Nicky Should Have Arrived

Nothing yet from Nicky?  He should be there with Sheryl and Mark by now.  He did mention something a week or so ago about having sound on his computer when he gets to mommy and step-dad’s house.  Whether that means they have a new computer for him there, or his messed up sound drivers will magically reinstall themselves upon arrival is not known.  I’m curious to know how the trip went, and how much money he blew in the dining and bar cars on Amtrak.

On a completely different subject, it looks like one of our Kubota tractors is having a bit of an engine problem.  It’s the old one with shift drive, and power steering by “Armstrong.”  One of the cyclinders appears to have either quit, or was only partially working, after rototilling a half dozen rows worth of lawn for what will become our main kitchen garden.   It lost significant power to the rototiller attachment, and was belching out twice as much exhaust as usual, including some that had a bit of a blue tinge to the white-ish, instead of the occasional puff of black-ish, like it’s supposed to have.  For now, we’ll see if the rototiller can be hooked up to the three point hitch and power take-off on the smaller, hydrodrive tractor.  The front end loader should provide enough ballast.

We stopped by Tractor Supply Company yesterday for some spare hitch pins, another heavy duty j-hook ratchet strap, a 35 lb. bag of bird seed, 20 Jersey Knight asparagus crowns (always a reliable variety in heavy, rocky clay), and one Chicago Hardy fig whip.  The cashier told me she expected them to get in more Honeycrisp apple whips (they always seem to have an empty bin of them when we go there).  The chicks and ducks are still in stock, although I wouldn’t know what to do with them, if we bought any.

Back to my original subject:  where’s Nicky?  My apologies to the writer of this kids’ song for bastardizing the lyrics:

Oh where, oh where
Has our little Nick gone?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
With his height cut short
And his hair cut long
Oh where, oh where can he be?


The rototiller attachment was successfully transfered off the old tractor onto the new one, and is making short work of digging up the rest of the lawn area we marked off for the new veggie garden.  Excellent.  It beats the hell out of having to dig up the rest by hand with shovels!  We can plant the asparagus crowns today, if we want, in another garden area, but it’s still too early to direct sow anything, or plant nightshade family seedlings we’re growing indoors for now.  It seems unlikely, but we could still get a snow dump later in April.

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8 Responses to Nicky Should Have Arrived

  1. Melany says:

    maybe they’re keeping him off the internet unless he promises to behave himself? Or maybe he’s passed out until the rest of the household is asleep. Or in the ER with some imaginary illness?

    And spring snow storms happen. We had a blizzard in early May a few years ago.

  2. Carl N. Brown says:

    The mischief he could have gotten into on a six hour layover in D.C. …

    • Rusty says:

      He logged into FB sometime last night, so he probably did make it there. No new posts complaining about anything, yet.

  3. baupdeth says:

    I can confirm that a little birdy with the initials JH told me he safely arrived, and that his property is going to be arriving within the next week.

    • Ablert says:

      Nicky traveled halfway across the country without incident? That’s got to be a minor miracle. Maybe he’s finally growing up a bit. He’s probably also scared stiff about what will happen to him if this arrangement doesn’t work out. I can’t imagine he has anywhere else to go now except the gutter.

      • baupdeth says:

        Over a three day period no less.

        Either he had a family member/minder suckered into riding with him, he was heavily medicated into a zombie state, or a combination of the two.

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