Nicky Lost His VampireFreaks Account

Hat tips:  multiple people I’d rather not name, but who know who they are

It’s been a while since Nicky reared his ugly head at his internet enemies.  Recently, he began his latest episode by leaving the usual nasty messages on people’s VampireFreaks profile pages.  Powerbombs ensued, and he was given a one month suspension, until October 4.  Since he was suspended, he hopped on Twitter to solicit people to powerbomb Rob Baupader.

nickolaus-pacione-nickwashere1976-twitterRight.  Soliciting powerbombs after being suspended for powerbombing people is not a good idea, especially since it’s against the rules of VF.  The upshot was that it didn’t go over well with the administrator at VF, and his suspension was turned into a deleted account.


Remember, this is a premium account for which Nicky pays a subscription fee.  Oops.  Considering that his suspension was supposed to last for almost another month, I have no idea whether he knows his account has been deleted.  This is a truly beautiful thing.

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  1. baupdeth says:

    Who’d a thunk it. He’s taken multiple suspensions for promoting power-bombing EON’s, specifically moi.

    10 bucks says he re-registers, or attempts to re-register within a week.

    (Nikki if you’re reading this, take your brain meds. You function better and the internet was a tad more peaceful.)

    Drink your chocolate milk and go to bed.

    Yours in Christ,


    • Rusty says:

      He’ll try to reregister under a different username once he realizes his account’s been deleted. He always does. It won’t be a paid account, though — at least not until he can afford whatever the fee is. Without a paid account, he can’t powerbomb anyone, and he can’t see who’s been viewing his profile. He will be able to go after other users and leave nasty PMs or posts on their profiles, though. Keep a lookout for those. They’ll be a dead giveaway that he’s back.

      • marc says:

        and with a paid account I assume he can’t keep his name secret as it will be on the card details/bank details… So, especially with a name as famous to the admin on that site as his no doubt is by now – kind of puts the kaibosh on a paid account hopefully.

        • autoaim.cfg says:

          Both Jet and his wife (VF site owners) are fully aware of him and have on several occasions referred to him as a complete lunatic. They’ve put up with him since he’s paying, but apparently Jet has had enough of him now. Pestering Jet on Twitter and other social media was perhaps not such a smart move on Nicky’s part. But that’s of course par for the course.

  2. Family member says:

    I’ve been waiting for this. His uncle has been in the VA hospital for a few weeks. I will inform his cousin of this and see what he can do. I can say right now Nick is pretty lost in life, by no means does this excuse his behavior. We have been looking for a place for him to live that has supervision, but not actively all the time as his uncle has been doing a great job in keeping him in line. Again, I’m sorry for his behavior.

  3. Ablert says:

    He lost his VF account? Countdown to meltdown…Why does Nicky, who doesn’t have two cents to rub together, have a paid account for a forum on a topic he claims to hate? He finds vampires effeminate and never stops sneering at authors who write about them. He probably only joined so he could vent his contempt for people who do like them. Or does he mainly use VF to try and find a Gawthic girlfriend? Sorry to hear about the other uncle. Now Nicky’s recent behavior makes sense. He was super quiet for months but flared right back up again in the last couple weeks. He’s been all over Twitter accusing and abusing the hell out of his ‘enemies.’ He’s like a child, as soon as he’s unsupervised he runs wild. And now there’s another nut on Twitter called Bradley Snow who sounds exactly like Nicky. There’s a joke going around that he’s Nicky’s father but they’re so alike it’s uncanny. Snow is a paranoid with delusions of grandeur, a hack who thinks he’s the world’s greatest horror writer. He also believes there’s a big conspiracy to stop him being published. He thinks Brian Keene is the ringleader and hates him with a passion. He’s even written a self-pubbed book that he claims exposes the big conspiracy, just like Nicky did. Oh, and he also whines about being bullied and disabled. The guy is so much like NAP that it’s harder to believe he’s not his father.

    • Rusty says:

      Can’t say for sure, but I suspect he joined VF because he thinks it’s darkity dark, and will net him a gawth girlfriend.

      As for Bradley Snow, I’ve heard all about the guy, but haven’t really been following his antics. They seem to be mostly on Twitter, which I haven’t been using lately.

      • Carl N. Brown says:

        For the curious, lotsa Bradley Snows out there, but the greatest songsmith and horror writer in the whole wide world is Bradley Snow @seriousbeast on Twitter.

        • Carl N. Brown says:

          Amazon just sent me an e-mail ad for “Bradley Snow Tube (Deluxe Edition) with 48″ Neon Green Cover”. That’s what I get for searching the meager output of the World’s Greatest Living Horror Author, Bradley Snow. ♪ ♫Cookie, cookie, send me an ad.♪ ♫

    • Carl N. Brown says:

      VampireFreaks: that’s where he trolled for unpublished authors and Lake Fossil logo models for a cemetery photo shoot. Some under 18 without parental knowledge or approval. Should have been permanently blocked long ago.

      • Rusty says:

        True, but it’s not the only place he trolled for unpublished authors, especially underage ones. He got himself into some trouble on Xanga with one 14 year old whose father finally had to intervene to tell the Nickster to stop harassing him. What ultimately got him banned from Xanga was threatening to burn down Horrorgal’s house. He also trolled Livejournal, got banned once, opened up another three accounts, and pretended to be a friend speaking for him. He also as took over as admin of the Goth forum on LJ, and started banning hundreds of members. I finally got him perma-banned from LJ when he threatened me personally.

