Gimme Munnies #19

Hat tip:  Fallout3

Remember the GoFundMe that Nicky set up last summer to pay his July electric bill?  As of today, he’s still raised $0.  Update #19 shows him standing in the doorway of his grandparents’ house, next to some trim on the door frame that has come loose.  On that piece of trim is the plain vanilla plastic push-button doorbell.  While acknowleding that the house is in disrepair (this picture only shows the front doorway!), he wants the internet to fund replacement of the doorbell, since it seems to be more important than fixing the trim.  Because, how’s he going to know when all those things he bought on the internet are delivered if the poor USPS/FedEx/UPS person has to knock on the door, instead of ringing the bell?  Priorities, people, priorities.

FWIW, a replacement doorbell can be found at Home depot for $7.  The rest of it can be fixed with some glue, and screws or nails.  The whole thing is less than half an hour’s labor, even without a power drill saddled up with a screwdriver bit.

Gimmue Munnies Update 19 2016-05-08



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  1. Zoya Darien says:

    Jeez, he just gets more and more ridiculous with his demands…

  2. JupiterPluvius says:

    Wouldn’t his time literally be better spent collecting aluminum cans from the side of the roads and selling them for scrap? At 60 cents a pound or whatever they pay in Illinois, he’d at least make something.

    • Rusty says:

      He’d make more money that way, but it would require physical labor, outdoors. We all know he prefers to hide out in his bat cave and kvetch about his lot in life.

    • Melany says:

      my neighbors do that and turn the cans in for the 5 cent deposit. They get $40+ several times a week.

      • Naaman Brown says:

        I remember when we had a 3 cent soda bottle deposit back in the 1950s. Us kids could easily gather enough bottles to cash in at the store and buy a red dope and a moon pie. The deposit policy did keep the bottles off the side of the road.

  3. Naaman Brown says:

    Wow. He’s now up to Update #20.

  4. Naaman Brown says:

    “UPDATE #20. Really not bad guys just could use a door bell ”

    This is not what GoFundMe was created for.

    • Rusty says:

      It occurred to me, looking at the door frame, that the doorbell is probably a wireless model. That raises the replacement cost to $10:

      Hampton Bay Wireless Push Button Doorbell

      Even if he needs an entire wireless doorbell/chime kit, there are a number of options available for under $20 from Home Depot, with free shipping. To put that in terms that Nicky can understand, it’s about the cost of a large delivery pizza, even when you add in delivery charges and a tip for the delivery person.

  5. Ablert says:

    NAP has become such a pitiful figure. Just look at that photo. He looks like a stray dog taking shelter in a storm. He’s so lazy he can’t even be bothered making up a cardboard sign and sitting in the street to beg. He even has the nerve to call his constant lack of money a ‘strange situation’ when it’s been his daily reality for years. He’s been unemployed most of his life and blows what little money he gets from SSDI on things he doesn’t need. I can’t believe cousin Mike still hasn’t kicked him out. Just imagine Nicky’s argument when asked to produce his share of the bills: “I don’t have the cash at the moment Mike cause I just bought another Twilight Zone hoodie and 12 crates of 7up but don’t worry, any minute now a bunch of random strangers are gonna donate hundreds to my online begathon.”

    • Rusty says:

      Stray dogs have more initiative than Nikita. And, they’re smart enough to know that when one thing doesn’t work, try something else.

  6. Lepplady says:

    “it was a rough month for me the last two months”

    Such is the logic of Twinkletoes Pacione.

  7. Melany says:

    Love how he thinks anyone will believe any of the money will go towards dog food for the dog he doesn’t even bother to care for. and still whining about his SSN supposedly being stolen.

  8. just a guest says:

    Y’know, Nicky’s not good at many things, but he sure does have looking sad and pathetic down to an art. He looks exactly the way a sad trombone sounds standing there. I can almost hear that Sarah McLachlan song that plays over the footage of the sad dogs in the pound when I look at that picture. If he pooches that lip out anymore he’s gonna trip over it. All the sorrow in the world beams out from his weary hound-dog eyes.

    And yet it doesn’t work, n’ar a frickin’ bit. Babies have been conceived and born since he put that thing up, and he still hasn’t made a dime. And those babies will be going off to college, raising families, and dying of arteriosclerosis before he ever will… and yet he keeps updating it. No amount of defeat will ever sink in and make him go to a plan B. He keeps trying to bring one more pathetic spectacle to the table, like that’s gonna be the bargaining chip that finally makes him a deal. Like, “Okay, I know you guys hate my guts and don’t want to help me, I get it, but… maybe a busted doorbell will change your mind? C’mon! I know I’m an evil jerk and a psychopath, but could you leave even Hitler without a doorbell? Here’s a picture of me posing beside it looking very very sad. In my Twilight Zone hoodie, which has grown into my skin at this point. I wanted a Twilight Zone tattoo but then I decided, why not just buy some kind of shirt and wear it FOREVER? Anyway, must I stand here and shout ‘bing-bong!’ when people poke me in the belly, when I could be inside writing another incoherent story about a ghost shark bug torado?”

