Baup on the Radar, and Congrats!

Nicky posted this minutes ago on his napacione page at FB, with a link on his Twitter.

-someone is about the get #busted- Get a good... - Nickolaus Pacione 2016-01-05 LFP-FB

This begs the question of why Nicky has stolen this innocent person’s picture, if he doesn’t believe it’s Mr. Baupader?  Why would Nicky beg College of DuPage to fire some random guy for an alleged crime that has nothing to do with them?  To the best of my knowledge, Nicky’s been raging about Baup for years, but has never been able to demonstrate that this allegedly plagiarized work is available for sale anywhere.  Nice fedora, Rob.

On another subject, congratulations are in order for Nicky’s cousin Mike, and Nicole.  May your sleepless nights be relatively short lived.  Also, under no circumstances ever let Nicky babysit the child.  I wouldn’t let him babysit the older ones, either.  His track record with children, especially babies and girls, leaves much to be desired.

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30 Responses to Baup on the Radar, and Congrats!

  1. Melany says:

    so….he now wants people to ‘take him out’? that sounds like a death threat to me!

    • Melany says:

      Well we could take him out but for a drink or to dinner to make him feel better about nicky harassing and stalking him, but I don’t think that’s why nicky means! 😀

      • admin says:

        I don’t think he’s looking for someone to carry out a mafia-style hit on Baup, but he clearly does want to see him to lose his job. Nicky knows he could never prove his case against anyone in court for these imaginary crimes, so he fantasizes about financially ruining his enemies instead. He has gone as far as finding out who someone’s employer is, and writing them a letter asking them to fire the person (Jean-Loup Benet comes to mind, but I believe there have been others, too).

        • baupdeth says:

          He’s been trying to get his posse to ‘take me out’ for at least two years IIRC.

          No idea on why he is fascinated about the College of DuPage though.

          • Ablert says:

            Nicky has explicitly and repeatedly asked people on the Internet to “take you out” Robert, and even offered his self pubbed dreck as payment as he obviously doesn’t have any money. As laughable as this is, I think these are unquestionably death threats, though even if they’re not they’re still threats against you of some form or other. People have lost their jobs and been arrested for posting a lot less on social media. How Nicky continually gets away with it I don’t know.

            College of DuPage is where Nicky enrolled in the late 90s but dropped out after only a few weeks when it became apparent that it was a waste of time for someone with an IQ as low as his. That hasn’t stopped him lying about his “college education” to this day though. I think one of the big reasons Nicky’s obsessed with this is because he thinks it automatically makes him superior to Brian Keene who is a real writer but didn’t go to university.

            Nicky used to claim the reason he didn’t finish college was because he was forced to drop out due to illness or accident (his story often changed). But in recent years he’s begun lying about having an actual degree in Journalism. This is probably because Kealan Patrick Burke has a Journalism degree, and Nicky now feels compelled to prove himself superior to another of his hated “rivals.”

            This is from Nicky’s list of credentials on the profile site

            “Nickolaus Albert Pacione Has Attended 1 School
            College of Dupage
            1996 – 1998
            Nickolaus Albert Pacione has a Journalism, Philosophy, and Literature ”
            The 3 year term from 1996-1998 is a blatant lie and Nicky obviously has no idea how a real degree works either, as he lists it as being in “Journalism, Philosophy, and Literature,” an apparent triple major from a manchild with an IQ of 79. Hilariously, he stops short of actually using the word “degree” after Literature which also lacks a period. Considering what a dimwit he is it’s easy to think he just forgot to finish the sentence. But I suspect it’s a deliberate omission to give himself an out if someone offical calls bullshit on it.


  2. khkoehler says:

    That fedora is like the best thing that’s ever happened to the internet.

  3. just a guest says:

    I want to find that cop in Mason City and write him a sternly-worded letter of reprimand for saving Nicky’s life without thinking of the consequences. If I ever build a time machine, I’m making a stop on my way to kill baby Hitler to drop off a box of Trojans with Papa Pacione, right around 1975, ’76-ish. Or, better yet, have him arrested before he can take advantage of 13-year-old girls.

