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Remember when Nicky got banned from Wikipedia a few years ago?  Aside from creating his own author page to brag about his, er, accomplishments, he kept tinkering with legitimate authors’ pages.  He’s back with a handy-dandy new user name, ready to tackle the world of plagiarism by spreading the (false) word about the crimes allegedly committed against him.

User-Plagiarismwatcher316 - Wikipedia

ETA:  That didn’t take long.  Within 24 hours, if he wasn’t outright banned, the content shown above was deleted by Wikipedia.  True to form, it broke a number of Wikipedia rules for content.

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12 Responses to Plagiarismwatcher316

  1. Phil Smith says:

    After reading that post of his, I’m persuaded. Nobody who writes something like that is going to look even remotely delusional! I’ve had it all backwards all these years: he’s the voice of reason. If you want me I’ll be over here, waiting for the legions of converts to come.

    In other news, I was forced to forfeit my regional sarcasm champion’s trophy, While I had earned it, my acceptance speech seemed to upset them.

  2. Melany says:

    Is there a pool going on how long he gets banned from wiki again?

  3. Naaman Brown says:

    He also made a raid this spring as User:Np1976 and had several editors cleaning up after him until he was notified “Please stop your disruptive editing. ….” Jan-Mar 2014

    So far Plagiarismwatcher316 has stayed within his User page; but in the past he has edited not using an account (edits w/o named account get an IP number). When his edits back in 2006 to the Brian Keene article as User:NickolausPacione were removed he came back as IP

  4. khkoehler says:

    Since Nicky’s gotted the Banhammer, I guess we can now safely say he is “persona non grata”. 😀

  5. marc says:

    And in other news his rolodex has popped back onto me. I has this pleasant lovenote in my inbox this morning… Continuing the conversation from 3 months ago as if it was only yersterday.

    Brain dead lovecraft wannabe troll said –

    “This is a career for me so fuck off you child molesting fuck — what you pulled was unfair to my childhood fiend so I don’t care you died of AIDS. ”

    I’m not entirely sure who his childhood FIEND might be, or how my asking him to spell my name correctly in his TOC was unfair to her…

    • marc says:

      My reply to the little cockwomble

      I always thought a career was what someone did for a living – that is, something they earned enough money to live off.

      If the government stopped your disability checks how long would you last on your earnings from Lulu?

      Oh no, they banned you for ripping people off… didn’t they? They didn’t sack you. You never worked for them. Like you don’t work for createspace. They banned you. All those sites are are places for people who can’t find a proper publisher to self publish.

      Did any of your legion of followers ever write a revenge porn story for you where I died? No? didn’t think so. You constantly beg your millions of followers to rally to your aid, to hurl abuse on your behalf at the people your rolodex has settled on this week. None of these people ever report that they get a single message from anyone about your comments – except messages of support and sympathy that the retard is fixating on them again.

      You’ve been calling me a horror target for years, begging people to kill me off in a story. And I bet no one ever did it. No one cares about your little online grudges. You’re a laughing stock.

      You know what, if even one person apart from you has written a story where I die, put it out in a chapbook with that really shite story you wrote where me and Sammi Cox took loads of drugs and whined about you before dropping dead. I’ll even buy a copy and put a couple of bucks in your bank account.

    • admin says:

      … so I don’t care you died of AIDS.

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’re deceased, Marc. Yet, you still have the ability to receive and send email. Remarkable.

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