty about this magazine. It’s driven by a Conservative world view akin to Fox News Channel with a shock jock imagination akin to Mancow Muller.”

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