Another Long, Whiny Video

Hat Tip:  Lewis

His goatee is all wonky again, in the opposite direction from a week or two ago.  Doesn’t he shave and trim in front of a mirror like everyone else?

It’s basically a 12 minute rant about people stifling the disabled — namely him.  That’s rich, coming from a guy who has a vendetta against Heavy Metal Anna for kicking him out of her FB group.  My understanding is she’s also learning disabled, although she was smart enough to back out of doing a modeling gig for our favorite creeper.  All his recent bashing of Akron was directed at her.

I haven’t worked my way through the entire video yet.  Seems best done in small doses, with closed captioning enabled.

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36 Responses to Another Long, Whiny Video

  1. Dmpstrbaby says:

    I really don’t understand anything he’s saying anymore. I also can’t tell if he’s high on or off his meds?

    • admin says:

      I have it on good authority that he’s back off his meds. The person who mentioned this has seen it before from personal (face to face) experience dealing with him. Closed captions are even less coherent than the audio, but they are more … interesting.

  2. Naaman Brown says:

    So that is what that An Author’s Blog rant against Akron (“…what the hell you losers? I am not Hustler or Playboy….”) was all about? His blog since he closed off comments comments has no context. I say, good for Akron.

    (This is like driving past a car wreck; I feel guilty but I can’t look away.)

    • Lewis says:

      Basically he sent a fetish porn video to some woman he wanted to model for him and she inferred that he wanted to take similar photos. I don’t blame her.

      • Stinkycat says:

        I hear it wasn’t porn (no sex) but a fetish film, and Nicky’s IQ may be too low to understand what a fetish film is versus what he perceives as horror. Still enough to seriously creep the lady out!

        • Naaman Brown says:

          Heavy Metal Anna

          Any relation to Original Horror Ann mentioned on the cover of Ethereal Gazette 10
          (Lake Fossil Press Logo: “Original Horror Ann Science Fiction For The Fans, By The Fans”)?

          (I thought I remembered an Anna or Ann; searched again and Original Horror Ann was mentioned in reviews I had saved of EG10.)

          • admin says:

            Nicky always did have trouble putting out publications that lacked typos on the covers. He lashes out, too, when people point them out.

            • marc says:

              That was the start of his spat with me, just after I asked for my name spelt correctly in the ToC, I asked why EG10 had different names on the front and back covers. That was the conversation when he tried to tell me I was called Marc Zyth…

              Those were the days. The problem is that it’s the same stuff over and over again with him. It gets boring after a while.

            • Melany says:

              Which is what I poked fun of when I tweeted my selfie of enjoying my copy of “Fossil Lake” LOL

  3. Mike Brendan says:

    He’s probably drinking again as well. If not, then he needs to get to a doctor right away, because there is something seriously wrong there — and I mean beyond his being an illiterate asshole.

    • Naaman Brown says:

      How long ago was the graveyard photo model shoot anyway?

      10 Mar 2014 Pacione responded to the Wikipedia Article for Deletion vote page over his autobiography almost eight years after it was archived as “Do not edit…” 25 Apr 2006 (the final vote delete was 14 May 2005).

      Anymore it’s like he roams the internet looking for random criticism to bark at.

      • Stinkycat says:

        Yep, especially when he finds a 2-year old forum post (by doing a name search on himself) and replies to it like it was written that day. I’m not sure on date of scheduled graveyard shoot but it was at least more than 2 years ago.

    • admin says:

      Agreed. He always sounded like he had a mouth full of marbles, but this is the worst I’ve ever seen him slur his speech. His facial tics are back, and his jaw moves around like it’s held on with rubber bands. Something is really wrong.

  4. marc says:

    Yay! I get some love in the only section of this you can understand!!!!

  5. Stinkycat says:

    I know the feeling!

  6. Scott says:

    Jesus, that’s painful to watch. For once I don’t mean that in a snarky way. It’s shocking-though not surprising-how fast he’s headed downhill. It would be sad if he wasn’t such an asshole.

    • Stinkycat says:

      Agreed. I hope he at least picks up some vitamins if he’s staying off his meds. He looks like he’s in his late 50s already and recovering from a stroke or severe nutritional deficiency.

  7. Sonja says:

    Is that even english?

    • Naaman Brown says: recognoizes his writing as English by auto detect.

      But looking at some of the posted closed captioning for these videos, I am not sure if voice recognition can figure out what he is speaking.

