The Vital IX

Hat tip:  Ablert

Nicky’s got a new hit piece on Brian Keene available from B&N in ebook form.  Check out the overview in the screengrab.  At least he’s finally figured out that a Social Security Number only has nine digits.  For the longest time, he kept calling his SSN his “vital 10.”

The Vital IX by Nickolaus Pacione, Nick Pacione - - 2940157675011 - NOOK Book (eBook) - Barnes & Noble 2015-12-30 20-04-20

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  1. Melany says:

    Yes Nicky the SSN of an unemployed nobody with no money and terrible credit is the perfect target for identity thieves. What are they going to do with it? Pay your bills for you? hahahahahahaha

  2. autoaim.cfg says:

    Smells like a prime candidate for a lawsuit. Not one of those “Nicky’s Revenge Fantasy Gibberish” cases but a proper “Pacione Household Gets Screwed Over By Nicky’s Antics” case. Oh 2016, you’ve not even arrived, yet you bring us New Year’s Gifts already. 😛

  3. Lepplady says:

    Keene could not only take legal action against Nickles, but also B&N for publishing that little gem. I’ll be surprised if it’s still there tomorrow.

  4. Naaman Brown says:

    “… too controversial for booktango….” It would be tragic if he wore his welcome out at TheBookPatch and Booktango and they decided he’s a walking walking sitting typing ToS violation. As CreateSpace and Lulu before TBP and BT did. Oh Tempura! Oh Morays!

    Serially, tho’. How does this differ from “Official Statement On Brian Keene.pdf” created by Pacione 23 May 2015 entitled “How Do I Begin?” subject line: “Brian Keene Committing ID Theft”?

    How does this differ from AtLuluDotCom PDF “Giving Into Anonymous Cowards” created by Pacione 24 Oct 2014 entitled “Welcome to Jeckyl Island”?

    Well, other than he is asking $1.50 for the B&N nook eBook. Anything new?

  5. Ablert says:

    Sparkles has a hilariously bad new story called Utopian Failures up on

    There’s the usual swipes at real writers (Ramsey Campbell & Mary SanGiovanni) but also a ton of unintentional comedy. With so many funny lines it’s hard to pick a “favorite” but this part where Nicky is talking to himself had me in hysterics.

    “Growing up within a town of cover-ups when they realize what their gym teachers had done; conspiracy theory born within and examination is what I realize. The realization is there when half the cast and characters remained – ignoring how madness becomes the lingering ideas and dark subject matter is the ectoplasm that remained.

    “What are you getting at Pacione?”

    “Don’t you even read between the lines; as the world you realize is fiction!”

    “You’re waking people up with a truth that is frightening,” a classmate revealed.

    The nightmares they have when the man walking out of the black funnel clouds.

    Who that person is clad in denim and a black leather jacket – that man they realize screaming at them is me.”

    • Melany says:

      I say for his birthday we all mail him a roll of tinfoil. He’s gone to psychotic he’s in need of a new hat.

    • just a guest says:

      God. If his writing is any reflection of his thinking process, I don’t know how he manages to get it together enough to keep from wetting his pants. Seriously, you could write random words on magnets and throw them at a refrigerator and probably get better, more coherent sentences at least 8 out of 10 times…

      He’s been writing for years and he’s actually getting WORSE. It makes me wonder if he doesn’t have some degenerative neural disease or something, shutting down connections. The surface of his brain must look like a cauliflower. It’s almost impossible to practice that much and get worse instead of improving… there’s got to be some physical malady involved.

    • Naaman Brown says:

      Nickolaus A Pacione, “Yest Ye Become One”, 2 Aug 2015. Obsession with fictional Mayberry vs non-fictional Chicago, a “tale” that is more an essay pinballing off different subjects, Pacione questioning and answering himself.

      Nick Pacione, “Utopian Failure”, 25 Dec 2015. Obsession with fictional Mayberry and Pleasantville vs non-fictional Chicago and Oak Lawn, a “story” that is more an essay pinballing off different subjects, Pacione questioning and answering himself.

      Are these made up conversations in his “tales” and “stories” a sign that he is so isolated that he is not having real life conversations, so he has to talk to himself? Then post it?

    • Ablert says:

      “I am olive as when I saw a reflection of me in the mirror with my then fiancee she was more pale than me.”

      Hahaha. So it took him until his twenties before he realized what color his skin was? That has to come screaming into the top ten stupidest things Nicky has ever said.

    • Lepplady says:

      And somebody is actually commenting on that post. I didn’t think there was a soul left on the planet that doesn’t realize what a waste of time and brain cells it is to engage little Nickles.

      • admin says:

        I can’t tell whether she’s being snarky, or is simply dumb as a bag of hammers. It’s telling, though, that Nicky thinks it’s fun to go around slapping random strangers on their sunburn. That’s a good way to go about getting a black eye, if he doesn’t lose a few teeth in the deal.

  6. Ablert says:

    How did I miss this gem? The title of Nicky’s 31 May 2015 wordpress entry is:

    “I Am Greatly Undestimated.”

    Hahaha. You couldn’t make it up.

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