Slew of Peachy Keen Videos

Our favorite keyboard monkey posted three videos within the past 24 hours. I can’t keep all his “projects” straight in my mind. What’s up with filming a couple of them in a laundry/utility room? It’s hilarious when the camera drifts to the left on one of them, to show the bottle of Tide on the shelf.




magazine submission guidelines

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  1. JupiterPluvius says:

    Why can’t he wash his hair? Eugh. He looks like Horrible Jesus in these.

  2. That last one on VF is particularly stupid, the text opening proving he is unfit to call himself a writer, editor or publisher.

  3. autoaim.cfg says:

    Why is Nicky doing his shoots in the laundry room now? Did Uncle Don or Granny Shirley say that he wasn’t allowed to make some more videos and he’s sneaking into the laundry room to make them now, so they won’t know?

    Oh my… oh my…

    • admin says:

      He did type this line:

      The video is done by Pacione himself about four in the morning as he was looking at the body of Issue 13.

      That doesn’t surprise me. It accompanied the one he posted on VF, which was filmed in his usual spot in the computer corner. Maybe he felt safe enough at that time of morning to shoot the video without being caught, and the laundry room ones were done while it was possible someone else in the house was still awake?

      • no one special says:

        That right there should seem suspicious to his family. We all know there is no way he is actually in there doing some laundry.

  4. Melany says:

    Anyone want to mail him a million bottles of shampoo? His hair is disgusting. It’s not your writing driving the ladies away nicky! It’s your disgusting lack of hygiene!

  5. PG says:

    Nicky seeks investors:

    Like other magazines, namely Ebony or Jet (I am using these two for an example because they’re Chicago based) will have investers along with subscribers. Well my magazine is looking for some investores too. Investers will be getting a hardcover edition of an anthology, two back issues in print and An Eye In Shadows (or The Writings Collected both chosen by editor.) All sent to them from the printing host of everything that’s released on Lake Fossil Press. There’s the donation above that’s known as the editor’s living expense fund then the investors. Donations get e-copies of a publication. Investors get a number of flesh ‘n bloods. The investors will be working with both paypal and kickstarter pending on which is easier to work with. Investers will be billed monthly and don’t worry this isn’t a costly thing, but my goal is to make this magazine self funding.

    The billing cycle is automatic for this but if you want to cancel at any time you have the option to do that. The investor feature will work like the subscribe feature. Investors is a monthly subscription, though the magazine is tri-annual. They will have the option to be getting a book by any of the alumni each month. Some are from Ray Nelson’s work too and others will be some of Terry Vinson’s current or back catalog. Investors will also be seeing some of this go into the an organization that helps develop creative writing programs for young people wanting to make being an author their career choice. Investors will give this company the means to make public appearences outside of Illinois, and pay for the table at conventions to help promote the lesser known membes of the roster further. This is separate from subscribers. The site I also work with does membership dues every three months and the investors will also be covering this as well as what comes out of my own pocket. The ones that are yearly investors I will match it with my own money pending on the package. For the titles, they’re chosen at random in the hardcover form. Investors will be seeing a copy of Quakes And Storms in their snail mail inbox. Also paying for some of the contributors who are in the Great Lakes Area to travel to appearences as well to areas outside of The Midwest. Ray of Grigori 3 right now is in the studio, and investors I will be using the money wisely for everything related to the imprint and the magazine. This will also help me with my duties as a heavy metal promoter which is a part time gig for me.

    Investors will also see copies of upcoming projects in the print format too. If you’re an investor, I personally wish you thank you for the support. This will also help me go into the studio with a full personnel to cut an audio story on CD. A new never before released story no less. Investors will also see a CD copy of the new story when it’s done. I am as an editor and publisher 100% DIY because I design everything with the equipment I have in house. Investors will be helping me upgrade equipment to make the magazine even stronger as time goes on. I don’t have ads in the magazine because it will distract the reader from the meat within the pages. I want to dip into my bank account much less than I want to and want to make sure the authors are paid well on the editor’s choice bracket. Global Investers, everything here will be done in United States Dollars.

    • Melany says:

      He only uses Ebony and Jet as examples so he can pretend he’s not racist.

      • AngryInIllinois says:

        I found a short-lived post of his on Shocklines where he called someone (Tim?) some Jewish names then pointed out he had done so, explaining that people have in the past called him derogatory Italian names so it’s OK for him to be racist.

    • admin says:

      Although Johnson Publishing Co. founder John Johnson died five or six years ago, and his daughter now runs the company, it is still privately held, owned by the Johnson family, not by some investment consortium. From the very beginning, Johnson offered subscriptions and solicited advertising.

      Those “investers” [sic] about which Nicky keeps talking, are in fact, called subscribers and advertisers. They neither own shares in the company, nor receive profits from it.