    I admit, I’m a bit of a bleeding heart most of the time, I usually can’t stand not to help people and I’m a sucker for every sob story, I’m easy-peasy, but Nicky will never look sad enough to make me forget the shit he’s done to people, the tormenting of women and threats to their kids. And I know damn well that if anybody did help him it would make no difference — he’d keep stalking and harassing the same people, over the same made-up craziness. He doesn’t understand why he is where he is.

    Speaking of sad trombones, that’s what he should get instead of a doorbell. Just mount a trombone by the door with a note that says “Play this if you want Nicky.” Wah-wah-waaaaaaaaah.

  9. Lepplady says:

    Does he really think that anybody’s going to feel sorry for him because he gets SSI? WE know that he’s battier than a belfrey, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is physically fit. Even the most mentally and emotionally challened person out there can get SOME kind of work. Walmart still has greeters, don’t they?

    Well, no. That would require him to interact with people.

    Floors still need to be swept, don’t they? Toilets need scrubbing. There are jobs that he can work part-time, enough to make a little bit of extra money, but not enough to get himself kicked off of benefits. Picking up cans is an option, and there are endless more.

    My grandmother and (subsequently) my mother used to work at a group home facility for adults with intellectual challenges. These are people with genuine challenges that could prevent them from working.

    The difference between them and Snickles is that they’re willing to work despite their challenges. They stock cans on shelves. They sweep floors. They do SOMETHING. He can be as emotionally challenged as it gets but that doesn’t mean he has to be a lazy slob. THAT’S his only real disability.

    People don’t look at him and see a disabled person. They see a lazy jerk that expects the world to pay for him. His personality does the rest.

    • Naaman Brown says:

      He has posted repeatedly that he on Social Security Disability (SSD aka SSDI) for mental problems including ADHD and Bipolar Type II.

      If you have enough work credits you can get SSD; if you haven’t worked or don’t have enough work credits, you get SSI.

      Apparently the threshold for work credits is low, considering the work history he has documented in his various memoirs (“An Eye in Shadows”, “Confessional”).

      • Lepplady says:

        Just googled Bipolar II and came away with this:

        In between episodes of hypomania and depression, many people with bipolar II disorder typically live normal lives.

        Likewise, people with ADHD can live pretty normal lives. I’ve got family members that take medication to treat ADHD, and they continue to work and pay the bills like “normal” people.

        I don’t mean to sound insensitive or intolerant. He just comes across as an entitled lazy bum who expects the world to take care of him.

        If he really isn’t capable of working at ALL, there are options for him. There’s income-based housing, and there are professional caretakers. He doesn’t have to be a basement-dwelling troll. That’s a choice.

    • Melany says:

      yep…I worked with a gal who could only dust shelves in the store due to her mental capacity, and she was damn good at it. She had more dignity and a better work ethic than NIcky.

  10. Lepplady says:

    Snickles must be out of FB jail. He’s posting about everything from Poe to Ozzy.
    He even seems to take personal credit for getting somebody else’s memorial gofund me project nearly funded.
    The person that created the project is all like “Thank you!”

    …why thank Gigglebutt? What could he possibly have to do with it? He can’t even get is OWN projects funded.

    He’s still begging for roommates, too. “I get paid monthly so I will be paying at the end of the month.”
    Way to let ’em know he won’t be paying at the FIRST of the month like other people. I’m sure he’s got rommies breaking down the door.

  11. Lepplady says:

    I think Melany mentioned it before. If we all wanted to be real shits, we could fully fund all of his projects, just enough to get him kicked off of benefits. Then where would poor little Nikita be?

    • marc says:

      The project wouldn’t get funded. He’d blow all the money in a day or two on sleepsacks and bondage dresses for his imaginary models. He’d yet again fail to pay his share of bills etc, get kicked out and up sleeping rough till he was forcibly institutionalised…

      Best case scenario

    • Melany says:

      Yep that was me in one of my ‘not enough sleep due to insomnia, how can I be a bitch today???’ moments 😀

  12. Ablert says:

    I missed this one a couple years ago. NAP’s audacity never ceases to amaze. Someone interviewed Ray Faraday Nelson about Eight O’Clock in the Morning/They Live and Nicky had the gall to brag in the comments about getting permission to publish the story and how he ‘worked’ with Ray. This, after it was proven that Nicky copied and pasted a typo ridden version of Eight O’Clock that he swiped from an old website. Then when he was called out on it and asked to provide proof of permission, he made up some feeble excuse about ‘losing’ his email correspondence. I only wish Mr Nelson had seen Nicky’s comments and got an army of lawyers onto his lying ass.

