Email Threat

Hat tip:  Mike Brendan

OMG, this is hilarious.

On Wednesday, January 20, 2016 11:04 AM, Nickolaus Pacione <> wrote:


You make any of this public you’re done.   You want proof he went after my SSN — you make this public you’re in prison.   He went after my social security number and you mae this public ever you are admitting to a crime when you go after this information it’s against the law in PA to have someone’s SSN as Mary Sangiovanni is making excuses for him as you are.   You want to hate me for telling the truth as are in my corner as I am followed mutually on  I can really ruin you and Janrae Frank’s legacy because her getting this information is her legacy.  So excuse me while I shit on her grave a bit because she claimed that Robert L. Baupader is on her payroll.  And he plagiarized The Pattern of Diagnosis you motherfucking fascist.  You want to ruin me now asshole because you keep this information you will be ruined now back off Brendan.  Let me take down Keene and stop ruining me all together I do my research you motherfucker as you’re a plagiarism enabler — go stick your miniatures up your ass geek boy. 

Sweet.  Janrae got hold of Nicky’s “vital nine” from beyond the grave.  Or something.  VampireFreaks has suspended Nicky’s account more times than Facebook has, so I doubt following him on LinkedIn means what Nicky thinks it does.  Something about keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer, comes to mind.

In order to prove his case, Nicky attached graphics of his writing, and an edited version with Baup’s name on it.  We’ve all seen those, so there’s no point showing them here.  The following email, from last Fall, was also attached.  Nicky gave out his entire SSN — all nine numbers!  I blocked out the last four numbers, along with Mr. Keene’s email address, but they were there in what the Nickster sent to Mike.  Every time I think the boy can’t possibly get any dumber, he proves me wrong.

2016-01-18_173331-editedSo, basically, Nicky sent Mike his SSN, then threatened to have him tossed in jail for having it.  It’s mindboggling.  I have to assume the last four numbers are correct, or Nicky wouldn’t be having such a conniption.  Perhaps he thinks he can lock up the entire Social Security Administration, his doctors, dentist, and the employees at JPMorgan/Chase.  They all have access to his SSN.  It would be rather amusing to see him complain about not getting his dole check because there’s nobody left at the SSA and Chase to handle it.

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  1. Stinkycat says:

    That’s hilarious. He ought to complain to the police again.

  2. Melany says:

    Do we need to start a gofundme to bail Mike out when he’s arrested for having nicky’s SSN that he GAVE out of his own free will? hahahahahahahaha

  3. Lepplady says:

    I’m running out of negative things to call him. I may have to invent a few, all of which have something to do with idiotic and just plain stupid.

  4. Mike Brendan says:

    I’m still waiting for his response. I mean, I figured he’d have flipped his lid as soon as my reply hit his inbox…

  5. Ablert says:

    Hahahaha. What an incredible moron. His idiocy is beyond compare. He’s really going berserk on Twitter at the moment, attacking people all over the place. He sent an abusive tweet to writer Kelli Owen along with a link to a hilarious new video shot in near total darkness. I’m guessing he’s skulking around in the dark out of fear that Mike and Don are on the verge of throwing him out. The funniest part about it is that they know Nicky’s on twitter and can easily see what he’s up to. Yet Nickynobble still acts like the Internet is some private realm that his relatives can’t access.

    • just a guest says:

      I love that Nicky makes a video (in name only) where you can’t even see him and then titles it… “Read My Lips.”

      HOW?!? Who can see them!?

      If somebody was to really apply themselves to being stupid they couldn’t do half the stupid stuff this goof does.

      Maybe they already kicked him out and he’s living in a cave somewhere, and that’s why it’s so dark. He’s somebody’s neighborhood troglodyte.

      • Naaman Brown says:

        Morris/Goose Lake appears flat and marshy from the Google “3600 Walleye Morris IL” views. Any nearby cave would probably be like the swamp cave in “Attack of the Giant Leeches”. I can imagine him devolving on his own but not into a troglodyte. I think troglodyte would be evolving, an improvement.

    • Lepplady says:

      Can anybody tell what this poor bastard is saying anymore? He’s gotten so much worse over the last year. All I hear is incoherent squeaks, akin to an overabundance of flatus.

      I do find it ironic that his music is called “Disgraced and Exiled,” though. How very fitting.

    • admin says:

      I’ve never met Kelli. but I’m pretty sure she thinks the place for Nicky is on an outside coco mat.

