UPDATED Lake Fossil Press Anthologies: The Condensed Volumes

Hat tip:  Sabledrake

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Looks like Nikita may be back on Lulu.  You can click on the image to view it full size, without the blurry text.   The listing dives right into Pacione’s feud with Brian Keene.  Nobody would do that, except Nickypoo.  In fact, there’s absolutely nothing there in the product description about its contents.  It concludes with:

The controversial publisher and editor allowed this publication to return here because the layout was too complex for who he works with now This is so the truth can be set free as Pacione does some revealing truths in the introduction.

I take it that means he couldn’t figure out how to make his god-awful cover and formatting work with whatever printer he’d been using.




Hat tip:  Fallout3

It seems Nicky also added another listing for the same book, only modifying the last paragraph of the product description, and using Ray R. Wise’s name.  As if that weren’t enough, he started a “Bring Nick Back: The Decader” Spotlight page, using the name “Saul J. Iscariot.”  Both screenshots are clickable to see them in full size.

The last paragraph of the Ray R. Wise listing now reads:

The 2015 introduction shows a revealing truth about Questionable Content — the whole Global Consumerism is a joke.

I also heard that he was back on Goodreads sending out nasty comments and messages to people he dislikes, but Goodreads put a stop to that pretty quickly.  See what happens when he doesn’t have an uncle around to keep him in line?



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9 Responses to UPDATED Lake Fossil Press Anthologies: The Condensed Volumes

  1. Carl N. Brown says:

    Listed at Lulu:
    By Deno Sandz et al.
    The Condensed Volumes
    (Ethereal Gazette Issues 7 & 8, plus More Frightening Than Fiction)

    One of the authors of the Condensed Volumes was “Deon Sanders who writes as Deon Sandz” who is listed in the ToC of Issue Seven as Deon Sanders author of “Disappeared In The Snow”.

    So Pacione got this title back on Lulu by getting it listed as by a typo (Deno Sandz) of one of the authors (“Deon Sanders who writes as Deon Sandz”)? Very Pacionesque.

  2. melany says:

    Nicky’s recent return to good reads didn’t last long his profile and nasty comment he left for me are gone!

    • Rusty says:

      Lawl. That’s good to hear.

      • khkoehler says:

        Yeah, it was Melany and (again) Sean Patrick Bagley getting the Pacione lowdown on Goodreads. Sorry I didn’t answer that in the other thread. I was sidetracked by poultry. (No, really!)

        • Rusty says:

          Ha! I get distracted by the chickens around here, too. Maybe it’s the novelty of having so many foraging in my yard all at once on a daily basis, instead of two or three, but I find them fascinating to watch, even if I don’t have to care for them myself. So, yeah, I believe you.

          • khkoehler says:

            We spent most of yesterday securing the juvie pen for the new ducklings and chicks. They’re not very old, but it’s warm out here–typical PA November weather–and they were getting pretty antsy in their inside crate. Now they’re scrambling all over the place.

            • Rusty says:

              I have a lovely image of you going outside to corral your poultry, then going back inside to alternate between writing, and fixing one heck of a good dinner.

  3. Ablert says:

    “Saul J. Iscariot.” Haha. Only Nicky would come up with that. He doesn’t seem to be trying to disguise himself though. His ‘style’ is immediately recognizable anyway so there’d be no point. And who else but Pacione would champion the merits of Pacione? It’s probably just taken him this long to figure out how to sneak back onto Lulu under a different account. He’s always been at his most ridiculous when writing under a pen name. Who could forget his laughably transparent attempt to try and deceive one of his ‘enemies’ into revealing their real name by posing as ‘journalist’ Jason Trotter. Ironically, the only thing Nicky ended up revealing was that he can actually behave himself when he wants to. In fact, he exercised a degree of civility and coherency in that little episode that casts doubt on the true extent of his mental illness. Personally I think he’s exaggerated it to milk the system. Yes he’s really far gone now in one sense. He’s a lazy dumbass with a lot of problems and a lot of growing up to do, but he’s not dribbling in a corner crazy and never has been. At the very least, the Trotter interview shows that he could control himself enough to hold down some kind of menial job.
    Alas, he considers it beneath him. One wonders how much longer he can go kidding himself that he’s a real writer, editor, and publisher, and not just a deluded fool.

    • Rusty says:

      As of yesterday, his Lulu account went poof, not so much in a cloud of smoke, but more like a steaming pile of dog shit on a frozen lawn in the dead of winter. *snerk*

      ETA: I had nothing to do with the removal of his account, but confess to having a large pinch of schadenfreude.

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