        Although I had nothing to do with his perma-ban from VF, I applaud the person who made it happen. He’s broken the rules there so often that they probably considered his latest infraction to be the last straw.

        • marc says:

          He has written about vampires – that story in the prison where the warders keep throwing prisoners in a cell with a prisoner who tesra them apart – at no point do they think it’s best not to put anyone else in this cell because we always have to carry the bits out in a bucket the next day… they just keep putting more prisoners in there.

          It’s a shame because the concept of a vampire in a prison has some potential…

  4. autoaim.cfg says:

    I was going to screencap and display some of the more vile of Nicky’s psychotic ramblings on VF for all the world to see, but it appears as though they have all been deleted due to his VF account going *whooosh*. There seems to be no trace of his posts whatsoever now. All the vitriolic hatred he’s spewed in the past couple of weeks doesn’t show up on VF anymore. So alas, I’m sorry to say I cannot provide you with a screengrab cornucopia of his latest mental meltdown, but suffice to say… it was plentiful. I sincerely hope you find supervised living for him and also I hope for the uncle’s speedy recovery. You’ve had a great burden to bear, in Nicky, and I hope it all works out for you.

  5. Family member says:

    Thank you all!! Seriously it means a lot. We have been through a lot in the past 3 years. His uncle is true Italian and puts up with no bs period. He is still in the hospital, he is healing, not as fast as we would like, but still it’s progress. Honestly as great of a job he is doing he still is in my opinion too old to be caring for Nick. He raised his kids, and doesn’t need to be doing this, which is why assisted living came up. We have called and spoken to 5 all of which are very skeptical of housing Nick. One google of him then we are hit with hundreds of questions.

    • Rusty says:

      Thank you for several things: filling us in on the situation (obviously somethng changed a couple of weeks ago or so), caring enough to try to help do something about it, and for understanding that my readers and I are not some evil cabal that wishes anyone in your extended family any harm.

      I can understand why placing Nick in an assisted living facility is … difficult. Didn’t know they googled prospective residents, but then again, potential employers do it to prospective employees, so it makes sense.

      I think I can speak for others as well as myself, but if not, than I wholeheartedly thank you for all your effort. You are a truly amazing person.

  6. just a guest says:

    Best wishes to the uncle for a speedy recovery. He’s done an amazing job keeping a leash on Nicky. That was a very quiet several months and I know it’s not an easy job… and one that no one should be burdened with. I hope he knows that it’s appreciated by many, many people.

    If Nicky was capable of learning anything, he might realize from this latest VampireFreaks episode that he’s his own worst enemy. When he chews through the straps and gets loose, he only brings misery down upon himself. I imagine he’s actually been happier with the uncle keeping him out of these conflicts, since they never turn out well for him. I’m not sure what assisted living place would be willing to take him, and I’m not sure he’s “dangerous” enough to just be institutionalized… it’s hard for society to place a “pest.” It’s like finding a willing host for an ass-rash. Who’s going to volunteer for that?

    The Bradley Snow idiot seems to have patterned himself on Nicky. It’s bizarre how closely they follow the same pattern. All that unjustifiable narcissism and vaingloriousness, based on such awful writing. Bradley Snow’s dreck is almost as incompetent as Nicky’s, but in a different way, with short, weak little sentences instead of Nicky’s long run-ons. And neither has any clue of how to build a narrative, even at the most basic level. It’s too bad they can’t find something they’re better suited for to be obsessed about, because with their lack of skills, a writing life is only going to frustrate them.

    I’m not sure why the loonietoons always glom onto Brian Keene. He seems cursed to be a magnet for these morons, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because he’s more accessible than most horror writers? And most of what he gets for that is punishment. That’s a horror story in and of itself.

    • Rusty says:

      I’m not sure why the “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” contingent out there gloms onto Mr. Keene, either, other than the fact that he’s been successful in his chosen career, and they haven’t been. AFAIK, Jonathan Maberry doesn’t get that kind of flak from wannabes, though, so there has to be more to it than that.

      Disclaimer: I have personally met, on various occasions, Mr. Keene, Mr. Maberry, and Ms. SanGiovanni. All three have been very nice to me over the years.

  7. Lepplady says:

    Nickles might be on his way out with FB too. He’s been posting his patented “faggot” posts and having them deleted. It can only be a matter of time before he ends up in FB jail. Again.

    • Ablert says:

      Yep. He’s in fb jail again for spewing his homophobic hate. I’ve lost count of how many times it’s happened. I’d have thought he’d be banned by now. He has an uncanny knack for getting away with a slap on the wrist for the kind of behavior that gets others in a lot more trouble. I don’t know how Nine Lives Nicky does it.

  8. Zoya Darien says:

    Ah, this was coming, I just knew it! And I too send my best wishes to the uncle for a speedy recovery.

  9. Ablert says:

    Nicky’s made some truly ridiculous claims over the years but surely this is the most ludicrous of all:

    “The Room Mate is the one who interviewed Clive Barker. She was torn between Pacione and Barker; they were both up for Stokers.”

    • Rusty says:

      That would be Crazy Michelle Russo, who finally evicted Nickypoo after he stopped chipping in for the bills. IIRC, someone did toss Nicky’s name in for a Stoker some years ago, but he never made it past the inital vote. As I understand the process, I could have a neighbor submit my name, although I might have to write something first, and upload it to Lulu, Createspace, or wherever, just to make it look semi-kosher.

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