  6. just a guest says:

    There’s stupid and then there’s really stupid and then way, way past that there’s Nickolaus Pacione.

    If idiocy caused pain, Nicky would be howling every second of his life.

    Then again, maybe it does and maybe he is…

    I cannot imagine what that guy’s family puts up with. He’s a complete moron, he’s astoundingly hostile, and he’s neither intelligent enough or self-aware enough to be reasoned with. I can deal with a jerk if they’re aware that they can sometimes be a jerk and therefore sometimes back off of it a bit… but Nicky’s not only non-self-aware, he’s pathologically narcissistic. He can’t do anything for himself so he’s like a millstone around their necks, and isn’t even nice about it. He’s nothing but a giant ball of NEED combined with a total lack of gratitude.

    He seriously needs to be committed, both for his family’s sake and his own good, because if he keeps pushing it he’s eventually going to run into somebody mean enough to take advantage of his ineptitude. So far he’s been lucky that even the people he torments have enough human decency not to completely exploit his stupidity. How many people have his Social Security number now? If they wanted to hurt him with it, they could’ve done it ten fold by now. He keeps aggressively trying to harass and threaten people who are showing him mercy… not because he deserves any, but because they’re too decent to annihilate him.

    It’d be nice if he realized that, at least, but, nope. All he’s got is arrogance.

    Truly a wonder of nature, that boy. He’s the apex of stupid.

  7. khkoehler says:

    This is common behavior for our Lil Nicky. Every time he releases a new “book” he spins the mental Rolodex and tries to start an old flame war with someone who likely does not give a shit or even knows he’s still alive in the hopes that the controversy generated will net him a beeelion sales. It never works. But, again, that doesn’t stop him. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    • Lepplady says:

      That guy is going to kill somebody.

      • khkoehler says:

        I think he is potentially dangerous to those around him or those in his immediately vicinity. It’s my personal belief that when Nicky finally has a psychotic episode, it’ll be the family that suffers. Of course, by then, it’ll be too late, the damage done, and the internet will go, “Why didn’t anyone see this coming?”

        • Melany says:

          and it’ll be another case of WHY wasn’t there any warning….when the cops were informed about him many MANY times and we were ignored.

        • Lepplady says:

          Probably. But I think it’s equally possible that when he reaches that point where he’s got nothing left to lose, he might go after the one person that he thinks is responsible for his ruin. One last trip. Not to the Poe Museum (unless his final gesture is to blow it up), but to track down Brian and exact his final revenge.
          And he’s got a psych defense built right in, doesn’t he? Maybe he really isn’t as stupid as people think he is. He could off somebody and get away with it.

          • admin says:

            He thinks he can get away with crimes because he’s mentally disabled. The problem is it can be very difficult to get someone off by reason of insanity, and if he did try to use that defense, well, it didn’t work out so well for Mark David Chapman, did it?

          • Ablert says:

            Brian is well armed from what I gather. Even if Nicky somehow managed to find his way to PA I doubt he’d even make it to the front door before a bullet stopped him. Brian has also mentioned before that he has an arrangement with local law enforcement where they will inform him if Nicky ever leaves town. So he’d be on high alert well in advance.

            Personally I think Nicky’s become too old and fat and slow to be a physical threat to another male. What I think he is capable of though, is physically attacking a female author and/or doing something sneaky and cowardly to a male enemy. Nicky could for example, wait until he knows Brian is going to be out of state for a few days at a convention etc, then try to burn down his house while he’s away.

            It’s hard to see Nicky doing anything like this on his own though. He’s just too lazy and disorganized. If he gets kicked out and truly hits rock bottom as a homeless bum, he’s more likely to try and go to the media with his sob story about how Brian and co ruined him. The real concern is if he finds others on the street who become sympathetic to his hard luck story and decide to help him exact revenge. If that ever happens then Nicky could become a very serious threat. But on his own he’ll just crumble.

            • Lepplady says:

              Well, no matter how many buddies he makes under the bridge, he’d better not get it into his head to come down this way, either. I may be tiny and look frail, but there’s more to me than meets the eye. We’re loaded for buck, bear, and bird. And, in his case, a 357 Mag that would relieve him of the burden of carrying that diseased brain around anymore before he took a second step onto our property.
              I’m always up for a little target practice.