    Why would anybody even want to plagiarize anything of Nicky’s? “The Pattern of Diagnosis” is unreadable idiocy. It makes no sense and isn’t even written in a language… it’s complete babble. My cat has written better things by walking across the keyboard. Plagiarizing Nicky’s work would be like, I dunno, stealing somebody’s sewage. Nobody’s going to actually steal something that wouldn’t sell and that nobody wants. Looks like Nicky was getting teased and is so dumb he took it seriously. Really, I think he only rails about it because it helps him pretend he’s wanted… like he’s good enough to steal from. Really, I think he should send Mr. Baupader a thank you note just for giving him a pretense-of-desirability to obsess about.

    It’s funny that he thinks he has allies who’ll help him “take somebody out.” He doesn’t take “nobody cares” for an answer. Nobody wants to be an ally of someone who spends all his time harassing and verbally abusing women and their children online. Nicky can’t face that, no matter how many times the evidence is rubbed in his stupid-looking face.

  4. just a guest says:

    Heh… Nicky’s begging Axl Rose to take care of himself because he’s gotten fat and unhealthy looking.

    Now, granted, Axl’s not going to be mistaken for a Chippendale dancer anytime soon… unless you stood him next to Nicky, who lately looks like somebody promised him a million dollars and a date with Megan Fox if he can reach 350 pounds before July.

    • Ablert says:

      Hahaha. This has to be the first time Nicky’s ever mentioned a famous musician or writer without comparing himself to them. And, oh the irony! of Nicky telling Axl to “get himself together” because he’s “becoming a punchline.”

      But even better was “The Slow Unraveling of Axl Rose” piece where right at the end we find, oh the irony again!, a description of Axl that could have come straight out of The Slow Unraveling of Nickolaus Pacione:

      “a man full of contradictions and someone clearly in need of a few therapy sessions”

    • admin says:

      Aaargh! I can’t view videos on FB, but I can everywhere else. Is that thing posted elsewhere?

      • just a guest says:

        That link is the only place I’ve seen it.

        I’d offer a transcript, but it’s Nicky, so I have no clue what he’s saying and it all sounds like “wakwakwak manama ack wack waaa baaa,” like a duck having a very bad time. He’s getting even harder and harder to understand every time he shows up. From the little I could decipher, it’s something about “King James Only-ists” (Nicky no like!) and Jack Chick religious-tract comics (Nicky says he has a story coming out that’s MUCH scarier than a Jack Chick comic – whoooo, spooky! But is it scarier than Garfield or Nancy?). And there’s a lot of incredulous “come ahhhn guys!” stuff by way of argument.

        Then at the end a strong wind picks up and Nicky looks around alarmed and runs to turn the camera off. I don’t know if he’s scared of the wind, or if he thinks his argument has angered the God of the King-James-Onliests.

        Then in the end credits he links to one of those Chick comics with text that says “Don’t say I warned you!” which was pretty funny. At the beginning there’s text identifying Nicky as “a known headbanger,” which I also thought was hilarious.

        That’s pretty much what I could make out. Of course, he’s wearing the prized Twilight Zone hoodie (which he points to at some point — the reason why, I couldn’t make out). He keeps the hood up for most of the video but halfway through it (I think to prove that he’s a “headbanger”) he takes it down and lets the wind TRY to blow around his greasy, clotted locks. Which it can’t do, so he flips them around himself with a dainty feminine gesture, which looks odd coming from a guy who looks like a large potato.

        If you can’t turn up a non-Facebook link, you’re not missing much. It’s just that he’s not making as many videos these days.

      • Ablert says:

        It’s worth seeing if only for the dainty feminine hair flick bit at 05:16 that Just A Guest mentioned. It’s one of the most revealing things I’ve ever seen from Nikki. You can almost see him realize how “gay” he must have just looked by the way he immediately checks himself and tries to look and sound rigid and rough again. It’s fascinating to watch. These kind of “slips” are becoming more noticeable in his videos. The rebellious macho metal head identity he’s constructed for himself was always shakey but he’s almost 40 now and I don’t think he can hold it together much longer.

        He seems more uncertain of himself than ever, twitching and popping all over the place and slurring his words like a drunken chipmunk. His attempt to sound dark and scary as he reads a passage about scorpions out of the Bible is laughable. He’s trying way too hard to sound tough, though the barren wasteland of outer Morris is an aptly post apocalyptic setting.

