The Irony Is Lost upon Him

Hat tip: Baup

Nicky reposted an image that TheTigerLilies uploaded to his/her/their FB account.  Seriously?  OMFG, the irony is completely lost upon him.  It is, however, 100% correct in his case.  It’s correct in my case, too, but we all already know that.  At least my IQ is 50+ points higher than his, fwiw.

Nickolaus A. Pacione 2016-05-16 10-16-11

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7 Responses to The Irony Is Lost upon Him

  1. Melany says:

    He probably thinks irony is what you do to clothes to get the wrinkles out!

  2. just a guest says:

    Good lord. That image is a comment on people exactly like him… he is the living embodiment of the target for that comment, he’s it’s poster boy… and yet he’s totally unaware.

    Then again, he rails against animal abusers while he lets his dog die out in the subzero weather, and rails against child molesters while trying to lure underage girls into bondage-bags… so, self-awareness never has been his strong suit. Amazing that someone so completely embroiled in narcissism can know so little about himself. But then, knowing little about himself is the only way he could be narcissistic. If he really knew himself at all, he wouldn’t like himself so much.

  3. Lepplady says:

    I didn’t know Snicklebutt was writing an autobiography.

  4. Lepplady says:

    I doubt he’d think even that. Just look at the guy. He doesn’t know what a washer is, let alone an irony.

  5. Ablert says:

    Incredible. Change ‘You’re’ to ‘Was’ and the last line to ‘He just had internet access’ and you’ve got Nicky’s epitaph.

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