              • Ablert says:

                I think we’re going to see him play the disability card like never before if he ends up getting kicked out of that house. He’ll be screaming discrimination to the rooftops if he thinks it might help him get some kind of government assisted/subsidised accommodation. Nicky’s been on welfare so long that being forced to get a job of any kind is probably his worst nightmare. He only gets $758 a month and yet wants to live closer to Chicago. Even the crappiest room in Joliet will cost him more than half of his monthly payment. It will be a miracle if he can find people willing to share an apartment with him. I just can’t see it happening. Even getting his own self contained room to rent is probably beyond him at this point. What sane landlord would want Nicky as a tenant? Just imagine him trying to negotiate a lease and babbling about Lake Fossil and other nonsense. And even if he does manage to rent a room on his own, he can’t look after himself. He’ll degenerate into a blob of gibbering slime in a matter of weeks.

                • Lepplady says:

                  As a disabled person, he can sign up with the housing authority and get himself a room or apartment in a subsidized facility. A welfare apartment, basically, and he might not have to pay a dime in rent. Even in the heart of Chicago, if there’s a facility with space available. These kinds of things take time, though, so he might have to cool his heels in a homeless shelter waiting for it to go through.

                  Instead, he’ll ball up his fists and scream at the world for being so unfair.

                  A quick google provides us with the Cook County housing authority, with links to applications and everything.
                  If I can find it in a two-second search, so can he. He’s just got to get up off his ass and fill out the paperwork. If he doesn’t do that, it’s nobody’s fault but his own.

                • Lepplady says:

                  I do hope somebody’s got a camera rolling for the gibbering slime phase, though.

                  • Ablert says:

                    Ha. Me too 🙂 I can see Nicky ending up on the streets of Chicago, standing on a milk crate and waving a bible around as he shouts about scorpions and locusts and plagiarists. He’d probably make more money as an unintentional street performer/curiosity/freak show, than he’s ever made from his writing. People would throw coins at him just for the amusement of watching him scuttle after them like a giant roach.

          • khkoehler says:

            I don’t think he would ever be able to find Brian, frankly. PA maps are notoriously inconsistent, Google maps have issues finding anyone in this state, and the towns and townships are like R’lyeh, there but not there, or maybe over there, or over yonder in that other township. It’s great. You can’t get stalked in this state even if you want to. If Nicky came to PA, he’d be wandering around for weeks trying to find his way while mountain people took pot-shots at his greasy ass. B-)

            • admin says:

              You’ve got a good point, Karen. There are so many roads that have the same name, in the same area, that are technically the same road, but are periodically disconnected by cross streets, then continue a few blocks away. Upper Xxxxxxxx Road? Which one? Which section of it? Between where and where? There are also different roads that have the same name, but one’s a bypass, and the other’s the original one through town. Don’t even get me started on the roads that have a local street name, a different local highway name, and a county or state route number.

              • just a guest says:

                My main worry regarding Brian is that Nicky would wait until he was doing an appearance somewhere, a book-signing or something, and then show up and try something there. O’ course, one way or another it’d be the last thing he ever did, but if he was crazy enough, who knows what he’d do?

                I hate that all these authors (and everybody else who he’s targeted for whatever reason) have to deal with this idiot.

                And he’s definitely nutty as a Payday bar. Now he’s using Amazon reviews to whine about his personal life —

                Twitter must be all he has left at this point… he’s going nonstop over there, all of it nonsense.

            • Mike Brendan says:

              Hell, Nick would have problems in Pittsburgh. I swear the roads here were drawn up by a descendant of King Minos of Crete.

        • Zoya Darien says:

          Agreed, khkoehler. My main worry is for that little baby… 🙁

  8. Ablert says:

    Anyone ever notice this on Nicky’s Amazon page?

    “Author Serena Carrington (author of Avalon) I had dated for four years from age 12 to age 16; then worked with her for a stint but the struggle was there to keep this professional.”

    The way Nicky’s written this suggests it was him who was 12 when he started dating her. However, in a review of Carrington’s (real name Jayme Henry) self published book on lulu, Nicky had this to say:

    By Nickolaus Pacione 07/12/2006

    “I got the Iuniverse version of the book” Jayme is an extremely creative author in her respective field of fiction, I’ve known her for a 15 years…”

    In 2006 Nicky was 30, so he’s saying he knew Jayme from when he was 15. Which means she must have been the one who was only 12 when he started “dating” her.

