Truest Blog Title Ever

Nicky tweeted about a new blog entry he posted on WordPress.  It’s titled “I Don’t Understand (This World).”  No, he doesn’t.  The title of his entry, however, is where truth ends.

… the thing with fan fiction writers I get annoyed about is they would celebrate works the characters that they didn’t create. That’s the one thing I don’t understand but if you’re going to call a Lovecraftian Horror author a “fan fiction” writer that’s a bit derogatory. This piece one will see is my historian status on full display.

The story to which Pacione links isn’t really a story.  It’s more akin to an essay in which he reacts to the knowledge that his mommy bought him some used books for Christmas one year from a bookstore that was owned by a couple who robbed banks in suburban Chicago.

I have a new freebie up and some asshole going around bastardizing my middle name to bully the shit out of me on well I blocked him from there and moving on shall we.

First of all, the reviewer’s user name is simply the spelling Nicky used of his middle name on the front cover of one of the books he self-published through Lulu nearly a decade ago.  Here’s the review in question:


The story has nothing to do with Bonnie and Clyde.  In fact, it’s not really a story.  Nicky refers to it as “docufiction.”  I believe he made up this term to mean a written form of docudrama, in which scenes from real life events were recreated through dramatization by actors, rather than using actual footage of the event.  The problem with “Bonnie ‘n Clyde:  60172” is that it’s short on facts, and long on phony dialogue, Nicky’s reactions, and digressions.  At most, it could be considered a snippet of memoir.

Then the sources for the one came from reading the articles that unfolded during the era as they were made online by The Chicago Tribune – as these jokers who bash my work don’t really do the fucking research like I do.

I saw no citations in “Bonnie ‘n Clyde:  60172” of any newspaper articles.  There were no sources listed at all in the piece.  I don’t doubt he read a few newspaper articles about the bank robberies, but rule number one for anything research driven is to cite your sources.

So think about what I say with some of you who are telling me that I “can’t write” or grammatically inept.
Does it register with you I have an accent and a dialect to my writing?

Seriously?  Hahahahaha!  Would that be a “fast accent”?  His writing doesn’t contain any regional dialect, such as one finds in Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, or Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

I am an educated version of the everyman; knowledgeable with computer science and technology so the aspect of science fiction when I do the hard sci-fi is computer tech and information technology.

So says the guy who can’t figure out how to do a cover for Createspace, goes about everything computer-related the hard way, and can’t even turn on a lamp to film a video of himself.

There are some other really funny parts in his blog entry, but it’s mostly bashing fan fiction writers and a few “rival” authors.  I find it amusing that the guy who writes Crow and Twilight Zone fanfic is annoyed with people who write fanfic.  It’s most likely because they’ve declined his attempts to recruit them for one of his anthology projects.

I could go on, but you get the idea.  Besides, I have real life things which need my time and attention for the rest of the day.


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5 Responses to Truest Blog Title Ever

  1. Melany says:

    If he’s such an ‘educated’ man why doesn’t he try to improve his shitty writing? Even if Stunk and White terrifies him surely there are creative writing classes in the area? I know NIACC in mason city sometimes offers them through their continuing education courses. (which are awesome by the way they range from cooking, sewing, knit, crochet, essential oils, mediation, etc) I’d take one, but the last one was for kid’s books and stories, something I know I would suck at. LOL

  2. Ablert says:

    Many have suggested that Nicky do something to improve his atrocious writing, but I don’t think there’s anything he can do. By his own admission he’s been writing for twenty five years now, his entire adult life. That’s more than enough time for anyone with talent to learn the craft on their own by trial and error. But the truth is that Nicky simply isn’t talented or intelligent enough to be a real writer. Apart from his stunted imagination he has no flare for language and is completely incapable of assembling his thoughts into a coherent story. His dialogue alone is beyond embarrassing and if anything his writing is worse now than it was ten years ago.

    I have noticed however, that these days he only uses “would” or “would be” about a hundred times per story instead of five hundred times the way he used to. So I suppose that’s an improvement 🙂

  3. Lepplady says:

    If the douche could write his way out of a wet paper sack, he wouldn’t be getting such harsh reviews.

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