Declining Skills

An example of Mr. Pacione’s early writing is from Carnival of Carpathia, written in December, 2000.

That as I would remain in the sleeping bag; shielding myself from the snows that would fall at midnight — the dream that would be in my sleep would continue.

One has to wonder how the narrator knew the snow would begin at midnight if he was asleep, dreaming. The sentence is awkward, perhaps as a result of his attempt to mimic Lovecraft’s style, but I understand what he’s trying to convey.

Here’s another line:

As I had descended from the rock face, the only thing which was in my mind was the bizarre nightmare; the nightmare about the Carnival of Carpathia.

Again, the meaning is clear.

Nearly four years later, Mr. Pacione’s writing in Lake Fossil, included in the original Tabloid Purposes, shows clarity of thought.

That eye is one I will remember for many years to come, even as a seventeen year old.

Everything after the comma could go, but it’s coherent.

Spectral Exile was posted as a November 2006 story on the Spinetinglers board. I have no idea what the following sentence means.

She had no idea where she would go would collect into something that draws into the depths of Rod Serling’s journal and imagination.

It contains no misspellings, yet I cannot decipher it. The story is riddled with such sentences.

I heard stories about walking into these particular places; some went in but never came out. Unless they were carried out on a gurney – which being the case in 2002 when a few in a south side nightclub were trampled underfoot. That wasn’t even a Goth club that happened in either, but the stories I heard or seen when I heard Bella describe was one that easy can be something that fits an old vampire novel -– meaning they had to drag someone covered from neck to toe in a white blanket over them and tucked under them.

That entire paragraph was tangential, at best, to the story. We see Mr. Pacione stray from his subject matter to inject his knowledge of local news, before returning to the events of the evening. This story meanders much the way I suspect his mind does. There are errors in that paragraph that Mr. Pacione insisted on the forum board didn’t exist.

This is why I believe Mr. Pacione’s writing has gotten worse over the years. Most people improve with practice. Pacione does not.

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14 Responses to Declining Skills

  1. You have no right to be posting my work. You don’t honor people’s copyrighted works asshole. This is a violation of that. You need to be gutted like a fish for stealing someone’s work.

  2. cussedness says:

    No one is stealing anything. Rusty is merely quoting from it and that is legal under the Fair Use provision of US copyright law.

    As for gutted like a fish, you need a bleach enema to clear the cobwebs of incomprehension out of your brain.

    You are only making yourself a laughingstock.

  3. Phil Smith says:

    You know, you could string together random sentences taken from his stories, put them together in an arbitrary and haphazard arrangement of paragraphs, and they’d still make more sense than his stories.

  4. codgerrumblings says:

    When may I expect to find a dead fish wrapped in newspaper on my front doorstep?

  5. cussedness says:

    I had a dog when Sovay was little who used to wade out into the tidal lake and catch fish. Then Poppy would let herself into the house and leave the fish on my pillow next to my ear as a present. She husky/German Short-hair cross.

  6. Jenny says:

    Once, just for fun, I ran some of Nicky’s prose through a random text generator. The result was actually more readable than the original.

  7. Do you fuckers respect anyones copyrighted material? Yes or no? I guess when it comes to seeing my work as a copyright you say, “Fuck the copyrights let’s steal it anyway?” So yes I will say you will steal my work on a regular basis including you Janrae. Stealing my blogs you no-name bitch. Jenny let me ask this question — why derail someone’s career when you don’t like the person?

  8. cussedness says:

    Actually, dear Nicky, the “yes or no” answer that you request is irrelevant since no copyrights have been stolen or infringed.

    By all means, as Abbie Hoffman said “Steal this (mine) book”

    No one is stealing anything. Feel free to quote from my work, Nicky. Just remember to add an attribution because otherwise it is plagiarism.

  9. Phil Smith says:

    I think perhaps I may be showing my bias, so for the next post I shall try to look at it from Nick’s point of view.


    Jenny has no right to say anything derogatory about Nickolaus. All he did was threaten to kill her and burn her house down! That’s no excuse to go quoting his work like a faggot! Yes or no? If you say yes you deserve to be gutted like a mother fucking fagfish. He is making waves in this industry — let him enjoy being published you faggots! Sorry fucker that’s not even close. He got a unique voice and dark human potential and you’re all jealous. He’s got your asshole in his crosshairs and you got a fist coming! That’ll show you who the faggot is! FUCKERS!

    … let me know if I missed anything out, Princess.

  10. Sir Otter says:

    So, Nick, your position is that we should shift our efforts to derailing the careers of people we like, rather than those we don’t? Not that you have a career, except as a professional deluded wannabe.

  11. codgerrumblings says:

    He wants us to turn our attention to derailing the careers of people he doesn’t like, meanwhile wailing about how unfair it is to try to derail his career.

  12. cussedness says:

    He wants a Get Out of Jail Free Card and a Pass Go Collect Money he hasn’t earned Card.

  13. Jenny says:

    Nicky, you don’t have a career. And I’m giving you bad reviews because your writing sucks so badly the stray cat outside our office could puke up better prose. It has nothing do with my opinion of you as a person.

  14. cussedness says:

    Nicky cannot distinguish between criticism of his work and criticism of himself. By the very nature of his reactions, it is apparent that everything is personal with him.

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