What is it With Trip Advisor and Yelp?

I submit legitimate reviews.  I’m not a gourmand.  Pretty much, when there is a place that is awful, 25+ other people agree with me.  Two days later, my reviews post.  I can cook better kebabs in that time, at home.  Same with the spanicopita.  I’m not going to crap on the waitresses, if they’re reasonably attentive.  It’s not their fault.  They’ll get their 20% tip, but I’ll never go back there.

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10 Responses to What is it With Trip Advisor and Yelp?

  1. Janrae Frank says:

    I think that 20% is getting excessive.

  2. SpicyPixi says:

    I honestly hate how 20% has become an expected amount to tip rather than a show of exceptional service. Anything more and they better be lacing my alcohol with more alcohol!!!

    • admin says:

      Twenty percent is pretty much my upper limit. For pub grub for two people, even with Yuenglings, the difference between 15 and 20% is usually only a buck or two. But, I do resent being stared down for that last five percent at someplace expensive, unless the service is stellar.

  3. Stinkycat says:

    Less than 1/2 of my reviews get published on Yelp and fortunately I live near a mecca of wonderful dining- so they are 4 or 5 reviews. I don’t get it- they just get hidden. I even rewrite them, and it doesn’t help. I stopped bothering.

    • admin says:

      Turns out my review did get posted on Yelp sometime overnight. I don’t see it on Trip Advisor yet. Evidently, this restaurant is only a few months old, which explains why I’d never heard of it.

      I’ve never seen so many one and two star reviews. There was a single five star review that stuck out like a sore thumb, probably written by the owner or a family member — or one of the wait staff. When someone goes on at length about what a sweetiepie her waitress was, and doesn’t say much about the food other than that “it was presented beautifully,” it’s a red flag. Especially when the reviewer states “I don’t know what all the other reviewers are talking about.”

      Nobody picks a restaurant based on how “sweet” one of the waitresses is. I predict this place will be gone by the end of the year.

  4. admin says:

    Hmm My review was finally posted on Trip Advisor. Others don’t disagree with me. That’s nice to know.

  5. What’s your Tripadvisor name? Mine is indeed Ramsey Campbell.

    • admin says:

      I had to look it up to answer your question. It’s RussWayNorthofPhilly. I’ve only posted a handful of reviews, most, if not all, for restaurants.

  6. That’s very helpful detailed reporting! Better than mine…

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