More Eggs

Our neighbors left us more eggs — 18 this time.  I see quiche in our future, or at least a frittata.  I must add bacon to the grocery list.  Hopefully, come spring and summer, we’ll actually have some of our own organically grown garden produce to trade for the eggs.  We will have to dig up a section of lawn to put in a new veggie garden, but that, among other things, is what the tractor is for.

According to our neighbor, they run a B&B “down the road.”  That may explain why their flock of chickens is as large as it is.  Still, I feel badly for accepting their eggs without having anything to give in return until about May, when the zucchini and straightnecks start producing.  Even if people don’t like zucchini by itself, which is admittedly bland, they usually like it as zucchini bread or muffins, both of which are perfectly acceptable to serve for breakfast at a B&B.

Our neighbor breathed a figurative sigh of relief when he found out we don’t care if his chickens forage in our yard.  Maybe that accounts for the egg deliveries, in a thought process that goes something like “If my chickens are going to crap all over your lawn, you might as well get some extra eggs we have in return.”

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2 Responses to More Eggs

  1. khkoehler says:

    It’s a bribe so you don’t complain to the city/town. I do it too. 😀

    • Rusty says:

      I’m not sure I care what the reason is. These are so much better than your average store bought eggs.

      The chickens have destroyed the hostas on the east side of the house, but I don’t like hostas, so it’s more of a “Yay!” than a bummer. I’ll just put something else there next Spring — perhaps lilies of the valley and astilbes, both of which like shade, too, and are tough as nails.

      The previous owner of this farm is a landscaper. Most of the landscaping is well done, but some of the foundation plantings are not my taste at all: hostas, celosia, and oxalis, to name a few. There are also a couple of dead white pines that need to be dug up and run through the chipper/shredder for mulch. Those never should have been planted where they were.

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