Dar Williams

Ha!  I had to go check on my Marshall Crenshaw/Bottle Rockets ticket date to decide whether I was going to get tickets to see Dar on Friday or Saturday.  Friday it is for Dar.  If the venue had been asking more than $35/ticket, I would have passed on it.

So, it’s going to be two concerts in a row for us on Friday and Saturday, at two different venues.  Neither venue is more than 20 miles away.  Some people go see movies in a theater; we prefer to see bands perform live.  For a half dozen concerts/year, it probably costs us a lot less than movie theater addicts spend.

If you’re not familiar with Dar, I’d place her somewhere between Jewel and Joni Mitchell, but much closer to Jewel.  If you don’t like folksy female singer/songwriters, you’re not going to like Dar.

On another note, I got Deni Bonet’s new album, signed by her, with a personal holiday greeting, a month ahead of it’s official release.  It’s instrumental; she’s my violin girl, and boy can she play that fiddle (and sing)!  Suh-weet album.  She’s a lotta nice, a lotta funny, and a damned good musician.

Full circle:  Deni and Marshall know each other, and are friends.

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