OT: Edgar Winter Band Concert Pics

I really didn’t feel like lugging my giant DSLR, which takes fairly decent pictures in the dark with no flash.  Concert venue rules are no recording, and no flash photography.  So, I brought my lesser point-and-shoot, disabled flash, and managed to get these, despite the lengthy exposure time required.

About the only thing working in my favor was that Mr. Winter wasn’t hopping around like a maniac.  No, it’s not your eyes; the fuzziness is a function of long exposure time and a moving target.  But, it was the best I could do with that particular camera, given the no-flash restriction.




Our seats really were that close to the stage, only 10′ away.  Can’t say they played a single song I’d never heard before, but they played all the ones I really wanted to hear — plus a cover of a Who song (Won’t Get Fooled Again).  Woo-Who [sic]!  As I expected, Edgar paid tribute to Johnny.

These guys brought it.  I was especially impressed with the bassist, KOko Powell.  Daaaaang, man!  He’s good.  They all are.  I’m so glad we splurged on tickets for this one.  They were a bit more than we usually spend for concert tickets, but this performance was worth every penny, especially considering that we may never get to see them again.  Johnny played there a few times, which might be why Edgar agreed to play that venue.

Also found out that Al Stewart is going to be back in June for a two night gig.  We’ve seen him there twice before, and his shows never disappoint.  So, I snagged tickets to one of those performances.  Hopefully, I ordered early enough to get good seats again.  There aren’t any bad ones, but seats are assigned on a first-come basis for the best ones, with people ordering later getting seats farther from the stage.  It’s luck of the draw, really.

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2 Responses to OT: Edgar Winter Band Concert Pics

  1. Lepplady says:

    Hey, not bad pics. I’m glad you had fun.

  2. Zoya Darien says:

    Great pics, and sounds like an awesome show!

    Edgar! <3

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