Where Is Nicky Moving?

According to Nicky’s public Facebook page, he’s packing up, and getting ready to move out, because his grandparents’ old house is in probate.

I’ve no idea what having e-stories available has to do with keeping this particular FB entry brief.  Regardless, it’s sad to see him have to move.  He had it good there for so many years.

I hope for his sake he can stay somewhere in the area.  Leaving greater Chicagoland would be so heartbreaking to him.


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4 Responses to Where Is Nicky Moving?

  1. Ablert says:

    It seems to be ending with a whimper. Having to move after being sheltered from the real world for so long must be a huge shock. He’s in for an even bigger shock though when he discovers how much the true cost of living has increased since the last time he was out on his own. He’ll be lucky if his dole money is enough to cover the rent. He might finally be forced to look for work, but it’s probably a lost cause at this point. He’s an unqualified 40 year old who last had a job in his mid 20s. Even if he can somehow overcome his lack of motivation and general laziness, he’s going to find himself in a very different world now. He’ll be competing with lots of other people for even the most menial jobs; hard working and highly motivated people who don’t have 15 year gaps in their resumes. Couple that with his abrasive personality and inability to even speak coherently anymore, and I’d say he’s screwed.

  2. Carl N. Brown says:

    I’ll add he has screwed himself royally by a 2004-2016 ego lash-out campaign of losing friends and alienating peoople, like a Dale Carnegie in reverse, slapped away every hand offered in help from Macey Wuesthoff to Ramsey Campbell.

  3. Ablert says:

    Rusty – just a heads up. Nicky has posted on FB that he’s moving to Florida at the end of March. Isn’t that where his mother and sister live? Looks like the family’s decided that it’s someone else’s turn to keep an eye on him. Cousin Mike must be breaking out the champagne. Nicky’s whole identity is bound up in Chicagoland, having to move so far away must be a crushing blow for him. I dread to think how much worse the unwashed one is going to smell in all that heat and humidity.

    • Rusty says:

      Yes, he’s moving in with his mommy and stepdad. That’s got to suck for Nicky. He hates hot weather, and he hates having any sort of household rules by which he’s expected to abide. I’m not sure Sheryl and Mark really want him there, but it sounds as if the family is out of other options. From what I gather, none of the assisted living facilities in Chicagoland that were contacted about Nicky want him, either.

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