Nicky’s Shelfari Shenanigans

Hat tip:  Lewis

Nicky’s been a busy little toddler this afternoon, going after Mary’s Shelfari author page.  Her page is here, and its edit history is here.  Note that his multiple edits are all about him.  Because everything is about Nicky.  Notice that he’s using his Illinoishorrorman account to do his dirty work.  This is the same bullshit he’s pulled multiple times to edit other authors’ Wikipedia entries.

Changes to Mary SanGiovanni 2015-10-11 15-06-30

My favorite quote from one of his edits is this:

She has written a series of novels known as Thrall. The failed research each of them didn’t do as Pacione did the research.

Is he claiming credit for doing “failed research” for her books?  He does fail at doing research, alright, but to claim credit for someone else’s research is absurd.  His professionalism here is so high that it’s on helium, just like his real life voice.

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11 Responses to Nicky’s Shelfari Shenanigans

  1. Melany says:

    He’s just jealous because he’s never written ANYTHING nearly as scary as Thrall or The Hollower. And his stalkerish behavior towards the lovely Ms. Sangiovanni is creepy and disgusting.

  2. Stinkycat says:

    I’m on Mary’s payroll…LOL

    He’s a name dropping lil twat.

  3. just a guest says:

    How in the hell is somebody that utterly insane still walking around the public? I’ve known some narcissists, but, wow… he seems to actually think all of her significance is connected to him. How crazy does a person have to be to not be embarrassed by acting that way? I know he has no skills or accomplishments of his own, and lacks the potential to ever have any, but, damn, he’s humiliating himself.

    And who the hell faults someone for something like this:

    “She has been known ignorance about the area where Pacione grew up as in zero to nothing about DuPage County as this is where Pacione ate and played when he was 19 years old.” (sic)

    Why should anyone know about some county that has nothing to do with them? Who gives a good goddamn? I’m sure Nicky knows nothing at all about Itawamba County, Mississippi, where Delbert Hogwaller used to wander the streets bothering dogs and throwing pieces of bologna at people while shouting about a unified Germany. Why would he not know that? BECAUSE IT ISN’T SIGNIFICANT! Places were crazy people lived and did their crazy things aren’t important to anyone except the crazy people in question.

    I really don’t get this obsession he has about “educating” everybody about where he’s from, but it’s pervasive. He does this shit to Jezebel Deva all the time, too. It’s nonstop. Doesn’t he realize what a complete nobody he is?

    Somebody needs to lock this jerk up already. I know he’s insane and has very little control over himself, but he can’t be allowed to just pester the public constantly. I really don’t know how Ms. SanGiovanni puts up with this. I’d’ve been tempted to hire a hit man already. Every time I think about submitting something I wrote to a publisher I think about what she’s having to deal with from this dimwit and decide to just keep my day job. Nothing could compensate for putting up with that lunatic.

    • marc says:

      He threatened me he’s going to set a story in Salford. Quite why that’s a threat I don’t know.

      The fact that he know less about salford than I know about Walleye is totally irrelevant.

    • admin says:

      FWIW, Steve Forbert is from MS, and is one of my faves. Really. Not kidding. I know jackshit about MS, and Laurel, although I can gather Laurel’s not a nice place to be. But, I love the guy’s music, and I’ve got tickets to see him again later this year. Yeah, old style rocker, but he puts on a really good show. Hope I didn’t just offend you.

      • just a guest says:

        Not offended at all – I like hearing good stuff about Mississippi. 🙂 There’s a lot bad here, but the music and food (and some of the writing) is top notch!

  4. Hahahahahaha Thanks for the kind words, everyone.
    I think it’s time to ask my local cops to call Grundy County police again. He’s due to be arrested for stalking….

    • jajainthesky says:

      What does the police tell you when you ask why they aren’t doing their job and helping you against getting harrassed daily by Nicky?

  5. Lewis says:

    He’s started adding gibberish to Kealan Patrick Burke’s bio on Shelfari as well.

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