Nicky Iz Brillyint

Tweedledum is at it again:


Yes, this is indeed the guy who bragged about his 79 IQ until people explained to him that 100 isn’t a perfect score, and 79 isn’t a C+.  🙄

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14 Responses to Nicky Iz Brillyint

  1. Melany says:

    I wonder how many new viruses that added to his computer? hahahahaha

  2. just a guest says:

    Oh, god, he’s discovered those feel-good internet “IQ test” things. My co-worker (who’s dumb as a stump) came up to me one day claiming she had an IQ of 170 after she took some IQ test. I went and looked at it and the questions were things like “Which of these is a bunny?” and there’d be a picture of, like, a woodscrew, a rabbit, and a lawn chair. All the questions were like that. “Which of these shapes is ROUND?”

    If you gave Nicky a real IQ test he’d try to eat it.

    • Melany says:

      I’d love to know what his IQ really is. I had to take one years ago, and I swore that Nicky had to take one at the same time. I don’t remember exactly why it may have had to do with seeing what services I may have been eligible for the time. Mine came back as 117 if I remember right.

  3. Naaman Brown says: has “How high is your IQ, according to the internet?” and “What breed of dog are you?” tests too.

    Pacione puts a lot of weight to what the I Write Like website says about who he writes like, too. IWL analyses vocabulary, sentence structure, etc. and compares against analysis of writings from a set of writers (the analysis and database are a hard hat area — still under construction). IWL returns the first paragraph of INSECT as H.P. Lovecraft, the last as Ursula K. Le Guin.

    I wonder if Dmitry Chestnykh, the creator of IWL, could be bribed to enter the works of Nickolaus Pacione into the database and program IWL on recognition of any passage to return I Write Like (rotate through) Poppy Z. Brite, Marc Lyth, Brian Keene, Karen Koehler, et al?

  4. autoaim.cfg says:

    Nickolaus A. Pacione – An intellect rivaled only by garden tools.

  5. Sonja says:

    Nicky left the planet…

  6. Zoya Darien says:

    I literally laughed out loud! that’s priceless!

  7. Naaman Brown says:

    He goes on: “Holy shit I hope this is not a joke; …” If he had gone with that suspicion, and not publically posted, he could have spared himself the humiliation. Yes, that IQ test is a joke!!! But he accepted it because it was what he wanted to see. That, boys and girls, is why he should not be allowed to edit or publish the work of anyone other than himself. He’s clueless.

    • Naaman Brown says:

      OK, the IQ test I looked at was 30 questions of the spatial relations/abstract pattern match type similar to what I recall as one part of the essential highschool contents test (differential aptitude test) which I was given in 1963-1964 which tested several skill and knowledge sets.

      Not as lame as “which is a bunny?” but still not a full tilt boogie IQ test accetable for admission to Mensa.

  8. Melany says:

    Just because I was bored I did that test and got 210 hahahahaha Sorry Nicky I’m still smarter than you!

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