Metal Mania Drops Nicky

Kudos to my anonymous tipster, who alerted me to the fact that Nicky lost his “job” administering the Metal Mania page on Facebook.  The Nickster himself publicly posted confirmation on his Twitter account:

NickyTwit-metal-mania 2016-07-06 23-46-03

Incroyable!  Quelle horreur!  Quelle est sa réaction?  Alors quoi?  Très bien.

Seriously?  He was like “Really?  Okay.”  This is not the Nicky we have all come to know from his online persona of years past.  Evidently, whichever uncle it was who moved in with them after Don’s death is doing one heck of a good job keeping Nicky in line.  I don’t know how he does it, but a whole bunch of people appreciate it, from horror authors who make a living from their craft, right down to those us of who have merely crossed swords with the guy a decade or more  ago, and have been in his crosshairs ever since.

I appreciate the break.  It’s rather nice to post about something other than Nicky’s antics for a change.  Alright, not tonight, but my last few entries had nothing to do with Nikita.  I’ve been extremely busy with other things, which is why it took me a few days to get with the program long enough to even post this entry.

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10 Responses to Metal Mania Drops Nicky

  1. Zoya Darien says:

    Hmm, let’s see how long he can keep this behavior up! Uncle must have given him one heck of a talking to.

  2. just a guest says:

    His new zookeeper (or uncle, whatever) has definitely worked some magic. Or maybe Nicky just got a new prescription and got a better batch of psycho-dope. I know he was complaining about having “writer’s block” for the past couple months… maybe that’s it. Nicky’s always had writer’s block, anyway — he’s never come up with a real story in his life. But maybe now he just realizes it, on some level. Whatever it is, it’s kept him quieter. And probably happier — he was only making himself miserable with his antics, along with everybody else. Maybe the uncle (or the meds) brought a destructive cycle to an end. We can hope.

  3. Ablert says:

    I was surprised to hear that Nicky’s family had decided to let him stay on at Walleye Rd. I honestly thought he’d be out on his ass by now. After everything he’s put people through over the years he’s damn lucky he has anyone left who still cares about him. He’s been told that moving into his own apartment is no longer an option. I’m guessing he’s been given a very simple choice: behave or be put away for good. We’ve barely heard a peep out of him lately so I’d say his fear of being dumped in a group home is stronger than his desire to resume his usual antics. His family are no doubt monitoring his Internet activity now. Nicky needs online conflict like plants need water. Without it he’ll simply wither away. It’s been a long time coming but I think he’s finally done.

    • Rusty says:

      TBH, I wasn’t all that surprised that he was allowed to stay at the Walleye place. It’s much cheaper to keep him there than to have to chip in for whatever cost the government (meaning taxpayer dollars) won’t cover for assisted living.

  4. Lepplady says:

    Kudos to whoever’s keeping this guy on his meds. Not only is it better/safer for the internet community at large, but he’s also better off. I hope his quality of life has improved. I concur with everybody here that’s surprised he’s still living there. He really got lucky. Here’s hoping he keeps on the straight and narrow.

  5. Ablert says:

    Now Nicky’s blaming his ‘severe case of writer’s block’ on his other uncle who moved in with them after Don died. In Nicky Speak, ‘writer’s block’ must mean ‘he won’t let me get away with spewing my usual online BS.’

    • Rusty says:

      So, what he really means is that when his meds are working, or someone has him under control, he has no psychotic inspiration. Or, only sporadic internet access.

      If nobody ever again has to deal with the likes of “In the darkity darkness of the fog of my mind that is Chicago has a weird history of weird shit like ghosts, and scary shit, like dead pigeons,” many people will be happy.

      Ack! It hurt my fingers to type that.

      • Ablert says:

        And it hurt my eyes to read it! Ha. Yeah, it sounds like a period of relative sanity and restraint has woken him up to his astounding lack of talent.

    • just a guest says:

      My guess is that “writer’s block” is actually a case of finally getting some meds that quiet down the crazy inside his head. Maybe some brain-dope conquered his need to babble repetitive, nonsensical bullshit.

      Insanity can be inspiring to some writers, like Maupassant, but in Nicky’s case he’s better off with the meds, because he was never actually “writing” anything, anyway. in his case, “writer’s block” is actually a benefit to him, and to everyone else. All he was doing was tormenting himself, and — spurred by that frustration — everyone else. He’s too dumb to realize it, but his “writing” was the source of almost all of his misery. Writer’s block may be the best thing that ever happened to him.

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