What’s Davey Boy’s Game?

Boyer posted this on SL this afternoon:

First off, why would the editor of Lost Souls pass along email to Boyer, unless of course, Grant Dean is Boyer?  Sure, we already know Dean is Boyer, but if the folks on SL don’t know that, it’s exactly the sort of question they might ask themselves.  He might as well climb on top of a gas station roof and scream “Look at the kind of nasty email people are sending me!”

And, what’s up with the Pacione-style alleged nastygram?  Is Peaches back on Boyer’s case, harassing him?  If so, Karma’s my bestest bitch evah.  Tin Foil Dave deserves this.

Anyone know what his game is, with that post?  He’s too transparent for it to work, whatever it is.


Matt locked both of Jeani’s Boyer threads, and deleted the one above, started by Boyer.  Below is the screengrab with replies before the bahleetion occurred.

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25 Responses to What’s Davey Boy’s Game?

  1. AngryInIllinois says:

    Sounds like Nicky, but looking up that email gives us

    santee, California, United States

    Email: Lordaugust@aol.com

    Home page: lordaugust.gather,com

    Author Paul Allen Leoncini; San Diego California 1967
    Ages twelve and up. Hitting the radio circuit is way to get the word out even if it’s only for a few minutes; local news is way to help market the publication during morning newscasts.

    Interests: Music, sakating,writing of cours, and sports

    Published writer: No

    Freelance: Yes

  2. AngryInIllinois says:


    He takes pictures in the prison pose/by large bodies of water like Nicky.

    Uh oh.

  3. Janrae Frank says:

    He also looks big enough to beat Boyer into the ground.

  4. AngryInIllinois says:

    Boyer is insane. He was insane to pull as much crap as he did to get him noticed, but most would have wised up after that. The fact that he continues to attempt that shows he is crazy as hell. Among other things he’s a sociopath.

    Nicky and him must have communicated with each other on how to do aliases on the net before they broke up, because they both are HORRIBLE at it. That, and neither will back off and give up once everyone is on to the fake.

  5. Janrae Frank says:

    And the more I look at it, I think it’s a frame up. I would not contact this person for any reason.

  6. AngryInIllinois says:

    12 Point, Times New Roman font, single-spaced, bio and contact email included on first page of story. Copy/paste your story into the submissions form below. NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR PERSONAL MESSAGES OR ANY FEEBLE ATTEMPTS AT HUMOR. THIS IS FOR SUBMISSIONS ONLY.

    lol I love it when Nitwits give you ideas on how to best screw with them!

    Also, is it just him and Nicky, or do most submissions require you to lay out the story in a certain font and whatnot?

  7. PG says:

    So Matt has gone from protecting Boyer, to allowing the posts about Boyer, and now back to protecting Boyer again?

    • Janrae Frank says:

      Shocklines needs to die. Matt became anti-Boyer only when the mess with Koontz was discovered. Now that the Koontz situation is off the table, he is back to saying it is okay to harm lesser authors.

      I think that Matt actually hates the little guys.

    • admin says:

      Evidently so. Ramsey specifically asked Matt to not lock the thread in which Boyer took a few jabs at him, yet Matt locked it anyway. Matt only seems to care about two types of people: those who his employer publishes, and certifiable sociopathic train wrecks.

    • Scott says:

      Matt just has no fucking clue about anything. A sad little mess of a man.

  8. Victor says:

    Imagine that. Matt protecting fucking morons. Matt nees to sell it. Or like Janrae says, let it die.

  9. Mad Hatter says:

    Matt is boring.
    Davey is boring.

    Where the hell is Nicky? At least he has an entertainment factor, as unintentional as it is.

    • admin says:

      I know. Nicky’s funniest when he’s RAEGING. That’s when my upper abs get their best workout.

      Where is that boi?

      • Lewis says:

        My guess is that they got him medicated to high hell for the family reunion. It’ll probably take a month or two before he really starts to slip and we see the old Nicky back in full force.

        • admin says:

          The family reunion is the weekend after July 4. Let’s hope his meds last that long. Otherwise, he’s going to be a bigger handful than my dog, when he wants to mess with my neighbor’s beehives, or chase a big buck.

          • Mad Hatter says:

            One of my dogs chased a cow the other day. And yes, it was the dog that weighs less than five pounds.

          • admin says:

            @ Haberdasher: LOL! Our mutt is easily 50+ lbs. and could pass for a sled dog, but yours sounds so much scrappier. Cow. I like it.

        • AngryInIllinois says:

          LOL he’ll forget his meds there like he used to do, spaz out and fait until they call an ambulance. There was a time thAt would happen constantly. I hope he acts like himself and sheryl’s poor parenting becomes apparent to them all.

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