    • autoaim.cfg says:

      A 15 year old “dating” a 12 year old girl? Nickolaus Pacoine, right there, folk! Can’t say I’m surprised, to be honest. Even back then, his peers would have shunned him completely, so he’d go for children. We already know about the whole “Nicky watching his little sister Stephanie in the bathtub” thing, but Christ… he’s essentially been a pedo all his life. Cousin Mike should throw Nikki’s ass OUT of that house as soon as possible, lest he do something to the baby.

    • Lepplady says:

      Does SHE know this?

    • Naaman Brown says:

      Serena Carrington, “Avalon”, iUniverse, 20 Feb 2002.
      Serena Carrington, “Avalon”,, 17 Jan 2006. (c) Jayme Henry.

      Book blurb: “Serena Carrington has been writing stories since she was 12 years old. She lives in Bloomingdale, Illinois.”
      FB Jayme Henry hails from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, educated at College of DuPage.
      Bloomingdale and Glen Ellyn are in DuPage County, near Goose Lake and Morris in Grundy County. Geoconnected.

      Nicholaus Pacione reviewed “Avalon” at 7 Dec 2006 and wrote “I got the Iuniverse version of the book” and refers to the author as Jayme. “… known her for a 15 years and to pick up her book I was curious to see what she wrote about. … she was always creative but when I learned that when she was a writer — it was long after we called it quits.” And he goes on about his work on the Lulu edition.

      Current Nickolaus Pacione page at Amazon: “Author Serena Carrington (author of Avalon) I had dated for four years from age 12 to age 16; then worked with her for a stint but the struggle was there to keep this professional.”

      If it were Pacione’s 12 – 16 that would have been 1988 – 1992, which sorta matches Dec 2006 – a 15 years, taking the a 15 years as marking the end date.
      dec 2006 – 15 = dec 1991
      1976 + 12 = 1988
      1976 + 16 = 1992

      Oh, wait, check his memoirs.

      In “An Eye in Shadows” his familty took him and Serena to a diner theatre in Dec 1990; he was 14 and apparently they were classmates. “I had no idea that she became a writer until years after we broke up.”

      In “Confessional” he mentions Serena a lot more: in 1990 he was dating Serena when he saw “Hellraiser” and “and we dated up to 1992.” There are several mentions including “I was struggling with bouts of depression from a nasty breakup where the exgirlfriend threatened to call the cops on me. That one girlfriend happened to be Serena Carrington in 1992.”

      It is not only dangerous to take Pacione at his word, it is confusing to figure out what that word is and what it means. My English teacher would love this sentence:
      “The first book I edited for for another writer was my ex-girlfriend Serena Carrington.”
      Class. Parse that sentence. Subject: book, verb: was, object: ex-girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend was a book named Serena Carrington and he edited her for another writer. Stop giggling, class.

  9. Lepplady says:

    Oh dear lord, what is that a picture of on his twitter profile? Please, please tell me it’s not him without clothes on reading a book. I beg you.

    • Naaman Brown says:

      I had to go to Google Chrome to see that. With dread. I think (hope) it is a very cropped version of a photo of him sitting in a diner wearing a short sleeve black shirt.

      Which brings up another issue.

      Since he does not qualify for an Illinois state Firearms Owner ID card he has no legal right to bare arms.

      • baupdeth says:

        Yes and no.

        The IL FOID has certain safeguards built into, such as automatic denial/revocation if charged/convicted of domestic violence, respondent in a OOP, armed violence (Robbery, battery, etc) declared mentally incompetent in open court, a patient of a mental health institution within the last five years, and now alerts from DHS regarding threats of violence, self harm, or threatening behavior.

        The IL FOID only allows the bearer to legally purchase or possess firearms or firearm ammunition. It does not allow a bearer to carry a firearm concealed on their person.

        If Don or Mike have a valid FOID card(s) and weapons/ammo are in the house unsecured, technically he has access.

        One of the things that bothers me with Morris PD/Grundy County is he has been reported for threats of violence towards first responders, and they’ve both hand waved it as ‘he’s harmless’.

        • Melany says:

          someone needs to point out to the morris PD that everyone said “oh they were quiet and harmless” about various mass shooters, etc.

  10. Mike Brendan says:

    Well, it’s been a week and still no froth from Nicky…

    Guess it was all weaksauce as usual.

