The Signature Calling Card

Nicky’s latest WordPress entry is a continuation of his shaking his pudgy fist at the plagiarists in the sky, along with a rehash of his years old grievances with the HWA.

Regarding plagiarists, he writes:

The signature calling card of the plagiarism posse is the sexual abuse of unicorns …


Okay who left the canned unicorn meat in the house? I guess the HWA will say I am a bit sick for that joke – but the high fantasy writers who hold unicorns sacred as something who’d be pissed off at that one. But when you have plagiarists who use this as their hallmarks; you will see where I am a little pissed.

I saw the perfect Christmas present for Nickypoo while out shopping this morning.  It was a stuffed, glow-in-the-dark rainbow colored unicorn.  He could curl up with it at night in his bondage sleepsack, and wipe his tears with its tail.

So Rocky – tell me, when you say that ban is still in effect do you advocate the plagiarism of my catalog too?
No comment on his end when I am trying to address this – as it goes back to 2004 when mailer implied of my career, “Fuck your career!”

He’s still pissed off that the HWA banned him for harassing its members, and abusing the member directory to place phone calls to people whose unlisted numbers were available nowhere else.

You little assholes flagged my accounts, fabricate DCMA complaints, and go out of your way to libel the shit out of me …

His accounts were flagged because they violated TOS and/or DMCA laws.  Aside from that, I think somebody needs a lesson in biology, because that’s not how diapers get soiled.  Perhaps he means to say that whenever he reads something that enrages him, he poops himself.  There’s nothing libelous about the truth, but that’s not to say that the truth doesn’t enrage him.

Why do I seem to end up with dealing with the fat fucks in this business – it was a fat fuck in 2003 I would never be published too.

Mr. 5’3″, 190 lbs., has no business making cracks about anybody else’s weight.

You bastards really don’ think things through when you deal with someone who had taken on and had made the fabricated takedown noticed public on my Wikipedia user profile as I am now Plagiarism Watcher 3:16 …

Not anymore, he isn’t.  He got the ban hammer less than 24 hours after he created that new profile.  The details of the take down are on his user talk page.

The situation with Christine Morgan having a page where she doesn’t have that many likes – and going around encouraging plagiarism where Robert L. Baupader sent her my plagiarized work and questionable policies with her authors are the fake names with the bylines. G. Preacher, Russel Nayle (aka The Rusty Nail,) Lewis Unknown, and Stinky Cat are what I call to mind. The policy I have is real names or sound like real names with a pseudonym – no screen names with submissions with the bylines because I want things to be legit.

How many times do I have to tell you there are two ells in Russell, Peaches?  I suppose it’s too much to ask you to get it right, considering that you’ve misspelled your own name at least three times on the covers of your books.

If I’m interpreting him correctly, he hates pseudonyms that don’t sound like real names, and he thinks Baup sent Christine something he plagiarized from Nicky.  The fact that he prefers pseudonyms to sound real doesn’t mean someone else can’t use them.  Think of all those romance authors whose pseudonyms sound fake.  Should their publishers demand Pacione approved ones?  I think not.

There’s only so much of this I can take in a single day, so I’ll stop here.

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25 Responses to The Signature Calling Card

  1. Drew says:

    You know, aside from it being hilarious when the only thing Nicky can rag on about is how fat I am…I can lose weight(and am…and still rock regardless of weight). Nicky will always be Nicky, and that’s gotta be hell.

  2. Sabledrake says:

    For not having that many likes, I sure do have a pile of submissions for Fossil Lake 2. How’re your calls going, Nickypoo?

    Also, eek:

  3. admin says:

    In case anyone thought I was kidding about the unicorn, no, I wasn’t.

  4. Scott says:

    Between the FB suspension, Vampire Freaks suspension, and his wiki article removed, he’s having a tough time.

    This round’s on me! Time to have a party.

  5. marc says:

    This is the edit he tried to do on Brian Keene’s Wikipedia page. Wiki’s a pretty good place and you can see the edit history…

    == Fabricated Claim ==
    Brian Keene on his own blog had repeatedly likened the author of the 2014 novella Legend Keeper to the infamous journalist [[Stephen Glass]] and the author had received a copy of this claim. The author with his own blog had got flagged and blocked a few times over this. The author would like to [ submit evidence] for the public on this one so the people of York County can see this. Enclosed is the actual letter Brian Keene wrote to to request the takedown notice. This author got the title Elder Statesmen as he showed up on as [ TheLegendKeeper]. His own page at [] also said something libelous of him as he was called a racist. This is [ own blog] where he lied about the one author saying that the author was a fabricated identity (the reference to [ this is a book] published originally with booksurge.) The fiancee is known author [ Mary Sangiovanni].

  6. Melany says:

    I’m far from skinny, and I got published so Nicky doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about as usual. Unless I put on all this weight AFTER Fossil Lake came out :p

  7. SpicyPixi says:

    I write fantasy. I think unicorns are pretty. The idea of a dead unicorn and canned unicorn meat does not anger me. I’m only confused about why he mentioned it when he is supposed to be taking a jab and bitching at HWA.

    Also, what’s the punchline, Nicky?

    • admin says:

      Canned tuna doesn’t bother me, but I wouldn’t eat Spam, canned corned beef hash, or chili out of a can. The only canned soup I ever buy is cream of ‘shroom because so many casseroles use it, and it’s handy if I’m out of mushrooms, or have to multitask too much to pay attention to making a mushroom cream sauce from scratch. Canned wouldn’t work for tetrazzini, but it works in a lot of other casseroles.

      • SpicyPixi says:

        … I want a broccoli and mushroom casserole D:

        • admin says:

          My local grocery store was selling fresh roasters for 78 cents a pound, so we got two and froze one. Chicken divan isn’t a bad way to go with some of the leftovers after I roast the bird. Also really good is shredding the leftovers and soaking them in a chipotle sauce for burritos or soft tacos.

  8. marc says:

    Fresh Nicky love! Two emails in my inbox today

    Neither of these seem to link to my previous reply to him…

    Re: I warned you.
    Nickolaus Pacione
    Add to contacts
    [Keep this message at the top of your inbox]
    To: Marc Lyth
    I will laugh when you are beheaded in a car cash and when you are in your open casket — I will take a shit in your coffin with your mommy present because she must be a real cunt to encourage dicks like you to pick on the learning disabled.

    On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 4:58 AM, Nickolaus Pacione wrote:

    My shit got plagiarized you little AIDS INFESTED FUCK

    • SpicyPixi says:


      Let’s report him and get his gmail account turned off.

      Heh heh.

      • marc says:

        He’s not actually threatening to kill me though, just saying he’ll laugh if I get beheaded, then travel half way across the world to do a number 2 in my coffin in front of my mother… quite a normal statement for him to make. I’m surprised eh didn’t say she has a penis of her own. He seems to think that women have the same genitals as men. He’s proved that many many times before now.

    • Melany says:

      Because people are just going to stand by and let him be disgusting and not…oh stop him and call the cops for indecent exposure or whatever else they can throw at him.

  9. Stinkycat says:

    What kind of plane-ramming terrorist would want to stifle my right to call myself Stinky Cat?

  10. JodiLee says:

    Meh. He snorked on my Facebook page and sent me an email with yet another new email address since I logged off last night. I’m fat, a false god worshipping whore and something something blah blah blah.

    Frankly, I’d prefer being referred to as fluffy, but whatever.

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