      Clearly, Nicky knows even less about finance than he does about publishing. True investors buy into a company with the expectation of future profit from it, not to, say, get a bottle of Tide from P&G every three months. There’s a difference between how private financing and public trading work, but the principle is the same. Investors anticipate a monetary reward at some future point, otherwise, they’re just buying goods and services, like any ordinary consumer.

      Yeah, I know. TL;DR

      • Just Me says:

        Nicky really does have the mind of a kid/teenager.

        He has no idea how to manage money, he has difficulty in understanding how the business world works, he thinks using vulgar language in every day conversation is okay, he thinks the world revolves around him, he is stuck in his high school years and often makes references to things from that period that are outdated (beepers, VCRs, tape recorders, flannel shirts, etc), he thinks that his books/magazines/publications/whatever are awesome even though they are far from professional.

        He’s just like a 12 year old kid.

      • JupiterPluvius says:

        Yes, where is this whole obsession with EBONY and JET coming from? It’s so fucking weird.

        And it’s probably a reflection of his stone-ass racism that he thinks that these highly successful newsstand magazines need handouts the way his doucheblatherings do.

        The Johnson family have built a huge media empire, and Peaches can barely wank into a sock. Oh, white supremacists, why must you always be your own best counterargument?

    • So basically, invest in the magazine, and he’ll use the money to fund his side gigs.

      Sir, in the real world we call that embezzlement.

  6. Lyttle Bird says:

    It’s like the bottle of Tide is sneaking up on him . . .

  7. baupdeth says:

    New video up regarding autoaim called Issues with a personal stalker.

    • Just Me says:

      Among his idiotic ramblings the one thing that really got me laughing was when he said that he’s going to sue the owner of Topix!


    • admin says:

      He also got in a few digs at Slade.

      If the police in Morris did indeed tell his neighbors something along the lines of “nothing to see here — move along,” then they didn’t bother looking into the situation with that teenage model. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for cops in small towns like that to think they already know all there is to know about a situation, and refuse to look into any evidence to the contrary.

      • Just Me says:

        ^ This, very sadly.

        Some years ago, I read a story about a woman being harassed and stalked by a guy like Nicky from a small town like Morris, but I think it was in Nebraska or Oklahoma. People contacted the police ALL the time about the guy saying he’s crazy, he’s a danger to society, the same things we say about Nicky, and of course the police said there wasn’t a problem. My memory is a little hazy on this, but I think he actually went to her house and attacked her.

    • Melany says:

      After watching his videos I took a LONG hot shower and scrubbed thoroughly. His lack of washing makes me feel dirty.

    • autoaim.cfg says:

      Nicky’s adorable. Should we get him a Pink/White/Navy drool bib?

      Note: NAVY 😀

  8. Janrae Frank says:

    at least there was no foul language.

    • JupiterPluvius says:

      No profane, obscene, or scatological language, sure. But it was still foul. Foul with the stench of a mind so closed it has become sour and moldy.

      • Janrae Frank says:

        most definitely, Jup. Come this September, I will have been facing off against Nicky for 8 years. 7 of those with him getting nasty with my kid.

        • JupiterPluvius says:

          He’s so awful to you and your daughter. What a cowardly bully he is.

          • Melany says:

            Typical bully/abusive asshole. Goes after those he thinks are weaker than he is. Then hides from anyone who calls him on his bullshit and says “bring it on and put your money where your mouth is Nicky”

        • Just Me says:

          Ugh and the worst part of this all? When you defended yourself and your child from him, he claims that you are “bullying him and picking on the disabled” even though you are truly disabled. He is the definition of hypocrite, cowardice and bullying.

          It’ll be 9 years for me in June. In June 2002 he attacked me with a barrage of death threats and vulgar emails for dare suggesting that he needed to take remedial English classes to improve his writing.

          • Tim Willard says:

            For me it’s like 6 years or something now, not that I care any more.

            He’s threatened my wife, my daughter, bragged about calling my publisher and workplace, he’s threatened to get my VA Compensation taken away or get it sent to him. He’s filed DMCA claims against me, my blogs, and on YouTube.

            He’s a disgusting little troglodyte who bullies people and then runs and hides behind his parents, his mentally ill status, and claims cyberbullying. He’s stalked people and tried to lure minor girls to deserted locations for “photoshoots”.

            Sooner or later, what comes around goes around.

          • admin says:

            @Tim: did he really think Uncle Sam would take away your VA benefits, and give them to him instead? If he’s the “disabled veteran” he keeps claiming to be, he ought to just apply for his own benefits.

            Those false DMCA claims he keeps filing on people are really tiresome. What I don’t get is why he (the claimant) never seems to have to prove his claim.