  11. Ablert says:

    Nicky has a new story for sale on Amazon called In The Dwelling Of Cowards. The comedy starts even before the first line. From the description:

    “This novelette is not for the faint of heart reader digression advised. Contains unsettling mental images and grisly descriptions.”

    Reader “digression” is hilarious enough, but “mental images” is almost as funny. He’s the king of tautology.

    • marc says:

      flagged that for poor quality cover

      • marc says:

        And flagged the content for incoherence, bad grammar etc

        • Ablert says:

          One look at the first few pages and it’s clear that Nicky’s writing has become virtually unreadable. He’s devolved beyond the painfully dull repetition and still born dross of “where one would see the dark thing that was as one would had been like something a real writer would describe as blah…” and is now lost in a wilderness of scattered thoughts, incomplete sentences, and nonsensical fragments that reflect his rapidly disintegrating mind.

          • Lepplady says:

            Oh my word. It’s total gibberish. There aren’t even any coherent sentences. I didn’t get through three paragraphs of the preview.

            • Ablert says:

              I managed to get through the sample despite spraying coffee all over the keyboard several time. It’s one of the most unintentionally hilarious things he’s written in a while. Sheer raving madness.

              • Mike Brendan says:

                Dear Sweet Cthulhu,

                Page One of that sample has the paragraph editing symbol followed by “PRONOUN.”


                And he wonders why his books don’t sell.

                • Naaman Brown says:

                  That’s the credits page. For this eBook Nick switched from Booktango to an outfit called Pronoun. That’s their trademark.

                  That I can explain. The rest of the 25 pages …

          • just a guest says:

            Even if that stuff was coherent, why would he think anyone would want to read it? Is ANYBODY else obsessed with “Kings James Only-ists” and things about choking on food… how does he think that’s a “story”? Could he even say what it’s supposed to be about? I’m familiar with Nicky’s obsessions and still can’t follow half of that junk. What market is Nicky even aiming for, other than people who like making fun of him or are fascinated by the pathetic car wreck that is his life? Which I’ll cop to being one of, but I never BUY anything he puts out.

            I don’t know how this idiot gets his pants on in the morning, having such a disorganized thought process. Seriously, his brain seems to be just puking out random words with no connection. Reading his junk is like having somebody take a handful of pieces from two dozen different jigsaw puzzles, throw ’em in a box, and then hand them to you, saying, “Good luck!”

            I’m fairly certain that Nicky’s schizophrenic at this point. It’s not just a “learning disability” or whatever — that’s schizophrenia. There’s a guy who lives in a town near mine who self-publishes a lot of stuff and has a narcissistic bent like Nicky’s (although this guy’s not hateful, just unfortunate) and he admits to being schizophrenic. His books even have a note on them that doctors declared him “the most helpless case of schizophrenia we’ve ever seen.” And that guy’s writing is a LOT more coherent than Nicky’s. It’s crazy, but he does have stories and they make some sense, there’s some narrative structure.

            Nicky’s stuff is much less coherent than a diagnosed schizo. I don’t know if Nicky’s quit taking meds, or his brain is rotting away, or if he’s been left alone with his wacky obsessions too long, or what, but he gets worse and worse and worse. There’s some degenerative process at work. The fact that he thinks what he writes is GOOD only makes him even more insane.

            Try as one might to write ridiculous nonsense, it’d be hard to come up with anything as incompetent as

            “Whole going mad with revelation coming to mind as one hears the voices of the one who they singled out screaming at them on the other end. Where one is singled out by an incorporated population and its unnerving how poorly researched this one asshole can be… This journal one reads — the horror collected inside and reaction; as this is known to be such when a nightmare discussed among the old congregations I was part of.”

            I think a blind person could put Scrabble tiles together and come up with something more literate than that. Someone should send that to a psychiatrist and see what they make of it.

    • Lepplady says:

      Who is he publishing through these days? I’m surprised there’s a service left that he hasn’t gotten kicked off of. Yet.

      • Naaman Brown says:

        Recently NAP has put out al least four eBooks (short story length) thru Booktango and this latest “In the Dwelling of Cowards” Kindle is through Pronoun.

        His Aug 2015 pdf “Yest Ye Become One” about seeking Dagon the Bull Shark of Lake Michigan is still up at Gutenberg and it’s a freebie.

  12. Skip says:

    This just hurts my brain too much. But I can’t stop following Peaches shenanigans.

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