Nicky Gets a Job

Our favorite Munchkin has another new Tumblr entry.  It’s a hot mess, as usual.  However, it is notable for two things.

… the employment is very limited to those who had some college; not many become writers or come follow my footsteps at as I will say they are hiring writers and publishers but you have your own hours.

So, Nicky really does believe he’s an employee of Createspace.  He has stated quite a few times by now that he is considered an “elder statesman” at his new “employer.”  Apparently, he quit their employ while they were Booksurge, was recently “rehired” after a falling out with his interim employer of 10 years, Lulu, and was given a senior management position, or something along those lines.  I wonder what his new pay package looks like.  Same as the old one (pin money, every few months, for the copies of his own books he bought to give away)?

The other thing of note regards a submission to The New Republic.

The piece I wrote and submitted for I also submitted for The New Republic — the latter is a long shot as I sent this as both a pdf and a .doc attachment. The aspect that might peak their interest is I was uncovering a Stephen Glass style situtation on; I had stated a lot of my sources when I reviewed on — I am going to query with The New Republic about doing a peice about Richard Matheson based upon my blog tags and research that I did about Matheson’s catalog.

[ … ]

I was starting to submit out more when I did The Ethereal Gazette more to get the word out with my magazine, but seeing if The New Republic will bite with this article I wrote about my retrospect with …

I’m confused.  First he says he submitted the same article he wrote for VampireFreaks, which is probably the one claiming Baup plagiarized him, that caused the kerfuffle with a moderator that got him suspended for a month.  Then he calls it a retrospective about his experience with VampireFreaks.  Is that a “retrospective” about the alleged plagiarism, or something new about being suspended for the umpteenth time?  He’s never been able to provide a link to where the allegedly plagiarized work has been posted online, for sale or otherwise.  A screen shot of his work next to a photoshopped version is not exactly compelling proof.

The New Republic won’t take the bait for his “reprint,” let alone for his proposed article on Richard Matheson.  Does he even realize that The New Republic is a lefty magazine that concentrates mostly on politics?

ETA:  Anita Mann got a shout-out.  LOL.

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13 Responses to Nicky Gets a Job

  1. Drew says:

    Ah, and he’s back to the delusion that I dragged my friend into this, when he’s the one who went all stalker and started tagging me in posts on her profile pic trying to get people to join his angry little tantrum against me.

  2. Stinkycat says:

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the first sentence. If you had some college that make it hard for you to get a job? For someone who bombed out after 3 community college classes I’m always amazed how he’s the scholar.

    • admin says:

      Regardless of education level, it’s hard to get a job when your track record amounts to a combination of quitting in a huff for being asked to do something (some carnival and Burger King), and getting fired for showing up late all the time, or not showing up at all (Remcor). He’d have been better off at vo-tech school than community college, but he probably would have flunked out at that, too.

      There is such a thing as being “overqualified,” which is typically a euphemism employers use when they think you’re going to want too much money or nonexistent promotions, but overqualified is the last thing that describes Nicky. That said, there are high school kids I’d trust more than Nicky to pump gas; I’d be less afraid they’d blow up the place.

      • Stinkycat says:

        I don’t know what job Nicky could have ever held due to his lack of work ethic and hygiene. I don’t think he could even handle bringing in the carts from the parking lot without hitting a car or getting winded.

  3. Just a guy says:

    It appears that since he has learned the phrase “persona non grata” he is just going to use it to death. That’s ok though, because according to him he is a real life version of a dystopian hero. They can probably get away with randomly flinging around Latin here and there.

  4. khkoehler says:

    He really needs to go flip burgers.

    • admin says:

      Customer: “Say, what is that gob of slimy stuff on my burger? Is that snot?”
      FF Worker: “No, ma’am. That’s ‘special sauce’.”

    • Stinkycat says:

      Or any ole jobby job.

    • Phil Smith says:

      Christ on a unicycle, I hope the food industry in America’s not *that* badly deregulated! The thought of Nickolaus within a hundred feet of any food preparation area is frankly horrifying. As I’ve said before, that boy does not look food-safe.

      • Naaman Brown says:

        I worked in computer assisted composition for 34 years and when the press shut down I did anthing to pay the bills–made bologna sandwiches for the prison system (big hamburger buns with 1/4″ slices), hung insulation, whatever. I told my son when he was delivering pizzas there is no dishonor in any honest work (except credit card collections for a bank). NAP’s attitude is a real p-off.

        • admin says:

          … there is no dishonor in any honest work (except credit card collections for a bank).

          Funny you should say that. Nicky used to brag that his mom, who works as a bill collector (when she’s not between jobs), taught him how to illegally skip-trace his “enemies.”

  5. Melany says:

    I have some college, and if I could stand for more than an hour or two I could easily get another job with no trouble. Yeah it would probably be flipping burgers or at the convenience store down the road. I’d totally work there if I was physically able the employees are awesome, and I’d have a damn good chance at getting hired cause the managers like me. damn I think I go in there too often. LOL But I’m not too proud to do either job until something better came along.

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