    • Lepplady says:

      Snickles has a long history of snagging public domain stories online and publishing them in his magazine and crap books – sneaking in a story of his own. As if his drivel belongs among the great fiction he rips off the web. *gag*
      He USUALLY does it to deceased literary giants. I’m surprised he tried it with somebody who’s still alive.

      • Rusty says:

        Yes, but has he ever tried it with a deceased female author? Nope. Never would he steal something from, say, a Brontë or an Austen, or even George Eliot, who managed to get her stuff published by adopting a male pseudonym. Nope, women aren’t his thing.

      • Naaman Brown says:

        One of his outrages is to make comparisons between his work and the classics: Pacione equates his “The Cabbie Homicide” with Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”!?!

        Like a lot of misogynists, Pacione demonstrates a love/hate relationship with women. Pacione has published a few public domain stories by dead women. With the living he has not been so lucky. He published a story by Jane Timm Baxter w/o paying in TP2 and about two years later printed another of her stories w/o permission in TP4, but she had had enuf and was willing to fight.

        In EG12 along with Nelson’s “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” 1963, Pacione reprinted Amelia B. Edwards’ “The Phantom Coach” 1864, Sonia Lovecraft’s “The Horror at Martin’s Beach” 1923 (revised by hubby H.P.), Charles Beaumont’s “Elegy” 1953, and part of Larry M. Harris’ “Hex” 1959. The five were picked up in a dredge for public domain space filler. He claims “as an afterthought” he contacted Nelson to get permission to use the typo-riddled GeoCities website transcript of the story. All Pacione’s records are in the slushpilejunkie email account that was closed when grandma died. Some of his boasts about landing Nelson’s story made it sound like either Nelson submitted the story or Pacione directly solicited it from Nelson. The kindest to him surmise is that he cut’n’pasted it in, then had an afterthought, contacted Nelson and took whatever response he got as an OK (he has misinterpreted/misrepresented responses from Briggs, Lansdale and Mellick).

        Pointedly (in my opinion) when Nelson was asked 9 Mar 2015 where one could find a copy of “Eight O’Clock…” as a gift, Nelson recommended “Reel Future”, “Young Oxford Book of Aliens”, and the MFSF Nov 1963 that first carried the story– he did NOT mention EG12 nor does any bibliography issued by him or his literary estate. (I had noticed someone else had republished “Eight O’Clock…” at Scribd using the full’o’typo’s trans mistakenly thinking it was P.D., but last time I checked the Scribd version had been removed.)

        • Ablert says:

          Interesting. Thanks for such a detailed history. Nicky’s comments leave no room for misinterpretation though. He clearly states that RFN personally gave him permission to publish the story:

          “It almost been three years since Ray Nelson gave me his blessing to publish his famous story in my magazine”
          “He was an honor to work with.”

          The second quote clarifies the first. Laughable as it is, as sole ‘editor’ of EG, Nicky would’ve at least had another email exchange with RFN before publishing the story, if only to get sign off on the corrected errors. This would be technically ‘working’ with RFN. As we all know though, Nicky couldn’t edit a four page book made out of cardboard for two year olds. Obviously RFN would never have signed off on the uncorrected version Nicky published.

          The final nail in Nicky’s coffin is that the story isn’t listed as an offical reprint in EG12. Such an oversight would be extremely unlikely on RFN’s part. And if he really had given Nicky permission to publish the story in EG12 then neglected to list it in an offical bibliography, Nicky would have hounded him day and night until the mistake was rectified. This above all else is why I know Nicky is lying. His ego is far too big to let something like that slide. Nicky’s hatred of his peers is surpassed only by his desire for their respect. If he had proof of permission he’d never stop rubbing it in our faces.

          • Naaman Brown says:

            The stories Jane Timm Baxter got pulled were her
            “Reflections” Tabloid Purposes II (2005) and “Blood River” Tabloid Purposes IV: Something Macabre This Way Comes (2007). Pacione tried paying her as an afterthought after she complained but no deal. Pacione did not have his original files on TP2 so it went O.P. and Pacione has held that against Baxter ever since. He had files on TP4 but his labors to remove “Blood River” from TP4 were ridiculously involved. “The Maven of the Small Press” uses the wrong tools and makes work harder than it needs to be.

        • Rusty says:

          Damn. I missed those dead women stories. As always, I welcome correction when I’m wrong. No, I’m not kidding.

