Visiting Mom

Drove over to mom’s yesterday to visit for a few hours, weed her foundation plantings, and do other household stuff for her.  That took an hour. As always, she had tales to tell, half of which we’d heard before.  Despite her complaints, she seems to be doing well, or at least is in pretty good spirits.

We arrived before she got back from getting her lunch.  She was expecting us, and left a door unlocked, so we didn’t have to stand in the driveway until she got back.  She noticed that my car looked a little different, but thought “maybe it’s the way the sun’s hitting it.” then drove past it into her garage.

So, I introduced her to “Helga,” and gave her a mini-tour of it.  Of course she asked how much I paid, and what all the features are.  Questions asked and answered, she was very enthusiastic about it, especially since she’d been telling me for that past year “you should get a new car,” even though there was nothing wrong with my old one, except that it was approaching 10 years old, which is when I typically trade them in.

I also gave her two gifts:  dryer balls, and a tea towel from Spam, as in Hormel.  She liked them.  She completely got the Spam thing.  The Spam museum is in Ausin, Mn.

Funniest thing?  She’s thrilled I got a new car, and really likes it.  She likes it better than her Lexus.  And, it’s just a Volvo.

I told her I was going to get either a Volvo or Audi, but the Volvo won!  Sweet car, and nice visit with mom.


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