    • AngryInIllinois says:

      But he did stop to take another DRINK. Freakin’ boozer Pacione.

  9. Mad Hatter says:

    This is what happens when my computer breaks down! I miss all this Peachy goodness!

    Behold, Nick! The Tide wants to be your friend, and cleanse you of your dirt. RIDE THE TIDE, brother! RIDE THE TIDE!

  10. admin says:

    Our favorite twit just tweeted:

    npacione: Don’t rely on for the listing of the magazine — or the publishing company. It gets vandalized by SomethingAwful

    OMGZ! A whole forum vandalized Nicky’s page. Quick, Nicky! Sue Lowtax, the way you’re suing the owner of Topix.

  11. Robin E. says:

    He’s not suing anyone. Why does he even bother to say it. We know the truth.

    • Janrae Frank says:

      Too true. From my own experience, as well as reading articles about it, lawsuits are either a) priced out of the average person’s reach (like mine) and b) impossible to interest an attorney into taking on pro bono unless there is huge amounts of money to be made if they win.

    • Melany says:

      It’ll be a moot point after Saturday the world is coming to an end! LOL (I just love all the crazy doomsday stuff)

      • JupiterPluvius says:

        I call dibsies on Tim LaHaye’s private plane!

        • Melany says:

          A friend and I have decided that if the rapture happens we’re going to stand at the intersection of the main highways in town waving bye bye to the raptured and eating twinkies that we looted from the convenience stores LOL

          • marc says:

            Leave a full set of clothes lying on your lawn at about 6 o’clock so the neighbours think you’ve been taken…

      • Just Me says:

        I am anxiously awaiting for the end of the world! I won’t have to worry making about the deadline for these two research projects I have to get turned in tomorrow before noon! LOL! 😛

  12. Melany says:

    Hey folks! I’ve been around but quiet busy, but I’m still alive! I’ve just been busy hanging out with friends! And I have to share that I won a $1200 jackpot at the casino a couple nights ago! =D

    (don’t even think of reporting me to social security for fraud Nicky if you’re reading this, my first call the next day was to them the minute their office opened to report it)

  13. admin says:

    Marjoram! Yes, marjoram. I got some today. For the longest time, none of the garden centers had any. I finally found some this afternoon at Home Depot, of all places. It sucks that I had to pay $2.49 for it, but I’ll get over it the moment I start adding it to my marinades and cream sauces.

    We still couldn’t find any serranos, but we did find a couple of hot banana peppers to replace a couple we grew from seed, but lost to slugs. I’m pretty much out of hope for tomatillos this year. Nobody has any. If only I had known that six weeks ago, I would have saved some seed, and started a few of them indoors. It’s too late to do that now.

    • JupiterPluvius says:

      Marjoram is the most underrated green herb in my book. So delicious!

      That sucks about the tomatillos, because they’re so expensive in stores.

      • admin says:

        Marjoram is one of those annuals that works so much better when minced up fresh, than dried from a bottle, although if I have any left in October, I will cut and dry it.

        I’m saving tomatillo seeds for next year. It’s not much fun going from harvesting a pound or two a day from my own plants, like I did last summer, to having to buy them. We will have fresh salsa verde this summer, if I buy some from the grocery store, but I won’t have any of my own to can for soup next winter.

        On the other hand, we used the space for cukes, which are good either diced fresh with viniagrette, or pickled. I don’t even have to break out the pressure canner/cooker for pickled cukies; they hot can just fine.

  14. Melany says:

    Darn I’m still here! The world didn’t end! 🙁

    • Just Me says:

      I know! Now I really do have to get off my ass and get these projects in! 🙁

      Or maybe we did get left behind! 😀

  15. Robin E. says:

    I’m pretty sure by my behavior that I was meant to be left behind. Satan don’t want me either.

    • Melany says:

      I was pretty sure with my recent gambling and the fact I’m not a christian would insure I’d get left behind, and I was prepared to party! 😀

      I wonder if Nicky was disappointed that he wasn’t good enough to be raptured either? LOL

  16. Mad Hatter says:

    Did he get his Internet yanked again? Or get in trouble for filming in the laundry room (and doing God knows what to the warm socks out of the dryer?) Or, perhaps, he thought RAPTURE was rupture, and he opened a vein?

    Where did Peaches go?

    • admin says:

      I was wondering the same thing. He can’t even be offline for three days without making a reference to “going black.” This time around, it’s been longer than that, without a peep.

  17. Robin E. says:

    I’d bet anything that it has to do with him making those videos in the laundry room. He probably got his internet yanked. I bet he thinks his family isn’t monitoring him, but I’d bet at least one of them is, after the flyers went around and the police having their little “community meeting”.

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