          • Lepplady says:

            Well, not all of them were dead. Jane Timm Baxter is still kicking. 😉

            • Rusty says:

              That’s not the only difference. IIRC, Jane submitted the story, and had the book pulled when he published the story without paying her as promised. He claims he paid her $25, but it’s not at all difficult to believe that he didn’t, because he seldom paid anyone, even before he abandoned the use of contracts.

              Even when he did pay people, it might be one or two contributors out of 20-some or 30-some in the anthology. Then, he went through a phase of promising to pay one contributor $40, ostensibly for the best story, and nothing to everyone else. Since he never stated which author he selected to receive the $40, there was no way to verify that he paid anyone.

              • Naaman Brown says:

                The famous Editor’s Choice pay option. Oooooooo, Nick, the triple threat publisher. “I get criticism because I am a three market publisher Token payment with bonuses to contributors who appeared in the anthologies (hazard pay because
                they get harassed) 4theluv (I do some anthology calls just for fun) and the reading fee market (which I am still developing. Creative Nonfiction Journals have a reading fee you have to plunk down before you get your foot in the door.)”
                –NAP, “Presenting A Gauntlet”, Unclefossil WordPress, 20 Jul 2013.

                I think the idea Pacione could collect a reading fee from hopeful authors (rather than pay them) helped his obsession with “creative non-fiction” genre. Creative Nonfiction (1994 to date) is a magazine devoted to CNF, the reading fee for submissions got you editorial advice from people with University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh. What can Pacione offer in exchange for reading fees? He apes w/o understanding.

  13. khkoehler says:

    Nicky, get a fucking job already.

    • Rusty says:

      A-Fucking-Men. Okay, don’t read too much into that. 😉

      • Lepplady says:

        Never happen.
        He’ll be lucky when they put him away. Then he can spend his delusion-filled days dribbling down his chin, hopped up on sedatives after ranting about how the homo in the next bed tried to rape him.

  14. Ablert says:

    Usually I can decipher Pacionese but some of the ‘perks’ from Nicky’s previous begging letter on indiegogo have me baffled. This one in particular:

    “$60 USD
    Eric Hovind’s Copies

    What time honored tradition of a ghoulish imagination to get in the head of willful ignorance? So what you get to do all me to order two copies of projects to Eric Hovind and this plays up what I pulled on my 38th birthday — so you guys get to have some fun with him. No one likes a sore loser on a debate but this one when you see me put up with his followers — for every follower I deal with one of the backers gets invited to play.”

    I’ve read over this several times and still have no idea what the ‘offer’ is.
    Nicky’s asking $60 for what, to buy some Eric Hovind books and make fun of them? To send Hovind some self-pubbed Pacione dreck? How on earth could an online donor participate in this either way? What’s in it for them? How could they ‘have some fun with’ Hovind? Can anyone work out what the hell Nicky is babbling about?

    • Lepplady says:

      In one of his gofund me projects, one of the perks is that the doner gets to participate in some hate campaign against a perceived enemy. This sounds similar. “Pay me and you get to be included in abusing some poor slob that I don’t like.”

    • Rusty says:

      It sounds to me like the person who gives him $60 will be granted the privilege of writing a story that either pokes fun at Hovind or kills him in some grisly manner, which he will include in an anthology, and send one or more copies to the object of his hatred. In other words, pay him $60, and write him a story. How could anyone refuse such a generous offer? *facepalm*

      ETA: That Indiegogo funding appeal is closed, so there must have been a time limit on it. Anyway, it expired with $0 raised. Why he thought he needed $1500 to self-publish this project is beyond me. It doesn’t cost him a penny until he orders hard copies. Perhaps he had visions in his head of getting a whole new wardrobe for a book tour.

      • Lepplady says:

        A new Twilight zone hoodie? I doubt they could chisel the current one off him. Lord knows he doesn’t change his underwear or socks. *gag*

      • Naaman Brown says:

        Remember Pacione’s Amazon Gift List “Gear For Book Signings” that he tied to the [in]famous “Sinister Souls” book project with Tabetha Jones?

        The book project failed but “Gear For Book Signings” is still up.
        And he has added gift suggestions to it as late as 9 Mar 2016.

        Add a black Chicago Sox ballcap and you have a “Gear For Pacione Cosplay” list.

        • Rusty says:

          What happened to his old Sox cap? Did it meld with his scalp, and then slowly dissolve?

          • Naaman Brown says:

            What I meant was, Pacione’s Amazon gift list for book signing tour would make a costume list for a Pacione cosplayer, just add a black Chicago Sox ball cap (which he did not include in the list).

            He probably intends to wear an old one.

            [Do not think about an old cap that has been on that hair in those videos.]

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