My Local Winery

Can you get better wines from state stores that are imported?  Yes.  Can you get darned good wine to be had with dinner from a local winery?  Darned right you can!  I love my nearest winery.  There are at least three others within a 15 mile radius, but none of them are nearly as good, and consistent over the years, for reasonable prices.

One local winery produces really nasty stuff that they think is phenomenal, but is awful.  I’m talking like diesel fuel awful.  Blecch!

For years, my favorite one had free tastings, and they still do, from Tuesdays through Thursdays.  They had to institute $5 tastings on Fri-Sun about a year or so ago for making a buck reasons, but their deal became if you bought a case, they’d knock off the $5, in addition to the usual $1 off per bottle, and let you keep the glass.

Bought an assorted two cases worth of my favorites today, and asked about the free glass per case deal, even though I didn’t need to do any sampling.  Yup.  Got the discounts, and got the mini half-sized glasses thrown in for no extra charge.  The tasting charge was added to my bill, then deducted, and I got the glasses for free.  They are adorable — half-sized, but perfect for after dinner port — or a morning glass of apple juice.

I love this winery.  The owners are the best people.

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