  8. No One says:

    His delusions are immense in his latest word vomit tumblr:
    “I wonder if they caught onto my more Gothic traits when I discovered Black Sabbath — the first Black Sabath album I have a more Conservative version of a Gothic appearence. Black Denim and horror — the heavier, darker and scarier atmospheres. My take on this became a lot scarier for some; as JV from American Gothic Productions caught more onto this — Mick Mercer noticed my traits as did Gitane Demone too; the last blog post I did on where I wrote how to alienate a friend. Some would see Bauhaus and Black Sabbath — Ministry when I got into them rigged their guitars.”

    I have known some severely mentally ill people in my life – some of them blood relatives. But I’ve never seen such delusions of grandeur like this before.

  9. No One says:

    I know that he’s claimed that he is bipolar type 2, but from my research, he fits bipolar type 1 much more accurately.

    • Stinkycat says:

      I don’t think he’s bipolar at all. Mr. Pompous never is down. I mean he’s been this same way now non-stop for what a year? I think when he’s quiet it’s simply b/c he busts his computer. Now a Narcissistic Personality Disorder mixed with a low IQ, lazyness, general a-holeness and parents who didn’t raise him right, that’s what he’s got. Even with meds he’s still incoherent and an a-hole. They just quiet him some. His brain is likely ravaged from going on and off antipsychotics.

      Quite telling in his little blog where he admits he went on disability b/c he was tired of working at Burger King for only $5.15/hr. Mr. Pompous should have kept flipping burgers all these years instead of being a leech. Of course now he’s assured of disability continuing b/c he looks like he is ready to stroke out.

  10. Just a guy says:

    I haven’t had any interaction with Nicky in over 3 years, and last night at almost 4am he sends me a message going completely nuts. I told him to stop contacting me no less than 5 times, and he just wouldn’t. I had a story removed from one of his “books” because of his hateful vitriol, and now he is telling me that he actually cut me, it wasn’t my request, that I will never have a show in Chicago, that my band will never play in Chicago, that he will make me a joke out of me in Joliet because I am the “second anthology dropout from hell”, etc etc etc… I can send screen shots if anyone wants to see more of his delusional nonsense.

    • Lewis says:

      That’s just how Nicky’s mind works, sadly. You leave him alone then out of the blue something reminds him about you and he returns spewing bile and muddled accusations,

      • Just a guy says:

        He then today messaged me again saying that I “libeled him with that one” (which must mean ignored him, because I didn’t respond to him” and that I should trade in my Slayer shirt for a “wigger one as we nair your hair out in Chicago”. Someone needs to intervene with this guy. He’s out of his mind.

        • admin says:

          He never has gotten over that incident in which one of his IRL “friends” Naired his hair under the pretense of giving him a “conditioning treatment.”

  11. Naaman Brown says:

    The image of Pacione coming for one’s hair with a jar of Nair (Reg. TM) backed by We in Chicago is creepier than anything imagined in Apt #2W or at The Witch’s Party.

    • Stinkycat says:

      You should try to make your way through The Cabbie Homicide which Nick claims is better than Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart. Now that’s scary.

      He tells a cabbie (while in the car) about how a guy he knew (was simply in the same town) killed a cab driver. Although technically the guy beat him, and I believe another guy strangled him but specifics aren’t Nick’s thing. Did he get inside the mid of a killer or give any background info other than the newspaper article that is readily available online? Of course not. Nothing happened. Somehow the cab driver just told Nick how brave he was for writing about it. Nick even mispelled the guy’s name in it, calling Billy Porras by the name of Billy Porris. For some unknown reason Nick likes to bring this guy up…a lot even though they weren’t friends and not sure he even knew him.

  12. Naaman Brown says:

    At least Porras/Porris are phonetically similar; close counts in horseshoes and Pacione. But if he knew the guy well enough to be affected by what he did, you would think he would either know his name or try to get it right.

    • Stinkycat says:

      I’ve seen no evidence he knew Porras at all. He simply was from the same county, and the cabbie murder made the news. No different than how he was somehow immensely affected by Kristov’s death even though he never met him either. Now the death of his own grandparents, who raised him, he barely mentions other than to complain how it caused him to have to tighten up on money.

      • Stinkycat says:

        Nikita just confirmed on FB. He did not know Porras. How pathetic.

        More pathetic is he uses Bing translate (which any moron can do), because he never learned a foreign language. Too dumb in to learn like others do, after all one has to understand English first.

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