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Hat tip:  Lepplady

Remember Tabetha Jones?  She’s the one who took over Mystic Press, renamed it Phoenix Fire, continued her scam, and was exposed in no uncertain terms for it on Leppy’s blog.  After many idle threats of lawsuits, etc., she lay low for a while.  As of today, Tabby Scat announced a new company, Silver Fang Publishing.  I especially love the part about how nonexistent contracts are deemed by a “cooperate lawyer” to be “solid and legal and binding.”  Because ether’s pretty solid.  😉

Read all about it over at Leppy’s.

It all reminds me a bit of David Boyer, with all his fake publishing ventures and fake identities, including the infamous “cat lady from ‘Sconsin.”

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  1. SpicyPixi says:

    Call me silly but I’m curious to know if she even knows what an LLC is. Did she even take the steps to have Pheonix Fire changed…legally?

    In any case, looks like we shall be hearing about the illegal activities of the ALL NEW Adventures of Tabby and Friends. HAH!

    • admin says:

      She never legally registered Phoenix Fire, yet she called it an LLC, too, despite also claiming it was a sole proprietorship — with partners. It’s almost certain she has no plans to register Silver Fang as a company, period. It’s not really that expensive to legally register a company, but why register something she knows is a scam?

      Does she know the difference between a sole proprietorship, an LLC, an LLP, a C corporation, and an S corporation? No. Could she easily look it up? Yes. Will she bother? No.

      • SpicyPixi says:

        Hah! Why am I not surprised by any of this. How is she not behind bars yet? It’s amazing how her “business practices” haven’t landed her in jail.

        Also, if she ever came to my place of employment expressing all of this hooey, I and my fellow coworkers would have a hard time trying not laugh. Not to mention our boss would have a solid meeting to make sure that all that we know Tabby is an idiot and her accounts would be closed yesterday.

  2. SpicyPixi says:

    Also, calling anything an LLC or INC makes it a LEGIT business. I’m just sayin. Cuz that is totally how it works.


  3. Naaman Brown says:

    The Phoenix Fire Publishing Facebook announcement of Silver Fang includes typos “som” (some), “comapny” (company), “restrainst” (restraints), “erottic” (erotic) and “Novemeber” (November) of ~210 words. This month they have “several release” (¿releases?) and other grammar problems.

    To quote: “Silver Fang Publishing and Freelance Services will offer everything that Phoenix Fire Publishing LLC without the restrainst of a contract, which thanks to a wonderful cooperate attorney says they are solid and legal and binding.”

    Bad spelling, horrible grammar, disdain for the restraints of contracts — makes me wonder how did the oft-announced partnership of Nickolaus Pacione and Tabetha Jones fail to gel?

    I was looking forward to that: it would have been more awesome than “Galloping Gertie” (Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster 1940).

  4. JupiterPluvius says:

    Hooray for Lepplady! That is an ice-cold takedown. Good work.

  5. Stinkycat says:

    I know a little bit about contract law. In my state a verbal agreement is legal and binding. The problems arise in its ability to be enforced. Life gets hard in court without a written contract. Only a fool doesn’t work with contracts.

    One does not need a “cooperate” lawyer to figure that out LOL.

    It’s amusing the case in hand is to avoid a simple 1-page contract to print someone’s story.

    I wonder if she was drunk when she wrote all that.

    • admin says:

      Verbal contracts/agreements are considered legal in all states, I believe. The problem with enforceability hinges on both parties agreeing on the contents of the verbal agreement, which almost never happens. Beyond that, though, even a written contract is null and void if one party is a nonexistent entity. You can sue the person who signed the contract on behalf of the nonexistent entity, but good luck with that. Tabby’s counting on people not having enough money to go after her. Filing reports with the appropriate government agencies is a better bet, but generally speaking, they have bigger fish to fry, and won’t bother unless the number of complaints gets high enough that they can no longer ignore it.

      • Stinkycat says:

        I dunno…Silver Fang Publishing sounds rather legit to me 🙂

        Perhaps she operates like Nicky does. When I point out to him his companies don’t exist he claims they are “monikers.” Doh!

        • admin says:

          Or “imprints,” as if they were things that left impressions in a wad of Silly Putty, to be remolded the next time he plays with it. When a company doesn’t exist, neither do its imprints, nor any other sub-entity.

      • Naaman Brown says:

        Long prolix story cut short: an elderly gentleman looked up my late father’s home before he had to move. He was being displaced by the city buying the block of houses where he lived to expand the local school. Before he left the neighborhood, he wanted me to know his history with my father’s family when they all lived on Brown’s Mountain in the 1930s. One of the things he said was that my grandpa Gilbert’s word was better than any lawyer-writ contract. That’s how it should be ideally. For verbal contract to work in real life, both parties must be sane and ethical and the terms clear with no ambiguity and no dulling of memory.

  6. Lepplady says:

    After the announcement of Silver Fang on my humble blog, Tabetha has removed the announcement, withdrawing her plans to create that company. She has also removed the LLC claim from her pages.
    Both her co-owner and “manager” have resigned and posted all SORTS of information in comments on my blog, bringing to light shady business practices I didn’t even know about, including:
    Tab put a fake name on her business, even though any money that comes in goes into her account, but…
    There aren’t any business accounts. They’re her personal accounts. I’m guessing the IRS will have all KINDS of fun with her.
    And, my favorite:
    She calls family members on the phone pretending to be (at least) one of her alts to convince them (family) that they (fake authors) are real.

    This is one truly unhinged chica. Truly.

    • admin says:

      That’s hilarious. Why would one of her “authors” feel compelled to call any of Tabby’s family members to talk to them about anything, let alone convince them they’re “real”? It makes no sense, even if they are real.

      • Lepplady says:

        From what I understand, she led her sister to believe that a hot, gorgeous model wanted to hook up with her. So she called her sister posing as the model. Or so I’m told, anyway.

        I just shudder to think what those calls sounded like.

        • admin says:

          Ha! Too funny. Is it normal in tabby’s family for total strangers who allegedly know Tabby to call up her relatives for a nice chat? Who does that?

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