        That property on Walleye Rd is looking awfully dilapidated now that his grandparents are gone. l doubt Nicky’s lifted a finger to maintain it since. I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors start complaining about the place going to seed and becoming an eyesore. If the Morris PD aren’t prepared to do anything about Nicky they’ll damn well have to do something once enough residents start lodging official complaints about that house driving down their property prices.

        • Stinkycat says:

          Ugh…I couldn’t listen to it more than a few seconds as he’s so garbled now and missed the hair flip now that it’s down 🙁

          He’s neighbors must laugh relentlessly at him yammering on for 20 mins outside in the cold to himself.

      • khkoehler says:

        You’re missing out on a thing of beauty. Nicky got fatter, his hair got longer (and even greasier), and his beard continues to eat his face. Also, chillingly enough, his face now resembles a woman’s mons pubis. Extra points for the feminine hair flip!

      • baupdeth says:

        Check our place. 🙂

        • admin says:

          Thanks. I didn’t think it possible, but his voice has gotten even more gravelly, yet simultaneously squeaky, over the years. That’s quite a feat. I used to be able to understand about 2/3 of what he says in his videos, but I think I’m down to about 20% or less by now. The hair flip was funny, as was his waving that bible all over the place.

  5. SirOtter says:

    As I’ve posted before, somewhere – To paraphrase Martin Luther, who steals his prose steals trash.

  6. Lepplady says:

    I wouldn’t let him babysit a hamster.

  7. Ablert says:

    Oh dear god how did I miss something this beautiful?

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Cousin Mike seems to have made this video that blatantly mocks Nicky. Nicky doesn’t seem to be aware of it but is publicly berating Mike on social media for butting in on a recent phone “interview” that Nicky claims someone was conducting with him. Mike and his partner Nicole have just had a baby. Nicky is a mentally unstable manchild with a history of violent behavior. His abuse of his infant son was deemed so severe that the state took him away and banned Nicky from ever seeing him or even knowing where he is.

    Nicky is already pissed off at Mike and no doubt will become much more so once he finds out about the video. If it wasn’t safe for Nicky’s infant son to be around Nicky, then surely it can’t be safe for Mike’s infant daughter to be around Nicky. Is there still a good chance that house will be sold once the probate etc is sorted out? If it does get sold, Mike and his family will no doubt move to a new apartment or something. If Nicky thinks Mike’s just going to let him move in with them so he can keep going the way he has been for the last 15 years, he’s in for a rude awakening.

    No matter how much Nicky whines and begs or how much pity they have for him, the baby’s safety is paramount, and Mike must know the danger Nicky poses. It seems like a great opportunity for Mike to get rid of the dead weight in the basement once and for all. Now it’s clear why for the last few months Nicky’s been intimating he might be moving out. With a baby on the way he must have seen the writing on the wall.

    • admin says:

      Hoo boy. That backs up his former roommate’s assertion that Nicky always smells like ass. It also reminds me of the video he posted a few weeks ago in which he lets one rip, then pauses to savor the moment. He obviously hasn’t learned to moderate his intake of greasy food.

    • just a guest says:

      Oh my god, I love that thing. 🙂 Not very realistic, though… needs a lot more flatulence!

      Well, looking at Twitter it appears the “Mr. Nice Nicky” thing has run out of road, and “fuck your dead mother” Nicky is back. He’s cussing at people and harassing Mary SanGiovanni, Brian Keene, and Sarah Jezebel Deva again, the vulgar and uncreative way he used to. Wonder if that could get him kicked off of Twitter again? I put in a report but I don’t know if it’ll do much good, since my last dozen or so haven’t.

      This war with his cousin is interesting. Nicky’s snarling at him like he has some kind of options. If he gets kicked out of that house, I really don’t see what would keep him from indigence, other than if a mental hospital took him in… which is what’s needed to happen for years now. I have no idea why they’ve been willing to tolerate him for so long, but certainly nobody’s going to risk having someone that unstable around their infant. Even if Nicky weren’t violent to the kid, he’s going out of his way to provoke the rage of strangers on the Internet, and he’s a health risk.

      I see 2016 being a particularly bad year for this creep. Usually I’m hopelessly sympathetic for people in hard luck situations, but Nicky’s aggressively evil treatment of innocent people has earned him the right to be an exception to that.

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