Update on Monica

Within a week, this bold, brassy little green eyed lady has decided that downstairs is the place to be, even if our dog is there.  She has our Wegie, Greta, to contend with, but they made their peace days ago.  Greta has shown Monica the ropes, so to speak, about the dog, and they all get along now.  That is seriously fast for a new cat!  Also, Monica is extremely social and vocal.  Whatta cat!

5 thoughts on “Update on Monica

  1. Impressive! I’ve got cats who took a year just to get along with each other…with no dog in the mix. Glad to hear she’s settling in so quickly.

    • Some are more adaptable than others. I had one that I adopted when she was nine and a half, that supposedly hated people and other cats, but when I sprung her from kitty jail, she stuck to me like glue, and never even complained about going to the vet, or, in her last few years, getting her insulin shots. I had another one that took a year and a half to get over her habit of biting people if they accidentally touched her coccyx while stroking her. You’d think younger cats would adapt to a new environment faster than old geezers, but that’s not necessarily the case.

  2. Update #2: she’s back from her initial vet checkup. Weighed in at 15.5 lbs. Vet said she should weigh 12-ish, and agreed with our feeding regimen for her (roughly 1/4 cup, twice a day), which is what we feed our other cat. Anyway, it’s not a starvation diet, so the weight will come off little by little.

    It’s a good thing we brought the cardboard top-loading carrier she came home from the pound in as backup, because she absolutely refused to go back in the airline regulation carrier we brought her there in. Damn, is that girl stubborn! I managed to escape with one scratch, and no teeth marks.

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